This Colorful Infographic Shows Us The Health Benefits Of Eating A Rainbow


Does your daily diet consist of rainbows? No, not the meteorological phenomenon cause by reflection and refraction of light. Rather, do you eat enough of colorful fruits and vegetables to nourish your body?

Swissotel released a new infographic that highlights the health benefits of the colors in the foods you consume. Red foods, like tomatoes and strawberries, improve skin quality. Blue foods, like blueberries and plums, help boost memory and protects cells.

Check out the infographic below and get a little more color in your diet. You’ll thank us in the long run.

Browse our illustrative guide to each food colour and discover the health benefits for including them in your daily diet.


Map Of The US Shows Us Which Pizza-less States To Avoid

You finally save enough vacation days, gas money and decide it’s about time to take that cross-country road trip. If you’re a lover of pizza, you’ll want to know which states to hit when your cruising through and which states are simply not worth your pizza-lovin’ time.

Estately did some research and created a graphic that shows the amount of pizza shops in every state in the US.


As you can see, the East Coast is where you wanna be when it comes to pizza with West Virginia taking the #1 title. Surprisingly, there are a few states we wouldn’t think would have so many pizzerias. Really? Ohio?

Nevada probably makes sense since it’s a vacation hotspot.

Our very own California is towards the bottom of that list at #41 with Hawaii in very last place. Wonder how many ham and pineapple spots are actually in the Hawaiian Islands.

Graphic: Enstately


Learn How To Order Beer All Over The World [Infographic]


Avid travelers will get a kick out of this. CheapFlights designed a helpful infographic that lets you order a beer practically anywhere around the world.

The informative image features a country, a native translation of how to order a beer and (thankfully) a phonetic example so you don’t look the fool. Though maybe practice them a few times before hitting the bars.

Check out the image below and start ordering.



In Honor Of The Kentucky Derby: How To Make The Best Mint Juleps

This Saturday marks the 141st running of the “greatest two minutes in sports.” Or, if you’re not into that sports stuff, one of the greatest reasons to drink of the year: The Kentucky Derby.

Besides being one of the premiere events for horseracing, the Kentucky Derby is famous for ridiculous hatscelebrities in seersucker, and its signature drink, the Mint Julep. Want to celebrate this weekend? Learn how to make this Derby mainstay and more twists on the classic Julep below.


Written by‘s Jan Diehm


Study Shows Grilled Cheese Lovers Get Laid A LOT More Than Normal


According to a recent survey, one’s passion for grilled cheese sandwiches correlates to one’s passion in the bedroom. Though hopefully not at the same time.

The Skout survey was taken in honor of the upcoming National Grilled Cheese Day, Sunday April 12. Skout interviewed 4,600 people and discovered 73 percent of adults who love grilled cheese have sex at least once a month compared to the 63 percent who don’t like the sandwich. Also, 32 percent of grilled cheese lovers have sex six times a month versus the 27 percent that don’t.

It’s also noted that, according to the survey, grilled cheese lovers are also more charitable and adventurous. Outside of bed, of course.



A Crash Course to Knives, from Choosing Blades to Chopping Onions [Infographic]

IMG_8724 2

For complete amateurs in the kitchen, myself included, a cut finger or two is part of the experience when handling a knife. While it’s easier said than done to just be more careful, sometimes accidents happen when using the wrong technique. Thankfully, there’s an quick cheat-sheet in the form of this infographic to help with those knife troubles.

Learn how to pick the correct knives for any cooking situation whether it’s cutting bread, meat, fruit, or bone. The graph also teaches a safe and accurate method to hold veggies down when you’re dicing, as well as proper knife gripe. We wouldn’t want a Matt Cain situation the next time we’re cutting a sandwich in half.

The best part, the guide even teaches you some of the lingo used when chefs are cutting food.



Picthx, Picthx Peter Miller


3 Staple Spices from 36 Cuisines Around the World [Infographic]


When it comes down to it, what makes an exotic dish stand out is a signature set of ingredients. Thanks to this beautifully designed infographic by DataDail, we now have the huge advantage of creating 36 unique cuisines from around the world at our fingertips browser histories. Breaking down each country’s main cuisines to three staple items, the chart is definitely more than just a novelty. Especially for aspiring foodies.

I sure didn’t know that Northern India uses tons of cumin, ginger and lemon. Or that West Africa incorporates chili peppers, tomatoes and peanuts. This awesome graphic not only educates, but also makes me want to get out there and try more cuisines from around the world.

Looking at you, Lebanon.


Picthx Kit Stone


10 Facts You Need to Know About Tapatio Hot Sauce [Infographic]


Everyone and their grandmother knows the legendary tale behind Sriracha hot sauce. It’s become a huge staple within not only Orange County, California but across the nation as well. But what of the other hot sauce? The brother from across the border: Tapatio. While its history remained a semi-guarded secret, OCWeekly was able to get the dish on this history that is Tapatio hot sauce.

Dating all the way back to 1971 (which was also the year Escape from the Planet of the Apes came out in theaters), Tapatio has been through much, but one thing will always remain for certain: its flavor will never change. Check out this amazing infographic by Gustavo Arellano that details Tapatio’s rich history through 10 Things You Should Know About Tapatio Hot Sauce.

Boba Thing 2

And maybe, just maybe, the next time you throw a little Tapatio in your oatmeal, on top your potato chips, or even a plateful of veggies,  you’ll feel a little more familiar with one another.

H/T + PicThx OCWeekly