Here’s How to Pull Ice Out of Thin Air, Kind Of


Some days you just need to stare in front of your computer screen for a few minutes going, “Huh?” You can thank us later.

Apparently it’s possible to pour ice right out of a water bottle. YouTuber Grant Thompson shows us how. Curator of such crazy lifehacks as “How to Light a Fire With Urine,” how to make a “Candy Cannon” and “How to Make Ninja Turtle Ooze,” he spends this latest 40-second long clip pouring water over ice cubes and watching the super cooled liquid turn to slush.

I won’t pretend to understand the exact science. (There’s something about leaving bottles in the freezer and possibly even sodium acetate?) In any case, it’s a neat parlor trick, and not to mention my new favorite way to pretend I have super powers.

H/T The Awesomer, Grant Thompson