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Watch This Granny Prank Her Husband With The Old Water Bottle Trick

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You guys probably remember Lance Stewart, the popular Vine star who made hilarious videos of himself pranking his family with a sneaky water bottle trick.

Some of the videos included him asking his grandma and sister, respectively, if they can see the fly inside the water bottle. As soon as they took a look inside, he’d squeeze the bottle, causing the water inside to spray all over their faces.

Well, two years later, the prank lives on through an adorable grandma who took the prank to the next level.

By telling her husband that she was going to make a penny appear inside a water bottle, the said trickster added a magical twist to the prank. She went the whole nine yards, putting a towel over the bottle and even saying the magic words, “oogity boogity.” Then, when her husband checked to see if the penny was gone, she squeezed the bottle, spraying the hell out of him, and performing the greatest magic trick I’ve ever seen a grandma pull.

This just goes to show that you can’t trust anyone, not even the person you’ve spent most of your life with.