Boring On Purpose, Graham Crackers Were Invented To Curb Sexual Appetite

Graham Crackers weren’t always the delicious flat biscuits we know so well today. It’s damn near impossible not to immediately imagine a pants-wetting food porn shot of graham crackers sandwiching slightly charred jumbo marshmallows and melting squares of chocolate, but for the case of this history lesson, you’ll want to think less sensually.

In fact some recently resurfaced news reminds us that graham crackers were actually created as a deterrent to our ferocious sexual appetites.

19th century minister Sylvester Graham preached that alcohol, meat and fatty food led to lust and sexual urges and that bland foods would curb that sinister hunger. Thanks Graham, as if I needed more tools to get curbed.



Graham’s theory went through a roller coaster of acceptance, becoming quickly adopted, gained popularity, became damn near cultish, then fell off because of said cult (hell, his followers were dubbed “Grahamites”).

Over the years, the biscuit took on different variations, until the National Biscuit Company, or as we know them, NABISCO, sweetened the bland index cards with a bit of honey, and the graham crackers we know today were born. Now graham crackers have become a flavor of their own, finding there way into a massive catalog of unique recipes and even became an OREO flavor!




How To Make An Edible Set Of Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses

It may be hard for some to accept, but virtual reality is here to stay. There are now several companies currently manufacturing virtual headsets for personal use. However, while most cost upward of $200, there are clever hacks that won’t break the bank.

Now, people are taking it upon themselves to create new, innovative ways to make it easier  — and cheaper — to slip into augmented versions of reality, just for the hell of it.

So when the geniuses over at MakeZine decided to make an edible pair of Google Cardboard glasses, by using only graham crackers and icing — we were virtually impressed.

In the video, MakeZine’s senior editor, Caleb Kraft explains exactly how this “edible Google cardboard” thing got started.

“It’s ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense,” Kraft warns as the video beings.

With that said, the concept of an edible set of Google Cardboard could be worse. It’s actually fascinating watching it be built in a matter of seconds.

Not only does the edible virtual reality headset seem like a legit way to spend an afternoon, what’s also cool about it is, you can turn the entire project into a graham cracker and icing eating challenge.

So now, instead of watching old ladies losing their shit while wearing virtual reality headsets on, you can lose yours — trying to build an edible virtual reality headset.


5 Crazy Diets From History You Won’t Believe Ever Existed

Need to drop a few dress sizes? Snack on some parasites!


Human history is littered with broken diet resolutions. Even though people have been trying to lose (and gain) weight for centuries—the concept of the “fad diet” didn’t really take off until the 19th-century. Remember that terrible cayenne pepper cleanse you tried in college? Blame it on the Victorians. Here are 5 crazy vintage diets nobody’s going to miss.

1. The “Grahamite” Diet:

In the 1830s, a Presbyterian minister named Sylvester Graham decided to cure physical lust with…Graham flour (which was also used to make the original crackers). “Spices, stimulants and other overindulgences lead to indigestion, illness, sexual excess, and civil disorder,” Graham preached. His followers, known as “Grahamites,” subsisted off of bread made from coarse graham flour, vegetables, and water. The father of the Graham cracker believed his vegetarian diet would prevent masturbation—which he thought caused “blindness, disease, and death.” Weird fact: At one point, The miserly diet was imposed on Oberlin College’s entire student population.



2. The Chewing Diet:

In 1903, Horace Fletcher was an unknown San Francisco art dealer with a weight problem. His life changed forever when he was denied health insurance due to his weight. He dropped 40 pounds and became a diet-guru in the process. His secret? Take a bite, chew it 32 times, and then spit it out. Nicknamed “The Great Masticator,” the PR genius coined the phrase “Nature will castigate those who don’t masticate.” Known as Fletcherism, his bizarre chewing fad attracted plenty of famous followers. (Franz Kafka chewed his food excessively throughout the 1920s).


3. The Tapeworm Diet:

Need to drop a few dress sizes? Snack on some parasites! The “tapeworm diet” reportedly gained traction during the early 1900s. The eye-catching advertisement promised women that they could “EAT! EAT! EAT! & Always stay thin!” All you had to do was ingest pills that contained sanitized tapeworm larvae and let them live off of your digestive juices. The worms would then absorb your excess calories into their bodies and grow larger—until they had to be removed (we’d rather not think about how). Note: some historians believe the “tapeworm diet” is nothing more than a (gruesome) urban legend.


4. The Vinegar Diet:

Was Lord Byron the world’s first celebrity dieter? The fatphobic poet subsisted off of soda water and vinegar-soaked potatoes for most of the 1800s. Because of his massive cultural influence, Byron’s questionable dietary habits elicited a fair amount of concern within the medical community. The American physician George Miller Beard famously lamented that “young ladies lived all their growing girlhood in semi-starvation because of their fears of incurring the horror of disciples of Lord Byron.”


5. The Cigarette Diet:

In the late 1920s, Constance Talmadge became the poster child for the The Cigarette Diet. The silent movie star appeared in an endless string of advertisements promoting Lucky Strikes as a diet aid. Craving a hamburger? Go smoke five cigarettes! In the mood for ice cream? Take a couple long drags and you’ll be right as rain. Instead of reaching for sweets, women were advised to chain-smoke:

“Instead of eating between meals … instead of fattening sweets … beautiful women keep youthful slenderness these days by smoking Luckies. The smartest and loveliest women of the modern stage take this means of keeping slender … when others nibble fattening sweets, they light a Lucky!.”


via Beebo

Written by Julia Mason // History Buff // Feature image via 19th-century Bottle Diggers


These Insane Deep-Fried S’MORES Are Stuffed With Chocolate And Coated In Graham Crackers


There have been a ton of impressive s’mores recipes in the last few months, but this one definitely takes the title. PeepMySneaks has invented a Deep Fried S’mores that’s creative, simple and looks ridiculously delicious.

First you hollow out a large marshmallow and fill it with chocolate chips. Then, stuff the chocolate hole with the marshmallows you scooped out. Cover the marshmallow in a layer of egg wash and coat it with crushed graham crackers.

Once the marshmallow is evenly dressed with graham crackers, you can start deep frying the s’more. When it’s golden brown, remove the s’more and enjoy. Just make sure you don’t burn your tongue in all the excitement.

Check out the complete recipe sick dishes at Peep My Eats.

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S’mores Bacon Strips Need To Be Made on Every Camping Trip


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S’mores Fries

S'more Fries 3

PicThx: Eater


Nutella S’moreos Are Brilliant, Delicious and Surprisingly Utilitarian


The problem with graham crackers is that they’re kind of useless. Once you’re done crumbling them up into a pie crust, or sandwiching them around melted marshmallows and Hershey’s, it’s not like you’d just eat the leftovers right out of the box. Oreos, on the other hand, are perfect no matter how you choose to eat them. So why on earth didn’t we start making S’moreos sooner?

Blogger Marigold Haske of Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! made this discovery for herself when she decided to toast a marshmallow and smush it between two Oreo halves spread with Nutella. She admits she wasn’t the first person genius to try this, but since her twitter says she lives in Orange County, she is probably the one that lives closest to me. So what do you say Miss Haske? Hook a sister up!

H/T Neatorama + PicThx Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!


Peep These Peeps S’mores


The only thing better than eating pastel-colored marshmallow Peeps is eating them smashed between a healthy dose of chocolate and graham crackers. The result: Peeps S’mores.

These delectable wonders were dreamed up by Kara and Cliff from live love pasta after Kara, a gal who once had a strong distaste for these peculiar sugary birds, discovered the beauty of dousing them in chocolate. Naturally, the next step was to add graham crackers and a microwave to the mix for voila! Peeps S’mores. The rest is sugar-induced history and alternative s’mores for days when your sweet tooth really kicks in.

Peep the full recipe here.

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