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Sam’s Club Launches Smaller Sized Cakes for 2020’s Virtual Graduates

I never thought I’d one day be writing a piece about Sam’s Club that involved the word “small.” If memory serves me, my last visit to Sam’s Club began around noon and ended early evening. The place is simply THAT massive. Size aside, Sam’s Club has been affected by the covid-craziness, too. Efforts to adjust and assist employees have been respectable; they recently approved a second round of bonuses for workers. Additionally, changes to store hours, customer capacity allowances, and shopping slots exclusive to seniors have all been instituted. 

While the corona rages, life must persist, and Sam’s Club’s goal is to continue serving their customer’s needs. For instance, students nationwide are preparing to have virtual ceremonies as graduations are approaching. To support and celebrate this year’s graduates, Sam’s Club, typically known for their massive cakes, have announced smaller-cakes for the at-home festivities.  These smaller cakes are 10”, can be personalized and still pack all the tastiness Sam’s Club cakes are known for. The best part is that it costs less than $10. That’s perfect for families on a budget. You can personalize your cake with your school colors, a picture and a custom message as well. 

Sam’s Club personalized cakes come in various sizes ranging from the smallest, 10” single layer cake, to the mini-two-tier cakes and 15 count cupcakes are also offered. Prices vary depending on specifications as each cake is made from scratch.  A 3-tier option exists for larger gatherings but considering the times, that may have to wait until the dust settles.

If you have a soon-to-be graduate, birthday or other type of celebration around the corner, Sam’s Club is sure to meet your cake needs. Orders can now be made from your local club bakery and online.

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Krispy Kreme Is Giving A Free Dozen Doughnuts To Any Student About To Graduate

With students studying online these last few months, it’s sobering to know that they’ll be spending their long-awaited graduations at home thanks to the pandemic.

Here’s a tiny bit of sweet relief, however, as Krispy Kreme is offering high school and college seniors a free dozen doughnuts to soften that blow.

All you have to do is show up at a Krispy Kreme dressed in your graduation cap and gown, or wear clothes that say “Class of 2020” and you will get a free assorted dozen with no strings attached during the week of May 18 to May 24.

Other 2020 apparel that will be accepted includes:

  • Cap and gown with 2020 tassel
  • Class of 2020 apparel (t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc.)
  • 2020 letterman jacket featuring senior status
  • 2020 class ring
  • Graduation announcement featuring name with matching ID
  • Student photo ID featuring senior status
  • Other Class of 2020 senior swag

To celebrate the class of 2020, customers can also purchase a dozen “2020” doughnuts that are made to spell out 2020 through icing in three separate rows.

Krispy Kreme’s free graduate dozen deal will be available at all participating Krispy Kreme locations nationwide while supplies last. For any students looking to grab their free dozen, make sure to be safe out there!

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12 Taco Bell Graduation Caps That Will Have You Heading To The Drive-Thru

As seniors say one last goodbye to their alma matters, one thing they’ll never have to part with is the companionship of Taco Bell. Those late nights of studying may often seem brutal at times, but pulling up to that neon purple bell to order bags of tacos buried under a mountain of hot sauce packets can often remind students that there’s a delicious light at the end of the tunnel.

Because it’s graduation season, Taco Bell asked graduates to share their grad caps on Twitter to see who really loved the fast food chain enough to immortalize the brand in their graduation ceremony. Many creative souls shared their experiences through social media.

We spoke to one of these grads, Justin Chow, to see why he chose to represent the Bell.

“I love Taco Bell because they’re fearless,” Chow tells FOODBEAST.

Chow, the guy how created an entire Taco Bell-themed suit explained:

“I wore the suit because I had to pay respect to the food chain that helped me get through school. I’ve loved Taco Bell since I was in middle school. When we were given allowance, my classmates and I needed to stretch it for the week so we would always order Cinnamon Twists or share a Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell’s value menu.”

Photo: Justin Chow

“I’ve seen people take graduation or prom pictures at Taco Bell for social media and I know they’re just doing it for the likes because their photos lack the love,” Chow explained. “It was almost offensive to me because this restaurant is a major part of my childhood. So if I was going to flex for Taco Bell I had to make sure I did it proper.”

We’ve heard the story behind Justin’s suit, now check out these other 11 hilarious and amazing creations from kids around the country.

Before you take a look at the photos below, let me really set the tone for the rest of this read. You know what I’m talking about:











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Ballsy College Student Shotguns Beer On Stage Right After Getting His Diploma [WATCH]

If you’re a college student about to graduate, nothing is more exciting than the thought of walking up on stage, getting your diploma, and then celebrating. For some people, the festivities start on stage with some epic pose or public display that gets the crowd cheering.

Loyola Marymount University student Christopher Nathan Barrett decided to take celebrating graduation to the next level by shotgunning a beer on stage, right in front of the cameras.

Immediately after getting his diploma, Barrett pulls a beer out from what appears to be his stole. Since he had already punctured a hole into the can, he was able to quickly pop the top and start chugging like there’s no tomorrow, getting about fifteen seconds of viral internet fame and glory as a result

While there’s no word yet as to what the exact consequences of Barrett’s stunt will be from the university, it’s pretty clear what should happen. This man deserves two diplomas: one for his college degree and one for being a legit hero for frat bros everywhere.

You the man now, Chris.


BREAKING NEWS: Taco Bell Is Giving Free Tacos To All 2015 Graduates


The class of 2015 will have another reason to look forward to graduating this month. Y’know, other than summer. According to an announcement by Taco Bell, the fast food chain will give away free Doritos Locos Tacos to any seniors set to graduate this year.

On National Graduation Day, June 6, all high school seniors have to do is roll into a Taco Bell and show their school ID with a 2015 graduation date. They’ll then show the Taco Bell Graduation coupon (below) from their mobile devices and receive a free DLT.


The giveaway is a part of Taco Bell’s #RecognizePotential campaign, which gives students an outlet to share their potential with others using the hashtag.

Photo: Taco Bell


The 23 Most Ridiculous Food Lyrics from Kanye West


Kanye West has been called a genius numerous times. Granted, it’s usually just him saying it, but it does takes a special kind of artist to put together so many food references in his lyrics throughout the years. He’s at a point in his career where anything he says can be turned into an inspirational quote worthy of Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram. That’s how genius works, right? From his affinity for Klondike bars to the nostalgic description of his mother’s chicken soup, Kanye finds masterful ways to incorporate food into his beautiful music.

Maybe he writes some of his best stuff in his kitchen, or at a restaurant, regardless, here’s 23 of Kanye West’s tastiest food references.



In 2008 Kanye teamed up With Lil Wayne for the Lollipop remix and graced us with this double entendre that almost solidified his genius with one verse alone. Nacho cheese has never felt so complex.



Kanye didn’t stop there. The very next line in the Lollipop remix gave us another chip classic, this time using Fritos.



Kanye showed his versatility in this one as he dropped some French on us. Not only did he tap into our food fantasies, but dropped a literature reference. Some said it couldn’t be done, but Kanye can do anything.



Keeping with the French theme, Kanye jumped on the Alors on Danse remix and talked about filet mignon. Unnecessary? Maybe. Awesome? Always.


Kanye is known to ask the hard-hitting life questions. He’s somewhat of a philosopher in his own right, kind of. In this verse, he put a spin on the age-old Klondike question.



In this verse, Kanye kind of answered his own question from the last quote. He’d do anything.



In this one, Yeezy showed one of his innovative uses for Cool Whip.



In one of his more serious songs, this one really showed a nostalgic West as he honored his mom’s home cooking.



Yeezus showed some pretty classic foodie alternatives to jewelry in this one.



This one was in retaliation to a classic South Park episode where Yeezy was compared to a “gay fish.”



Yeezus has hundreds of libation references in his music, as most rap artists do, but here he displayed a special ability to rhyme, “vodka” with “blocka, blocka, blocka, blocka.”


This one is a bit painful if you’re a fan of cake. Having to leave a party early before the cake is cut is brutal, twice as brutal if there’s Rocky Road ice cream served with it.



Yeezus showed his God-like rhyming as he let out his wrath on a lowly French server in this one.



A tribute to one of the most dominant duos in basketball history. Unfortunately, he brought up the break up portion of the duo’s relationship.



This verse is probably close to Kanye’s heart, as he talked about it being one of the lines that got him noticed as a rapper and not just a producer. The power of food.



‘Ye took Lawry’s to the mainstream with this one and started a rap style that took off with rappers like Drake and Lil Wayne.



This is one of the simpler workout tips Kanye gives in this song.



Kanye teamed up with Jay-Z in this song and asked him these rhetorical questions that he clearly knew the answers to.



It takes true genius to to care about lowering your cholesterol.


Yeezy sure does know what to do with those extra sweet and sour packets that McDonald’s… oh wait, they never give anyone enough sweet and sour sauce.



We get three food references in this one as Kanye sadly describes the time in his life he broke his jaw in an accident and couldn’t enjoy food. If you’ve had braces, you can feel his pain. Sort of.



Wait, KFC has a buffet?



Yeah. This is Kanye’s music in a nutshell.


So there you have it. If you don’t feel inspired to eat something delicious after this, there’s something wrong with you. Go bake yourself a cake and call it genius.

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Here’s How To Make Your Own Graduation Cap Flask


I don’t want to graduate college, though it’s probably not for the reason you’re thinking. No, as exciting as the job market looks for journalism majors, the truth is, I just don’t want to sit through the ceremony. I have a whole mountain’s worth of things I would rather do than sit through that god-awful ceremony. (A relaxing day at Disneyland comes to mind, as does taxidermy. And bocce ball.)

Of course, when I brought the idea of skipping out up to my parents, they looked at me with such horror that I might as well have said I thought Tabasco tasted better than Sriracha.

So I decided to do something else about it. I decided to put a flask in my cap.


After four years, I’m sure the last thing anyone wants to do is bear another 2-hour long lecture, listening to speakers we couldn’t care less about, sitting next to classmates we’ve never met and probably won’t ever see again. I swear, every time someone mentions their “fear of the unknown” and “excitement for the future” and the possibility of “new opportunities,” a future Einstein or Mother Theresa out there dies. Seriously guys, stahp.

Luckily, the process for making this thing is painless enough. Just pop off the top button with a pair of pliers, Velcro in the bladder (I took mine out of the Wine Rack Bra), secure the whole mess with bobby pins and drink up.

There’s not much you can do about tedious (and, arguably, arbitrary) traditions. But hey, at least you won’t have to be all “there” to remember it.


DISCLAIMER: This is for graduates of legal drinking age.