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Danny McBride Said Salmonella Wouldn’t Stop Him From Eating Chipotle

We all know Danny McBride from his role on the HBO series Eastbound & Down, where he played the foul-mouthed, over-confident, and chauvinistic professional baseball player, Kenny Powers.

Now, co-starring in a new HBO series, Vice Principals with Walton Goggins, GQ spoke with McBride about his success and, “how to sellout the right way.” GQ also spoofed the concept of “sellouts” by dressing him and Goggins up as life-sized, degenerate versions of famous brand icons — like a creepy Ronald McDonald and a shady-looking Hamburglar. My Favorite is the McBride being transformed into the Wendy’s logo.


Considering his body of work, McBride seemed pretty down to earth. In the interview, he spoke candidly about his love for Game of Thrones and Chipotle Burrito Bowls. In fact, he seemed at least generally aware of Chipotle’s recent heath issues, but that didn’t even seem to phase him.

Here’s an excerpt from GQ’s interview with him. You can read the full article here.

GQ: Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark, Game Of Thrones) says Nando’s gives celebrities black cards if you mention them, and she was really trying to get free chicken. The only thing she had to promote was a chicken shop. (Not Game of Thrones, or the X-Men movie she was in.)

“I like that. I’m gonna go get a black card too, except there’s no Nando’s in Los Angeles, is there?”

GQ: I don’t think so, but if you’re a Chipotle fan, I understand they also do the cards.

“They also give you salmonella don’t they?”

GQ: Only sometimes. But if we knew when and how we were going to die, it would take the excitement out of living.

“Yeah, how boring would it be? Salmonella won’t stop me from getting the burrito bowl at Chipotle. I love it.”

Could this be the first celebrity endorsement for Chipotle in the aftermath of their public fallout? If so, we can’t wait for the “Chipotle/Kenny Powers” national marketing campaign. That would actually be cool, he did play in Mexico.

Interestingly enough, he says he doesn’t see himself as much of a pitchman. You would think the HBO star’s success would merit sponsorship opportunities from every direction, but McBride admitted that branding wasn’t his strongest attribute.

GQ: As a celebrity, do you get tons of free swag?

 “I don’t. Heineken sent me a beer keg one time. I don’t think a lot of brands want to be associated with me.”

Here’s some footage of the photoshoot GQ compiled, because an interview with the man who brought Kenny Powers to life isn’t complete without foul-language, alcohol and drug use. Needless to say, it’s NSFW, so watch it on your lunch break.


Hit-Or-Miss Video

Watch 2 Chainz And Nyjah Houston Eat A $500 Bucket of Popcorn

It’s become public knowledge that rapper 2 Chainz is into really expensive stuff. In fact, he even has a show produced by GQ aptly titled, GQ’s Most Expensive Sh*t. In the most recent episode, the Atlanta rapper is joined by pro skateboarder Nyjah Houston, with the highlight being them eating a $500 bucket of popcorn. Specifically, Berco’s Popcorn.

FYI, Berco’s is the Ferrari of popcorn, with a 6.5 gallon tin of Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn  priced at $2,500 on it’s website. The extravagant price isn’t just for show, as Berco’s uses the world’s most expensive salt, which is flown in from the island Laeso, in Denmark. The salt sells in the U.S. for $10 per-pound.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.38.52 PM

To top it all off, the caramel corn is covered in 23 karat edible gold flakes, which adds to the gaudiness of it all, but probably doesn’t do much for the taste. The edible gold flakes retail for $125-150 per-gram. To put its ridiculous extravagance in perspective, Berco’s can sell one single kernel of popcorn for $5.

Thanks for showing us this exists, 2 Chainz! What would we do with out you trying out expensive stuff that we would never be able to afford.

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These Are The 4 Best Dishes Action Bronson Ate On His VICELAND TV Debut

Thank God for good grub and Action Bronson. The ‘Renaissance Man’ has officially returned,  working his palette in addition to spitting the usual fire, in VICELAND’s F*CK THAT’S DELICIOUS.

In the premier episode, we join Bronson and his crew—The Alchemist (DJ/Producer), Big Body Bes (Entertainer), Meyhem Lauren (Rapper)—as they eat and rap their way through a few of the stops part of his Mr. Wonderful tour: Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Miami.

102_FTD_Atlanta (1)

Action Bronson. Crew. Bomb food. Wackiness ensues. Check out the f*cking delicious things these boys got their hands on:

1. Lychee and Pork Salad: Roses Luxury, Washington D.C.

action bronson roses

General Manager Andrew Limberg and Chef/Owner Aaron Silverman of Roses Luxury presented the table with a signature tasting menu, wanting to ‘highlight the good stuff.’ The good stuff included smoked trout, catfish, brisket, chicken fried oysters with raw oyster tzatziki dill, and scrambled eggs over a soft broiler mixed with uni, topped with an uni hollandaise. Though, it was the lychee pork salad that might’ve won over Bronson’s heart: ground garlic, red onion, marscapone, lychee, and smoky pork. Everyone agreed that Roses did a good job at combining and experimenting with flavors; makes sense, since they happen to be America’s Best New Restaurant according to Bon Appetit and GQ!

2. Barbecued Chicken: Wyatt’s Country Barbecue, East Atlanta

action bronson jamaican

The gang soon enough found themselves heading south for the tour. Stopping in Atlanta, they met up with Frko Rico, an illustrator who created original artwork for Mr. Wonderful. Rico brought the boys to hidden barbecue gem Wyatt’s, named after the owner, Oscar Wyatt. Wise old Wyatt explained that the key to cooking the best BBQ is a using old-fashioned rock pit, which he definitely has, and takes advantage of. Bronson and Co. take advantage of being in town by loading up on tons of Wyatt’s tasty barbecued chicken.

3. The Original Jamaican Restaurant, East Atlanta

action bronson wyatts

Within the same city, the squad was able to try out another local-legendary barbecue joint: The Original Jamaican Restaurant. Bronson praised their curry chicken and roti (“It’s all about the surprise inside”). Other squad-approved items included the jerk chicken, coconut water, and caramelized pepper.

4. Bay Scallop Ceviche: The Dutch, South Beach

action bronson dutch

“It just made me feel like a man…a man who loves a beautiful thing…”

Beautiful words from Action Bronson, in reaction to sampling some Bay Scallop Ceviche from The Dutch in Miami. Among all the delicacies he sampled—sandwiches, stuffed pasta, shellfish and seafood—Executive Chef Conor Hanlon’s papaya ceviche had Bronson completely intoxicated, so much that he insisted on recreating the dish right then and there. Hanlon said that it was the area’s Latin influence and fascination with ceviche that inspired the summer-flavored dish: a sweet blend of fresh bay scallops, passion fruit, red onion, and jalapeno. Getting to make the dish himself must have been that much sweeter for Bronson—he actually grew up working in kitchens in NY. “I never really went as far as I wanted to culinarily, but now, it’s like I’m living out my dreams.” Just add that to the Wonderful dream he’s already living.

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5 Reasons LA’s Fairfax District Is The Best Spot To Indulge Your Inner Foodbeast

Two food bloggers walk into a bar…or two/three/four; along the way they pick up a bartender, boba cocktails, and give away pizza slices to strangers. Just an average night for a Foodbeast in LA’s Fairfax district.

In GQ’s new video series Where’s the Bar, we find our very own Elie and Rudy exploring the streets of Fairfax to experience the best places to eat and drink (but mostly drink). Enlisting in the help of LA bartender Ryan Wainwright, the three manage to hit up five top-notch spots in just one night! And that’s pretty impressive considering how full their stomachs were.

Check out the video above and the stops below for your own mini guide to owning LA’s Fairfax district.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 12.05.37 AM


Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.06.45 AM

Still from Cocktail How-to: The 50/50 Martini

Terrine is a French brasserie on Beverly, serving traditional French food with a modern twist. Chef Kris Morningstar shares that they aim to bring new life to old classics to show how/why they’re considered timeless rather than outdated. It’s here where bartender Ryan gave Rudy and Elie an intimate martini-making lesson.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.09.19 AM copy

The prestigious coffee chain’s Fairfax location is the first Blue Bottle in LA to feature a menu with prepared food offerings, like wafels, sandwiches, and toast. Our boys popped in for a quick pick me-up to tickle Ryan’s fancy. 

E.P. & L.P.

Current Situation! Weekend Mode ON #eplosangeles #WhereLoveLives #AlcoholicBoba

A photo posted by E.P. & L.P. (@eplosangeles) on

A newer spot among the Fairfax scene, E.P. & L.P. is comprised of two settings: E.P., an Asian eating house, and L.P., a rooftop bar that apparently serves Taiwanese boba gin cocktails. Obviously, it’s the place to get your par-tea on. 

The Dime


Photo courtesy of The Dime

The Dime is a bar renowned for a good-vibes atmosphere and a no-bullshit attitude. “We take pride in a few things: our neighborhood, strong drinks, great food and the best DJs and staff in Los Angeles.” Sounds like a flawless business model to me. Our guys made sure to grab a quick drink at this LA staple.

Kibitz Room/Canter’s

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 11.25.31 AM

Photo courtesy of

Across the street from the Dime, the Kibitz is the legendary bar where Guns ‘n’ Roses officially formed. “No Axl, but it was a lot of fun,” Rudy quipped. In addition to awesome drinks and good times, they also offer some rockin’ LA-famous pastrami sandwiches and killer milkshakes via Canter’s, a deli that’s connected to the bar.



GQ Just Crowned The Best Burger In The World, And It’s A Veggie Burger

Maybe the people over at GQ have all been dabbling with intense hallucinogens, or perhaps they haven’t had a real burger in a while. Or maybe…just maybe…they’re legitimately onto something here.

Gentlemen’s Quarterly, more commonly referred to as GQ, has walked out on a limb with this one in the eyes of American burger connoisseurs, most of which are not within reach of the burger. They have just announced that the best burger in the world is a…drum roll please…vegetarian burger! Kind of crazy, right? That’s similar to saying Caitlyn Jenner is the bravest woman in America: some people will agree, but the majority will think you’re batshit crazy.

However, the decision has received overwhelming support from vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike who have tried it. So WTF is in it you ask? Unfortunately, nobody is too sure.

Brooks Headley, the former hardcore punk drummer and current owner and operator of Superiority Burger in the East Village in New York City, has been hush-hush on the exact ingredients of the patty, divulging only the fact that it has nuts (in all likelihood so that nobody dies from an allergy, what a nice guy) and some grains. Everything else is a mystery, especially since Headley is constantly tinkering with it in order to perfect an almost perfect burger.

Headley, who is a self-proclaimed carnivore, says that he didn’t create this burger for health reasons, but did so to create a vegetarian burger that, simply put, doesn’t taste like cardboard dick.

As an enormous fan of cheeseburgers, I can honestly say that I’ve maybe…just maybe…had one solid veggie burger in the history of my life. So the fact that Superiority Burger doesn’t have a single negative review on it’s main page on Yelp legitimately blows my mind. One reviewer only gave it two stars, but even he admitted that it was only because the burger is too expensive and has nothing to do with the taste. The burger is $6, get over yourself, Yelp guy.

However in Yelp guy’s defense, the burger does weigh in as a featherweight fighter, being referred to as a “slider” by many of the 300 sq ft restaurant’s returning patrons and first time customers.

Still, vegetarian burger being given the title of “Best Burger.” That’s gotta mean something, right?

Image Source: Eat This NY, Grub Street, NY Times