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TIL There’s A Healthy Alternative to Skittles

Not too long ago, Project 7 unveiled a line of gummies that were each inspired by a classic alcoholic cocktails. What set the snack brand apart was their dedication to keeping products all-natural. Well, those of you with a sweet tooth for candies such as Skittles now have a healthier option to choose from.

Project 7‘s new Gourmet Chewies are an all-natural answer to Skittles, for those looking to cut back on sugar and preservatives.

Like Skittles, they boast a crunchy exterior and a chewy interior. However, the candy chews are organic, non-GMO, gluten free, free of artificial colors, free of preservatives, and free of artificial flavors. Each 2-oz package contains about 34 grams of sugar, compared to Skittles’ 46 grams of sugar per 2.17 oz bag.

Flavors include Front Porch Lemonade, Fairytale Fruit, Coconut Lime, Birthday Cake, and Rainbow Ice.

As someone who subconsciously pampers his sweet tooth, especially on candies, these Gourmet Chewies are definitely something I’d want in front of me.

You can find Project 7 Gourmet Chewies at their online store, in 2-oz and 4-oz packages. Each bag contains about 60 candies.

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Wienerschnitzel Adds Massive Gourmet Sausages For Oktoberfest

October is only weeks away and Wienerschnitzel has already begun celebrating. The fast food chain that specializes in hot dogs has launched a line of massive gourmet sausages for customers to sink their teeth into in celebration of the German holiday.

Brand Eating reports that two new sausages hit the menu this fall: a quarter-pound gourmet bratwurst and Italian sausage

The bratwurst is topped with grilled onions and mustard and is squeezed into a brat bun. Topped with peppers, onions, and mustard, the Italian sausage is served on a brat bun as well.

Both look insanely juicy.

Patrons can find the two new Oktoberfest items at participating Wienerschnitzel locations for a limited time through Oct. 29. While you’re there, a chili dog or two wouldn’t hurt either.

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McDonald’s Serves New Luxury Burgers With Thickest Patties Ever


Things are looking up for McDonald’s. After a rough couple of years, the company finally began to see a rise in sales. A huge chunk of that success goes towards the new all-day breakfast the company is finally offering. Now, they want to add a new line of luxury burgers to stores in the UK.

The Guardian reports that McDonald’s new Signature Collection features three beefed-up burgers: The Classic, The Spicy and The BBQ. Each burger will feature high-quality British and Irish beef in thicker patties. Reportedly the thickest ever served at McDonald’s. The burgers will also boast premium ingredients and sauces, in the same vein as Shake Shack or Five Guys, and are served on a brioche bun.

Development of the burgers was attributed to consumer feedback. The company worked with its internal chef council. Some of whom have also worked in Michelin-starred restaurants.

If successful, McDonald’s Signature Collection could easily make it to menus in the United States. Though the company will probably let franchisees get settled with the all-day breakfast changes first.

Photo: McDonald’s


8 Annoying Food Phrases You Have To Stop Saying

As a food writer, I’m blessed and cursed with the opportunity to try a myriad of foods and witness a smorgasbord of ways to describe them. The nature of my gig has led me to hear a lot of terms and phrases that are simply outdated or, frankly, downright stupid.

I’ve chronicled eight of the phrases that should meet their demise above all others:


1. “Dank”

Example: Dude, have you ever had Taco Bell’s $5 Box? It’s way dank, especially if you’re baked.

Why it shouldn’t be said: For those who don’t know, the definition of “dank” is “damp, musty, and typically cold.” Why the hell do you want a damp, musty and cold taco? What’s wrong with you? Now I understand that “dank” is stoner-speak for “my, this is rather delicious.” But why? Just go back to saying things are “bomb,” let’s keep it simple my dab city dudes and ladies.


2. “Pizza Pie”

Example: Mama mia! Its-a me, Mario! Luigi, make us a pizza pie with a side of some-a spaghetti!

Why it shouldn’t be said: Pizza, while technically can be considered a pie, is never associated with pies in any way. Most meat and vegetable pies, if not all, have some sort of pastry top and base. While many fruit pies don’t, they have the other aspect that makes a pie a pie: sweetness. Pizzas are pizzas, so unless there’s key lime underneath all that pepperoni and mozzarella, they simply shouldn’t be referred to as pies.

Geez lady, why don’t you and the strawberry get a room. Pervs.

3. “Orgasmic”

Example: Oh. Em. Gee. This Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is orgasmic, I wanna marry the barista that made it.

Why it shouldn’t be said: I feel like this one is fairly obvious. If food is making you jizz your pants, you’ve got an entirely new and more important issue to worry about than what food phrases not to say. YOU EJACULATE IN YOUR PANTS FROM FOOD, BRO. Please, seek help.


4. “Falls off the bone”

Example: Dude, you gotta try these ribs, the meat just falls off the bone. Kinda like your mom when we finish plowing, hey-o!

Why it shouldn’t be said: If your meat is falling off the bone God intended for it to stick to, then something is wrong with the meat. Don’t get me wrong, this phrase is more often than not used for ribs, and many slow cooked ribs pull away easily from the bone. But falling off? You need to stop eating that shit, homie. Like, immediately.

Excuse me waiter! My meat keeps falling off the bones, do you have a stapler or something?”

5. “Gourmet”

Example: Have you tried McDonalds’ new gourmet Big Mac? It’s different than the old ones, because it’s, like, super gourmet. It’s so dank.

Why it shouldn’t be said: What the fuck does gourmet really even mean? Does anyone know? Is my car gourmet? Was the movie Eat Pray Love “gourmet”? My mom likes to think so. In general, I think gourmet basically means “this food was made with quality items and it’s not shitty and processed.” Come on, foodies, we can do better than that.


6. “Foodies”

Example: Hey, I’m gonna go hit up a gastropub with some of my foodie friends, wanna join? We’re gonna wreck their charcuterie so hard, it’s gonna be sicky gnar gnar.

Why it shouldn’t be said: Everyone thinks they’re a foodie. Just because you don’t shovel whoppers into your mouth like they’re going out of style, it doesn’t mean that you’re the authority on food. Why can’t you just be a human that likes food? Foodies are the hipsters of the food industry, so don’t be “that guy.”


7. “To die for”

Example: Kelsey, you have to try this almond peanut butter. It is TO DIE FOR.

Why it shouldn’t be said: Honestly, is any food worth dying for? Imagine if people literally died after eating something they love. There would be about 12 or 13 people left on earth. Please, don’t offer your life in exchange for that tuna casserole, there’s so much more out there.

This artisan sandwich is so pretentious-looking, I bet it went to Princeton and studied Philosophy.

8. “Artisan”

Example: Have you had the new Artisan Tuscany Asiago Panini? It’s to die for. It’s so dank. Any real foodie knows a gourmet sandwich when they see one. The steak they use fell off the bone, I’m sure. It’s legitimately orgasmic. And something about pizza pies.

Why it shouldn’t be said: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you made this sandwich with a paintbrush. Oh, you didn’t? Then it’s not artisan, Anthony Brodain. Slapping some sun-dried tomatoes on it doesn’t make it special, nor does stuffing it into a waffle-maker to turn it into a panini. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely believe there is a subtle and beautiful art to cooking and creating amazing dishes. But not everything you make is a masterpiece, Picassbro.

We live in a time where food isn’t just a necessity, it’s a way of life for some. That being said, let’s not forget that it’s just food. It’s time we took the pretentiousness out of food and went back to just eating delicious things. I mean, what are we, Yelpers?


Image Sources: Sadie Rose Baking Co, Huffington Post, Yelp, KC Parent

Fast Food

Two Guys Create Fancy, Gourmet Meals Out of Big Macs and French Fries


Redditor MarkHayes, an apparent aspiring Chopped contestant, recently challenged a friend to see who could create the fanciest meal using only ingredients from a McDonald’s Big Mac combo. That is, french fries, buns, beef patties, pickles, wilted lettuce, Big Mac sauce, salt and pepper, and a Coke. The results of their little contest can be viewed below. As the saying goes, you can’t polish a turd, but damn us if these guys don’t give it their best shot.


Mark decided to go with a simpler approach, carving his burger and fries into stacked towers, garnished by a dotted arc of Big Mac sauce. His friend on the other hand transformed his meal into miniature shepherd’s pies served with a side salad and sesame bun “crisps.”


The reddit community pretty strongly proclaimed the second man the winner. They both still did a better job than we did though, so color us impressed.

H/T Twisted Sifter


The Haute Dog is a Fancy Frank That Could Put the West Coast on the Map


The West Coast (aka the best coast) might have just come up with a concept greater than the Cronut. San Francisco based patisserie, Craftsman and Wolves, has created the ultimate gourmet hot dog just in time for baseball season.

The aptly named “Haute Dog” features an all-beef hot dog baked in a mustard seed croissant bun, topped with grainy mustard and finished off with house made salt and vinegar beet chips that are so coated in seasoning it’ll make your mouth water just looking at it. The fancy frank might just be the perfect combination of crunch, crust, tang, and chew.

This Haute Dog might be one thing SF Giants and Oakland A’s fans can agree on, but to be perfectly honest, all we care about is how we can get ourselves up to NorCal as soon as possible to shove one of these dogs down our throats.

The Haute Dog is available after 10AM at Craftsman and Wolves.

H/T + PicThx Chow


I Can Haz Cheezburger Pop Tart w/ Bacon Jam?




Ultimate Burger Sneakers Let You Wear Double-Doubles on Your Feet


If you know you can never love anyone as much as you love food, you might as well be shameless about it. We don’t mean wiping ketchup stains on yesterday’s dirty t-shirt or Instagramming endless awful food “porn.” So, how exactly does one look like a total brazen foodie without looking like a total brazen asshole?

Ask the blokes at UK-based men’s store End., who have found a way to combine fashion and fast food in quite possibly the most #Foodbeast way possible. Their latest “END. x Saucony Shadow 5000 ‘Burger'” collab isn’t exactly the first burger shoe of its kind, but it is perhaps the most ingeniously subtle.

Inspired by gourmet burger joints, the shoe features beige suede and nubuck “bun” uppers, red and green “tomato” and “lettuce” detailing, and interchangeable “bbq” and “mayo” laces, along with corresponding condiment bags.


Each pair also comes with a custom In-N-Out-esque burger box, and will be available in-store starting May 1 and online after May 3. Now if only they were edible…

H/T FWF + PicThx End.