The Original Got Milk Commercial was Directed by Michael Bay


You might not be old enough to remember the first Got Milk? commercial, but if you do, you know how awesome it is.

A history buff gets the chance of a lifetime: the opportunity to win $10,000 if he can answer the question “Who shot Alexander Hamilton in that famous duel?” Unfortunately for him, he’s got a mouthful of peanut butter, a house full of Alex Hamilton artifacts, and no milk to rinse out his mouth. Sounds pretty epic right?

Well, it turns out that the ad’s epicness isn’t too surprising when you consider that Michael Bay directed the masterpiece. Yeah, Michael Bay, of Transformers, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and Bad Boys 2. The guy famous for explosions and crazy battle scenes got his start making milk commercials. That’s a win for foodies everywhere. Only one question remains: what director can we convince to make a commercial for Sriracha?

Now, that would be something.

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‘Got Milk’ Slogan Changed to ‘Milk Life,’ a Nation Weeps

Milk Life Logo

Growing up, some of the best ads I remember have been for Got Milk. Opening magazines and seeing your favorite celebrity with that signature milk mustache and the famous “Got Milk?” tag every month was a constant in my adolescence. Like everything else from the ’90s , however, it’s soon to be a distant dream.

The Milk Processor Education Program is retiring their famous “Got Milk?” slogan in favor of their new one: “Milk Life.” The reason behind the change is due to a national campaign that launched Monday hoping to bring milk sales up. The California Milk Processor board has been using the “Got Milk” slogan since 1995 and while they’ll still keep it for its value, they felt its was time for a change. The new tagline, “Milk Life,” aims to put emphasis on the nutritional benefits of the cold dairy beverage.

Well, sayonara nostalgia.



Got Milk Ad

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The Top 5 Foodie Ads for Superbowl XLVII

The Top 5 Foodie Ads of Superbowl XLVII
The outlandish and witty ads that we get bombarded with on game day were at a premium this year, but there were a few standouts sandwiched in between a Destiny’s Child reunion and an exciting, close championship game.




5. Beck’s Sapphire – No Diggity

This one was simple, simply featuring the sleek bottle design of Beck’s Sapphire. However, there’s something about a fish serenading Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” that gives this ad a spot on the top 5:


4. Taco Bell – We Are Young

This one got some buzz on the web when it was released earlier this week and it made its national debut yesterday. The clip earned a good chuckle as the elderly wreaked havoc while a terrible Spanish version of Fun’s “We are Young” played in the background.


3. Got Milk? – The Rock’s Milk Mustache

This commercial portrayed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a superhero making his way through the madness of the city, drinking milk (of course) to help him along on his crime-fighting errands.


2. Wonderful Pistachios – Crackin’ Gangnam Style

We thought we left Psy and Gangnam Style in 2012, but he made his way back for the Superbowl. At least for one last time, Gangnam Style was funny.


1. Doritos – Goat for Sale

A man buys a goat and quickly finds out why it was for sale. Well done, Doritos.


Late Addition – Jell-O Pudding Surprise

At the end of the game, Jell-O decided to give a surprise to the losing San Francisco 49ers. In the ad, it promised the city free pudding on Tuesday and mocked Baltimore in the process.

Celebrity Grub

Salma Hayek is the Latest Celebrity to Sport a Milk Mustache

Actress Salma Hayek has a history of looking good in all her projects, her latest got milk? campaign is no exception. Milk mustache in place, Salma lays back comfortably against a brightly lit windowsill, glass full of milk, smiling with a hint of sexy and slyly asking the word, “Got milk?”

The award-winning actress lends her support to The Breakfast Project, an ongoing campaign to help more Americans enjoy breakfast at home and be sure to set the table with milk.

The ad will debut in US Weekly and People magazines on shelves now. Salma is a great look, but next point of conversation: What celebrity should be the next to sport a milk mustache?


New “Got Milk?” Ads Flip the Script — Got PMS?

Got Milk? ads have become an iconic part of our literature, usually a welcome pause between page turns of our favorite magazines and a more-than-decent reminder to get our daily milk-consumption up. Milk’s latest campaign, pushed forward by the California Milk Processor Board and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners are turning some serious heads with their latest “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign.

The new campaign leads the way with headlines stating “We can BOTH blame myself” and “I’m sorry I listened to what you said and not what you meant” definitely take their plight of presenting Milk as a lightweight remedy to PMS symptoms to a new height.

All of the promotional posters are sporting hapless, curious-faced men holding up cartons of milk as a peace offering-of-sorts to their PMS-ridden significant others. Is the new campaign sexist? Depends on the gender you ask, I would presume. Being a male, I just find it extremely funny and well-tuned, obviously intentionally controversial and provoking. They have media talking, that’s always a win — right?

While the campaign pushes some good limits, it’s questionable what type of longevity the ads may have if the response ends up alienating women in the long-term. Unless only men need milk. NO. Women need milk, how else are they going to control those erratic emotions every time their babymaker decides its time speak up?*

*We got caught up in the spirit of the campaign, please excuse.