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The 3 Food Trends Gordon Ramsay Hates With A Passion

Gordon Ramsay is a living legend who has yelled his way into our hearts for years. While most of the time his complaints are extremely comical, sometimes he does just sound like the old man who wants you to get off his lawn.

This is one of those times, as he revealed to Pop Sugar that there are three food trends he wants to die, get buried, and never dug up again.

The three trends, which you may or may not be familiar with, are Wagyu beef, truffle oil, and foam.

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The reason he hates the Wagyu beef trend, is because Wagyu is meant to be a special cut that should be “treated with a little bit of respect.” That’s not exactly how it’s going in the U.S., as lots of restaurants serve the beef, and it’s not always the most palatable sounding experience. Just FYI, he has Wagyu meatballs at his new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas.

Back in 2016, Ramsay did a Reddit iAMA where he revealed his distaste for foam on savory dishes. At the time, Ramsay said that “…foam should be used for shaving, not go on top of food.” He said the trend started in the 90s, and he’s still surprised that people make dishes with it.

Pop Sugar’s Erin Collum was quick to point out that Ramsay had a foam dish on his menu, to which he explained that it’s perfectly fine on dessert dishes.

As far as truffle oil, Ramsay said he hates this trend the most, because apparently chefs don’t know how to use it correctly. Ramsay pointed out that truffle oil should be poured in small amounts, but restaurants use large caps that cause too much to come out at once.

We get it, Gordon. You’re the greatest of all time, and no one can touch you, but take it easy on folks! Or at least don’t incorporate the trends you hate in your own restaurant.

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Chefs React To The Passing Of The ‘Pope’ of French Cuisine, Paul Bocuse

Chef Paul Bocuse, considered by many to be the “pope” of French cuisine, passed away over the weekend at the age of 91. His culinary influence has been felt and most importantly, tasted, around the world, with his restaurant empire stretching from Lyon to Epcot. Many of today’s food icons, like Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsay, and Andrew Zimmern, were all influenced by his contributions to the culinary world.

Following Bocuse’s passing, the culinary community came together for an outpouring of love for the legendary chef on social media, with many sharing how Bocuse affected their own lives.

Anthony Bourdain

On Instagram, Bourdain also said that the “most memorable meal of his life” was with Paul Bocuse.

Emeril Lagasse

The popular New Orleans chef paid tribute to one of his first mentors on Twitter, noting Bocuse’s impact on showcasing French cuisine to the world.

Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern credited his choice to pursue his culinary passion to Paul Bocuse. If it weren’t for Chef Bocuse’s influence, Bizarre Foods may not exist today.

Thomas Keller

Michelin-starred chef Thomas Keller credited Chef Bocuse with setting the gold standard for chefs to follow in the industry today, and asked for people to join him “in celebrating his exemplary life.”

Al Roker

The familiar face as Today Show’s weather anchor and former Food Network host gave his thoughts on Chef Bocuse, saying that he was “honored to have met him.”

Wolfgang Puck

Chef Wolfgang Puck, who once called Bocuse the “god of cooking,” thanked the culinary titan for his “friendship,” “leadership,” and “dedication” that can be exemplified through all those who knew him.

Gordon Ramsay

Today’s biggest global celebrity chef honored Bocuse, one of the original major chef names worldwide, on Instagram. He called it a “sad day” for chefs around the world, recognizing the impact that Bocuse had not just on French cuisine, but on chefs and culinary talent everywhere.

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Gordon Ramsay Nearly Screws Up During A Korean Cooking Show Challenge

Normally, Gordon Ramsay is the one putting chefs through high-pressure challenges that often result in mishaps. But it seems the tables have turned, as Chef Ramsay recently underwent a bout in the culinary gauntlet and nearly botched it.

Ramsay appeared on Korean cooking competition show Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator. There, he faced off against Korean chef Lee Yeon Bok in a 15-minute battle focused on thinly sliced brisket. The pair’s dishes would be judged by Korean baseball player Oh Seung-Hwan to pick a winner.

Before the challenge even ends, though, Gordon Ramsay nearly screws up in his attempt to make crispy rice. As seen at the 9:53 mark in the video above, Ramsay uses a plate to make it, but half of the rice sticks and falls onto the stove once he removes the plate from the pan. While everyone in the room is aghast at the mishap, Ramsay quickly recovers, slicing the remaining rice into angled rectangles to place his vegetable-stuffed brisket rolls.

In the end, Oh Seung-Hwan ends up giving Ramsay the win, clearing him of the critical rice error. Seung-Hwan attributed Ramsay’s adept usage of Korean flavors, which he didn’t expect to see, as the reason for giving him the win.

Through this feat, Gordon Ramsay proves that even under pressure, he can think on the fly and still grit out a worthy dish.

Those interested in seeing Ramsay’s entire appearance on the show, which includes some pretty savage insults, should watch the full length of both videos above.

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Restaurant Rejects Gordon Ramsay’s Changes After He Gives Their Menu A Makeover

(UPDATE: The episode of 24 Hours To Hell & Back surrounding this restaurant will premiere on August 15th on FOX.)

Gordon Ramsay is kinda getting back into Kitchen Nightmares with his newly greenlit showGordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell & Back. And while we can’t wait for Ramsay to throw more tantrums and insults at restaurant owners, not everybody appears to be on board with the changes he’s leaving behind. One restaurant scheduled to appear on the show has already reverted the changes he made to their menu.

Now, if a restaurant rejects Gordon Ramsay’s changes, they probably have good reason to do so despite the man being a Michelin-starred chef. In the case of Sacramento’s Sandra Dee’s Barbeque & Seafood, the soul food establishment felt that Gordon “misunderstood” what Creole and Southern dishes really are all about.

“I definitely think he misunderstood this type of food,” manager Tatiana Johnson told SFGate. “He was saying everything used too much spice. I don’t think he has that type of taste palate… The owner decided to stay with what she knows best.”

Based on SFGate’s coverage of Ramsay’s visit to Sandra Dee’s, it feels like the restaurant was getting slighted from the get-go. The 20-year-old restaurant had agreed to participate in a Fox special and have contractors renovate the interior, but they didn’t know Gordon Ramsay was involved until he walked into Sandra Dee’s in disguise, ripped a fake beard off, and began ranting about how bad the restaurant was.

Over the next 24 hours, Ramsay and his crew proceeded to change both the restaurant and the menu. Sandra Dee’s previously extensive selection was cut to three entrees, one dessert, and a few appetizers and sides. Diners found his changes to be “surprisingly limited,” but “pretty good.”

As for the decor, nearly everything, save for some portraits of African-American musicians on the restaurant’s exterior, was changed. The Sacramento Bee describes many of the new decorations as “pig art elements.” Ramsay’s team did also take down signed head shots of both Lil Wayne and Faith Evans, which the restaurant plans to put back up via digital projection. Other than that, most of the remodeling will stay put, but longtime customers will be happy to know that a new look doesn’t mean that the food will change much.

While Gordon’s menu makeover just happened this past weekend, by the time viewers will get to see Sandra Dee’s episode, they’ll never be able to taste what Ramsay came up with for the restaurant.

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Clip Shows Gordon Ramsay Is The Wingman You Need In The Clutch

Gordon Ramsay has had the privilege of holding several titles in his lifetime, including Michelin-star chef and Guinness World Record holder. After one episode of his show Hotel Hell, he’s gained a rather unexpected one: “Wingman Ramsay.”

In this Hotel Hell clip, which was recently uploaded to YouTube, Gordon decides to take “nervous hotel owner” Ken Pisciotta out to meet some single women. Chef Ramsay does this because Ken doesn’t have much self-esteem, and Ramsay feels that by meeting the right girl, Ken will gain the self-confidence that a hotel owner needs to run his business.

After a quick outfit change to style up his appearance, Ken and “Wingman Ramsay” head to a local bar and immediately hit it off with a group of women. They immediately think of a single friend of theirs that they want to set up with Ken. While the lady of interest isn’t there that evening, the group agrees to have her meet Ken at his hotel’s re-opening the next day. Gordon then leaves Ken with the ladies to drink and have a good time, confident that the night went well.

In the events following the above video, Ken does meet the woman at the successful re-launch of his hotel. Gordon, happy with the hotel, Ken, and the new lady, completes his role as wingman by leaving Ken with one final gift: the single lady’s number.

If I ever run into Chef Ramsay at my local watering hole, I’m definitely turning to him as my wingman for the night. He clearly flourishes in that department like he does in the kitchen.

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Gordon Ramsay Blasts Chef On Twitter For Banning Photos From Restaurant

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Culinary icon Gordon Ramsay is known for taking strong stances on different subjects, as he has recently with pineapples on pizza and cocaine use in the restaurant industry. His latest take is on the popular behavior of taking photos of food at restaurants, and he’s here to defend your right to do so.

After fellow chef Michel Roux put up a sign at his three Michelin-starred Waterside Inn Restaurant asking people to stop Instagramming their food, Gordon Ramsay took to Twitter to air out Chef Roux.

Chef Ramsay makes some strong points, as social media has become a vital marketing tool for several eateries. When customers and influencers post photos of their food on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, it attracts those who follow them to try that restaurant out as well, generating plenty of foot traffic for those establishments.

By banning the common practice of taking a photo of one’s dish, Chef Roux is losing a crucial potential advertising segment that customers may find detracts from their overall experience. Considering that his restaurant already limits that by enforcing rules such as requiring that men wear jackets, it’s clear that Chef Roux has, as Gordon Ramsay puts it, “forgotten that customers are king.”

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10 Times Hosts Actually Didn’t Like The Food They Ate On Camera

We’ve all had to eat something that we didn’t find appealing. Yet, to hide disgust, we smile and nod, using every bit of energy to act like we’re not about to vomit.

No matter how many times you’ve channeled your inner Ben Stiller from Along Came Polly, when faced with ingesting something that isn’t a part of your normal diet, it’s still hilarious watching someone else turn pale and squirm when having to forcefully swallow their worst food nightmare.

With that said, it’s even funnier when TV hosts find themselves face-to-face with their greatest food phobias on camera, but have nowhere to run, because the show must go on. So, let’s take a moment to watch all the times TV hosts actually didn’t like what they ate on camera.

Global New’s Artichoke Dip

The cast of the Canadian news program, Global News, got a taste of a holiday treat gone wrong, when news anchor Leslie Horton brought in an admittedly bad batch of homemade artichoke dip. However, in this YouTube clip uploaded by Global News, instead of dropping it off in the break room, Leslie decided to torture her colleagues by having them try it on air.

Bear Grylls Larva

When it comes to blindly trekking into the wilderness, Bear Grylls is a jack of all trades. Grylls can find food in any environment. To demonstrate this, this YouTube clip shows us that not all the sustenance Bear comes across is tasty. After finding a large larva worm hiding under some tree bark he explained that these type of bugs, “contain more protein than beef and fish,” pound for pound. Unfortunately, after chewing it, Bear admitted the larva was, “one of the worse things” he’d ever eaten.

James Corden’s Cod Sperm

If you’ve ever watched The Late Late Show with James Corden, then you might be familiar with the game, “Spill your guts or Fill Your Guts,” a Truth or Dare style game that requires the contestants to answer a personal question or eat something unsavory and repulsive, like a bull penis or fish eyes. In this YouTube clip, uploaded to the Late Late Show’s channel, Kendall Jenner gave James Corden the option to answer which one of his parents he prefered or eat cod sperm. However, Corden’s parents were actually in the audience, so being the great son that he is, he kept his mouth shut, and reluctantly swallowed the cod sperm.   

Jimmy Kimmel’s Durian Fruit

When Jimmy Kimmel invited Jessica Chastain on to the ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, she brought him an unexpected gift. In this clip, uploaded to the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube channel, Jimmy tries durian, which is known to be the worst smelling fruit known to man. It’s safe to assume that after being told that durian is sometimes called, “the bleu cheese of fruit,” Jimmy had second thoughts about inviting her back.   

Gordon Ramsay’s Hottest Curry Ever

Gordon Ramsay knows how to heat up a kitchen. When he’s not screaming obscenities at Hell’s Kitchen contestants, he’s usually cooking up something delicious. Well, you could say the tables turned when Ramsay had the opportunity to try the hottest curry in the world. In this clip, uploaded to Ramsay’s YouTube channel, Ramsay was the one taking the heat. “That’s disgusting,” he said. “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever tasted.”

Anderson Cooper turns pale

During an episode of Anderson Cooper Live, the Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods,” host Andrew Zimmern did a segment on some really exotic foods, that basically just grossed Cooper out. Some of these items were some of the most left field Zimmern had encountered during his time traveling abroad, including fermented soy beans, webbed goose feet, and a cheese made from pig head. Even though Anderson was a good sport and tasted the items, he immediately spit out his small nibbles.   

Kelly Ripa literally runs away from food

During an episode of the morning talk show Live Kelly and Ryan, host Kelly Ripa literally runs away from John Leguizamo and Andrew Zimmern, while yelling, “I can’t do it! I can’t do it!” To her credit, Kelly’s antics were so extra, both Zimmern and Leguizamo stopped trying to convince her.  

Zimmern vs. Durian

For a man that is willing to eat anything, regardless of taste, texture or smell, Andrew Zimmern drew the line at durian fruit. A fruit native to Asiathat’s well-known for it’s spiny exterior shell, and very foul odor, durian is an acquired taste. In this clip, Zimmern finally meets his match as he eats a chunk of fresh durian. Still, despite his cultured palate, the Bizarre Foods mastercouldn’t handle the durian and spit it out within seconds.

Anthony Bourdain and Anderson Cooper eat Tripe

Tripe is from the stomach lining of a cow. While the dish might not sound the most appetizing, it’s an exotic animal part used by multiple cultures. If you’re going to eat tripe for the first time, make sure it’s with the the Vincent Van Gogh of culinary philosophy, Anthony Bourdain.

Stinky Tofu

Every country has an odd snack that is loved by locals, but might disgust the rest of the world. Stinky tofu is one of Taiwan’s favorite traditional snacks, and one thing is certain — it stinks. On a trip to Taiwan, Andrew Zimmern took on the foul smelling treat without any hesitation. However, it’s safe to assume that even the bravest souls might have a tough time swallowing thick, putrid, rotting tofu. You are a brave man, Mr. Zimmern.  

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British Chef Tells Gordon Ramsay To ‘F*ck Off’ About Cocaine Use In Restaurant Industry

Notable British chef, Neil Rankin, owner of Temper restaurant in London, isn’t very impressed by Gordon Ramsay’s recent expose on cocaine use in the restaurant industry. Rankin called it “out of date bulls*it,” and even blamed Ramsay’s abrasive reputation for employee drug use in the first place.

In a strongly worded Facebook post that has now over 2.5 thousand likes and over 500 shares, Rankin went hard on Ramsay, saying that chefs are treated a lot better these days, and the industry has come a long way, but people like Ramsay are what made the job “unappealing,” for years, as employees were mistreated and overworked, likely leading to the very drug use he’s speaking out against.

Ramsay probably felt he was doing the world a service by digging deep into the cocaine business, and openly talking about how it has affected the industry he loves so much. The documentary has received a lot of positive feedback, as it is a very informational piece that not only talks about the restaurant industry, but the drug industry as well.

At the very least, Ramsay has successfully sparked conversation, and brought attention to the subject. Not everyone might agree with his cocaine-exposing journey, but it didn’t hurt to bring the topic to light.