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Clip Shows Gordon Ramsay Is The Wingman You Need In The Clutch

Gordon Ramsay has had the privilege of holding several titles in his lifetime, including Michelin-star chef and Guinness World Record holder. After one episode of his show Hotel Hell, he’s gained a rather unexpected one: “Wingman Ramsay.”

In this Hotel Hell clip, which was recently uploaded to YouTube, Gordon decides to take “nervous hotel owner” Ken Pisciotta out to meet some single women. Chef Ramsay does this because Ken doesn’t have much self-esteem, and Ramsay feels that by meeting the right girl, Ken will gain the self-confidence that a hotel owner needs to run his business.

After a quick outfit change to style up his appearance, Ken and “Wingman Ramsay” head to a local bar and immediately hit it off with a group of women. They immediately think of a single friend of theirs that they want to set up with Ken. While the lady of interest isn’t there that evening, the group agrees to have her meet Ken at his hotel’s re-opening the next day. Gordon then leaves Ken with the ladies to drink and have a good time, confident that the night went well.

In the events following the above video, Ken does meet the woman at the successful re-launch of his hotel. Gordon, happy with the hotel, Ken, and the new lady, completes his role as wingman by leaving Ken with one final gift: the single lady’s number.

If I ever run into Chef Ramsay at my local watering hole, I’m definitely turning to him as my wingman for the night. He clearly flourishes in that department like he does in the kitchen.