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Gordon Ramsay May Have A Bounty On His Head, Here’s Why

Gordon Ramsay’s latest film venture may have put him into a spot of trouble.

The Michelin-star chef was recently spotted on the Wimbledon Common in southwest London filming a commercial for what appears to be a documentary about Colombian drug cartels. Ramsay had previously told UK newspaper Mail on Sunday earlier this year that he was going to Colombia to film “something pretty hostile” that he had to actually take a trauma test for in the event he was kidnapped or shot.

The two-part documentary is scheduled to air in the fall, according to the Telegraph, and aims to explore the impacts of drug trade in Colombia. Ramsay was spotted at one of Colombia’s top restaurants while filming for the documentary, but kept it secret from the public as to where exactly he was going.

As a result of his filming efforts, rumors have begun to spread via tabloid site RadarOnline that Chef Ramsay may have a bounty on his head. RadarOnline claims to have talked to insiders who told them that several Colombian drug cartels put a price on his head, which may account for why the commercial for the documentary was filmed in London and not Colombia. An unnamed source told the tabloid that the cartels go after anyone who tries to expose them, as well as their families, and that as a result, Chef Ramsay is afraid for both himself and his family.

While it’s yet to be confirmed whether the rumors RadarOnline published are truth or fiction, we do hope that Chef Ramsay stays safe nonetheless.