Cookie Monster Feels Your Failed New Year’s Resolution Pain in this Google Play Ad [VIDEO]

Face it, if you had to choose between a cookie cookbook and a healthy diet cookbook, you know which one you’d rather choose. Which is part of what makes this new ad for Google Play so effective – because you realize that Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster is just like you, thank goodness!

The story goes like this: determined to become a whole new monster, good o’ CM signs into Google Play and downloads the Rocky Soundtrack and Run, Fatboy, Run. A few fitness and running apps later, he’s on a roll until he decides to find some cooking inspiration and gets caught between a Martha Stewart cookie cookbook and one entitled “Everyday Food: Light.” And you can probably guess what happens next. Hint: his Plus status goes from “New me start today,” to “New me start tomorrow.”

It’s okay Cookie, we can both be healthy eating fails together, along with at least half of Foodbeast’s readership.



via Mashable