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This Entire Breakfast Burrito Is Made With Bull Testicles

Not many people are ballsy enough to try food out of their comfort zone, and the percentages get even lower when actual balls are involved.

In the conversation of s*it that absolutely does not need to exist, chef Josh Scherer of the Good Mythical Morning YouTube channel, created a bull testicle breakfast burrito.

Through Good Mythical Morning, Scherer is hosting a series called “Food Fears,” where he takes foods that are usually less than appealing, and finds a way to make them edible.

Hence the existence of this burrito.

Within the burrito, Scherer handcrafted applewood testicle bacon, testicle chorizo scrambled eggs, and a layer of potatoes, all wrapped with a traditional flour tortilla. As a little oomph to the burrito, Scherer created a cheese blanket to wrap around the whole thing.

Comedian and GMM writer, Jordan Morris, was the special guest who had to not only scarf down this testicle filled vessel, but at the start of the episode, had the honor of trying an unprepared (but still fully cooked) bull testicle for proper comparison.

If you have hookups at your local butcher shop and can get your hands on some balls, you probably want to check out Josh Scherer’s recipe. And even if you don’t have a testicle connect, it’s still a solid recipe that can easily be replicated without the animal private parts.

Check out the episode for yourself, and the other gory episodes featuring Penis Pesto Pizza and even a Nashville Hot Brains sandwich.

Yeah, it’s that kind of party.

Fast Food Video

These Guys Created A $120 McDonald’s McGriddle, Here’s What’s In It

Arguably one of Mcdonald’s best breakfast items is the McGriddle. The iconic fast food sandwich features your favorite breakfast staples such as egg, bacon or sausage, cheese, and pancake buns.

Good Mythical Morning teamed up with Josh Scherer, also known as Culinary BroDown, as the trio set out to create essentially the world’s most expensive McGriddle.

To do so, they took the core elements of the breakfast sandwich (eggs, cheese, meat, and bun) and rounded up some elevated alternatives to cook with.

Fancy McGriddle ingredients included ostrich and duck eggs, jamon iberico, black truffle, barrel-aged maple syrup, and vella dry jack. The various meats were blended together and fried, while the syrup was rendered and frozen into cubes to be added to the pancake batter. The ostrich and duck eggs were then turned into an omelet as golden as McDonald’s arches.

The elevated breakfast sandwich tallied up to about $120.43. Here’s the financial breakdown:


For comparison, a regular McDonald’s McGriddle sells for about $3.29. For one of these $120 sandwiches, you could pretty much buy 36 McGriddles from the drive-thru. Maybe less if you decide to splurge on some OJ and a hash brown.

Gotta admit, I would not mind trying half of that $120 McGriddle. It’s just not something I’d see myself eating on my daily commute. Check out the video to see how they pull it off.


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GMM Makes Real Life Recipe For Ralph Wiggum’s Crayon Sandwich

If you think eating crayons is a bad idea, you’re probably not wrong, but that didn’t stop the guys of Good Mythical Morning and Binging With Babish from doing it.

Yes, they created a recipe for the rejected Crayon Sandwich that young Ralph Wiggum of The Simpsons made for a bake-off in the 2004 episode titled “All’s Fair in Oven War.”

If you remember the episode, chief Clancy Wiggum tried to console his son after the sandwich was denied. Part of that consolation was a reluctant attempt at eating the sandwich.

In that same vein, Rhett, Link, along with Andrew Rea, recreated and actually ate their own version of the crayon sandwich.

They tried to add a little flavor by using butter, mayo, dijon, and even peeling the paper off the crayons, but there was absolutely nothing that was going to make this not taste like flavored wax.

This was a pretty hilarious recipe video, as Rhett and Link attempted to act as Rea’s hands, and you can imagine it being a disaster.

They did it, though. Not sure why, but they did it.

Sweets Video

Watch These Guys Try Clear Pumpkin Pie

Not too long ago, Chicago-based restaurant Alinea released a crystal clear pumpkin pie for the fall season. The dessert was specifically designed for the restaurant’s tasting menu and went pretty viral.

Unfortunately, the tasting menu is said to be pretty pricey and most folks wouldn’t be able to try the unconventional pie unless they’re willing to spend the cash.

Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning decided to try their hand at recreating that viral pie and then taste test it themselves. All they used were some store-bought pie crusts, sugar, gelatin, and pumpkin flavoring. Y’know, ingredients most folks can afford.

Visually, their attempt was pretty close to how the actual pie looked from the restaurant, just a little larger.

Check out what they thought of the clear pumpkin pie as well as all the other clear pies the Good Mythical Morning crew cooked up.

Cravings Humor Video

Watch These Guys Attempt A Human Sushi Roll

The dudes from Good Mythical Morning are no stranger to fantastic food experiments. Their human nacho challenge is a cheesy example that they have no trouble covering each other in food for the entertainment of millions of fans.

In one of their most recent videos, the fellas decide to turn Link into a human roll of sushi.

As the co-host strips down to his underwear, Rhett covers his partner in all the essential ingredients that go inside a sushi roll as well as complimentary condiments. The foods dumped on Link’s human sushi roll includes rice, cucumbers, avocados, wasabi, ginger, spicy mayo, crab meat, soy sauce, all while he lays on top a customized nori bed.

They then proceed to roll Link, and all the ingredients, together into a sushi roll. Needless to say, it looked extremely painful. Check out the video to see the painstaking process behind a human sushi roll.

Dunno why, but despite this video, I’m really craving some sushi.

Celebrity Grub Now Trending Science Video

Linkin Park Helps Rhett And Link Determine If Music Affects Taste [WATCH]

In recent years, a new phenomenon in the culinary world known as “sonic seasoning” has begun to catch on. Sonic seasoning is the idea that the type of music or sounds that you hear while eating food can affect overall flavor or different flavor characteristics, such as perception of sweet or sour flavors, levels of spiciness, or even if you can taste the food at all.

While they didn’t call that phenomenon by its name, YouTube stars Rhett and Link have apparently become enamored by sonic seasoning and the idea that music can possibly affect taste. After hearing about the work of Oxford University in that field, they brought in Linkin Park to play them a mini food-themed concert while they put different aspects of Oxford’s research to the test.

Through a variety of made-up songs, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda helped Rhett and Link see if the volume of songs made bowls of Cup Noodles more or less flavorful, if high-pitched music made Sour Patch kids taste sweeter or lower-pitched music made them taste more sour, and if the tempo of a song could affect the spiciness of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

All three experiments proved to be a resounding success and matched what the Oxford studies found, meaning that sonic seasoning might be something restaurants look more into. I bet Linkin Park will be looking at it as they drop their new album and a full-on meal spread at Plan Check next week.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor

Rhett & Link Freak Out After Finding Maggots In Their Old Burrito

I’ve never let a burrito live for more than 20 minutes, so the concept of a two month old burrito is pretty shocking to me.

YouTube stars Rhett & Link had a corner of their Good Mythical Morning studio where they let a collection of food sit for two whole months. They finally decided to check up on the rotting food and take a look at the damage inflicted.

Most notably, the burritos were disgusting, as they had maggots growing inside of them. The two nut jobs cut the burritos in half, exposing a sour smell and showing a burrito that was mostly still in tact, just in a hardened state and full of creepy crawlies.

Of course, Link freaked the hell out once he discovered the movement inside the burrito:

For the sake of science, Rhett & Link went into several foods such as almond milk-soaked Frosted Mini Wheats, burgers with fries, and a caprese salad.

Not the ideal way to spend your morning, but it sure as hell was entertaining.

Products Video

Good Mythical Morning Attempts To See If Everything Really Is Better With Ranch

Ranch dressing: one of the most controversial condiments out there. Some people love it, some people despise it. Those who love it often claim that literally EVERYTHING tastes better with ranch. But is that really true?

YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning decided to put that claim to the test and put ranch dressing on a bunch of foods that normally don’t get paired with it. Hosts Rhett and Link drizzled ranch dressing onto donuts, ramen, Jello, coffee, crayons, liver, and even uni (sea urchin). They then tasted each one and evaluated whether they thought each tasted better or worse with ranch.

While every single one of those combinations sound disgusting (except maybe for the ramen), it turns out that Rhett and Link did end up preferring some more than others. The donuts and coffee definitely didn’t work out for either of them, but both were huge fans of the odd combination of ranch dressing with Jello.

I definitely wouldn’t try any of the combinations out, given that I’m not totally down with ranch. But if you’re one of those crazy people that does really love the dressing, try some of these combinations out for yourself and see if the claim that everything is better with ranch is true.