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Goldfish Reveals New Flavor Collab With Frank’s RedHot

Plenty of folks would consider Goldfish crackers to be in the pantheon of go-to snacks — with valid regard. The cheesy bits are irresistible by the handful and are always a sure fire choice for quality snacking. But many have always wondered in the back of their heads, ‘What would Goldfish be like with a spicy kick?’

Well it seems the Goldfish folks have heard such rumblings, because in an eye-opening new collab, they’ve decided to link up with Frank’s RedHot sauce for a spicy flavor that fans have long been calling for — over 35,000 fans have requested for a hotter variety of the cracker. Each Goldfish cracker is made with the classic hot sauce ingredients, including notes of vinegar for acidity and a premium blend of aged cayenne peppers.

Goldfish x Frank’s RedHot crackers will arrive on shelves at retailers nationwide for a limited time only starting May 2021 while supplies last for a suggested retail price of $2.49 for a 6.6 oz bag. 


This Guy Made Goldfish Cracker Shot Glasses And Bowls For His Soup


What a beautiful time to be alive. Things like WiFi are abundant, they have pills for my heart burn, and Instagram Chef Tym Bussanich just created soup bowls made of Goldfish crackers.

Let me say that one more time. BOWLS made of those little cheesey crackers shaped after GOLD FRICKIN’ FISH.

In his instructional video below, you see him throw together shredded cheese and Goldfish crackers in a food processor molding them into his desired bowl shapes:

Yea!!!!!!!!! Homemade goldfish crackers bowls #foodbeast

A video posted by Tym Bussanich (@tymbussanich) on


While he uses tomato soup in his video, i’m sure it’s completely fair game to throw your soup of choice in the bowl. Maybe some clam chowder? Cream of broccoli?

Regardless, this is #foodbeast level ingenuity at its finest!


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baby goldfish

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