Dole Japan Selling Fancy $6 Bananas Because Reasons


Americans go gluten free without knowing what gluten is, and it turns out Japanese people buy $6 bananas because they’re grown 500 meters above sea level.

Dubbed “Gokusen” bananas (“goku” meaning extreme and “sen” meaning compilation), these Dole-produced specimen were cultivated from “over 100” different types of bananas, resulting in fruit that’s “36.5% sweeter, 33.4% more fragrant,” and “40%” better textured than regular bananas, according to Rocket News.

Though Gokusen have technically been available since 2009, Dole decided to sell 59 of their fancy shmancy ‘nanners in honor of fake food holiday Gokusen Day on May 9 (since “go” and “ku” can also mean five and nine). For 590 yen, hardcore banana lovers could buy their very own specially boxed, serial number-etched, limited edition Gokusen banana at the Takashimaya Department Store in Shinjuku, Japan. Because that just seems like an excellent use of 6 bucks and a Friday afternoon.

H/T Dole Japan