This Awesome Themed Packaging for DBZ Super Saiyan French Fries Looks Exactly How You’d Think


Super Saiyans are real. Well, at least their food is. Kind of.

Throughout the month of March and into the start of April, Japanese convenience chain Lawson will be offering a line of Dragon Ball Z-themed menu items to promote the new movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, out March 30.

Included among remarkably extensive offerings are Dragon Pizza Balls, Super Saiyan French Fries, a green Vegeta Salad — (get it? Vegeta, Vegetables?) — and a slightly sketchy looking Majin Buu Milk Pudding. Plus some other things that aren’t nearly as cool, like Krillin bread.





dbzfood6      dbzfood12



As neat a promotion as this is, however, Lawson’s DBZ-inspired menu is far from perfect. I mean, no senzu beans on the salad, guys? Really? How else am I supposed to achieve Super Saiyan 3, by sheer willpower? Puh-leazeee.

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KFC x DBZ: Colonel Sanders Goes Super Saiyan to Promote New Dragonball Z Movie (Also for the Lulz)


In case the headline wasn’t clear enough, there’s a new Dragonball Z movie coming out in March called DBZ: Battle of the Gods. And to help celebrate (it is the first in 17 years to make it into theaters  after all), KFC Japan has decided to let the Colonel dress up as Goku—orange jumpsuit, giant moonboots, pitiful stub of a cut-off monkey tail (I’m guessing) and all.

Even better, each of the seven special location colonels will hold one of the seven magical dragon balls, which guests can either steal for wishes (natch) or buy as a water bottle topper, along with one of KFC’s limited edition value packs.

Granted, for our American readers, this is yet another incredible fast food promotion that’s only available in Japan, but if you steal those dragon balls like I suggested, I’m sure Shenron will be happy to take care of the travel costs.

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