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The 5 Dishes You Absolutely Have To Try At Tim Ho Wan, The Michelin-Starred Dim Sum Spot

Tim Ho Wan has garnered an international reputation as a Michelin-starred dim sum spot. Naturally, when one opened up in Irvine, California, just outside the Foodbeast backyard, we had to go see what the deal was with this renowned restaurant.

As part of our research into Tim Ho Wan, myself and fellow Foodbeasts Reach, Marc, and Elie embarked on a dim sum version of Going In, where we eat the entire menu, rate it, and pick the top dishes to try.

After sampling all of the food Tim Ho Wan had to offer, and some contentious culinary debates, we narrowed it down to the below five dishes that are a must whenever you pop in to this dim sum legend.

Braised Beef Brisket with Rice Noodles

The braised brisket is pull-apart tender, and the broth is light and savory while still delivering big on flavor. The chunks of daikon radish inside offer an interesting texture as well. Of all of the noodle dishes we had, this one was the most filling and captivating.

Baked BBQ Pork Buns

Tim Ho Wan’s signature dim sum dish, these buns are light, flaky, and airy all at once. The sweet barbecue pork plays into all of that nicely, and the dish almost feels like a pastry more than a bun.

Deep Fried Eggplant with Shrimp

This was a sleeper on our list, but the combination of the eggplant and the juicy shrimp was one that was a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Pan Fried Turnip Cake

A dim sum classic, these pan-fried turnip cakes come loaded with dried shrimp and cured Chinese sausage, which has a sweet yet deep flavor to it that permeates the entire slice.

Deep Fried Silky Milk Sticks

Nobody at the table had seen anything like these milk sticks before. They were like deep fried rectangles of panna cotta, a welcome and enjoyable end to the meal.

Of course, we all had other favorites that didn’t make it into this top five (including Tim Ho Wan’s famous rice rolls with BBQ pork), but the above five represent our unanimous can’t-miss dishes.

To see how we felt about the entire Tim Ho Wan menu, you can view the full episode of Going In above.

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LA’s K-Town Famous ‘Quarters’ Comes To OC With A BULGOGI BURGER

Going to Korean BBQ is an event. It’s treating yourself to a hefty portion of delicious, prime meat. It’s getting together a group of friends and chatting about everything going on in your lives while your favorite cuts sizzle away on the grill. It’s having no intention to rush. It’s fasting all day so that you can eat to your heart’s content once the bulgogi starts flowing. It’s leaving with a belly fuller than a perm in the 80’s. Sometimes, though, it’s not about all that.

Sometimes, you just want the food.

This was exactly the case for Foodbeast’s very own Elie Ayrouth and Mark Kharrat, along with Christina Kim (@vivalastina), in the newest episode of Going In. And boy, did they get the food.

One of LA’s quintessential KBBQ restaurants, Quarters BBQ, is bringing their high-grade meat to a more casual setting. This has translated to the debut of a new iteration of their restaurant in the form of Quarters Kitchen, in Orange County, CA. Here, they’re serving up their famous marinated meats in ways more attuned to your local spot that explodes with people at lunchtime.

There’s the fresh handmade Kimchi, Spicy Pork Belly Bowl, Nutty Green Tofu Salad, and the Kimchi Fried Rice, and the Grilled Pork Belly Bowl, and the Japchae, and — okay, I’m running out of breath. There’s a plethora of mouthwatering food, needless to say. And our favorite Foodbeasts tried them all. And when I say ‘all’, I mean they ordered every single item on the menu — in true Going In style. Check out the dishes they picked out as their favorites after sampling the menu.

Bulgogi Burger (Elie)

Often times, the best part about KBBQ, surprisingly, isn’t the meat. It’s the bowl of cheese that sits next to your meats on the grill, melting down until it turns into a luscious fondue. Thankfully, Quarters hasn’t abandoned that cherished feature here. This Korean-American BBQ hybrid is stacked with soy-marinated ribeye steak, lettuce, mushroom, cheese, and Quarter’s house signature sauce, all of which sits in between two brioche buns.

Bulgogi Kimchi Tater Tots (Christina)

Almost anything goes well with crispy, golden tots — even nothing, really. But when they’re covered in bulgogi, kimchi, and (as Christina stresses in the video) cheese? Forget about it. We’re taking it all.

Mandu (Marc)

These dumplings are filled with a mixture of beef, pork, bean sprouts, zucchini, dried tofu, onions, and chives. If you’re curious to see how these are made, make sure to check out the episode, as our hosts were lucky enough to make their way into the kitchen and receive a lesson in mandu making.

The trio finished off their meal with Quarter’s soft serve ice cream, which comes towering in a cup with a couple churros sitting atop. I’m not sure how there was any stomach space left there, but I guess our hosts were truly… going in.

You can view everything mentioned in this article in the newest episode of Going In. If watching isn’t enough, you can try for yourself at Quarter’s Kitchen at the Yorba Linda Town Center in Yorba Linda, CA.

Created in partnership with Quarter’s Kitchen. Feature image by AYCE Creative.

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Every Dish You HAVE To Try At 15-Year-Old Actor Hudson Yang’s Restaurant

Actor Hudson Yang, who portrays a younger version of chef Eddie Huang in the ABC hit series, Fresh Off The Boat, is just 15-years-old. However, he’s already getting his feet wet in the restaurant business, much like the culinary icon he portrays.

Yang is an investor in Không Tên, a restaurant in Los Angeles, California that serves New American food through a Vietnamese lens. That means you’ll find dishes like eggs Benedict, charcuterie, and other nationwide favorites, all with a Vietnamese spin on it. Yang sees it as a start on his own pathway to potentially becoming a chef, a dream inspired by his grandmother and her cooking.

On a recent episode of Foodbeast’s show Going In, hosts Elie Ayrouth and Marc Kharrat joined Yang and his father, Jeff, to sample the entire menu at Không Tên. With executive chef Kim Vu’s menu ranging from crab fried rice to a unique take on fried chicken & waffles, there was plenty to choose from in terms of standout dishes. These are the ones, though, that the whole squad kept going back for.

K10 Chicken & Waffles

Chef Vu’s take on chicken & waffles spins the concept totally on its head. The fried chicken breast is coated in a Saigon cinnamon breading and served with plum sugar syrup and Fresno chili hot sauce as a blend of sweet and spicy condiments. As for the waffle, it’s a Vietnamese-style sweet potato spider waffle, which looks more like a bed of deep-fried noodles but still provides that sweetness you’re looking for in the beloved brunch combo.

House Made Vietnamese Charcuterie

Charcuterie is more in the realm of Europe, but as it grows universal appeal in the United States, you’ll find more creative versions of it like this one. Chef Vu’s platter includes chicken pate, Vietnamese mortadella, pork head cheese, and grilled skewers of pork — all made in house.

Crispy Whole Fish



If you’re looking for a massive plate for the entire table to share, the crispy whole fish is the way to go. With house sauce, lettuce cups, a giant rice cracker, and plenty of fresh herbs to go with it, there’s a variety of creative ways to enjoy this meal as well.

Hudson Yang has definitely picked an innovative first restaurant to invest in, and it’ll be interesting to see how his work here influences the food he may eventually cook at a restaurant where he’s the chef, as he has aspirations to eventually become one.

To get the lowdown on what Yang and the Foodbeast squad thought of every single Không Tên dish, peep the full episode of Going In in the video at the top of this article.

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We Ate The ENTIRE Room Service Menu At One Of Vegas’s Most Luxurious Hotels

Every hotel, casino, and restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip screams “luxury.” Few, however, can stand as tall as the towering Aria Sky Suites building, one of the pinnacles of opulence that Vegas has to offer.

Anyone can make a reservation at Sky Suites as long as they’ve got the dough, and the experience is an indulgence from start to finish. Getting to the hotel involves private limousine transportation from the airport, and a reservation includes exclusive access to a building those on the outside cannot stumble upon. It’s a place where you can truly live your best life, and that, of course, involves the room service menu.

Foodbeasts Elie Ayrouth, Marc Kharrat, and Ricky Zollinger tried out the Aria Sky Suites experience for themselves on the latest episode of Going In. Naturally, that meant going full Kevin McAllister and ordering everything on the menu. For your benefit, obviously, not theirs.

Aria Sky Suites’s menu has dishes that you won’t find on their main hotel’s menu, so the Foodbeast squad had to try everything out to ID the creme de la creme of the exclusives.

One of the most extravagant eats on the menu was the Champion’s Benedict. Served on top of two slabs of filet mignon, the benedict comes with an upgraded bearnaise sauce, truffled shrimp, and butter-poached lobster. Each bite screams pure decadence.

Speaking of lobster, whole tails of the classy crustacean are also available with plenty of drawn butter to dunk it into. I mean, what kind of luxury room service program doesn’t have fresh lobster tails on deck for its guests?

Still, even the most commonplace room service items here get the fancy treatment. The burger, for example, is made with wagyu beef, and is an absolute feast of a meal, even if you don’t pile on a side of mac & cheese like Ayrouth did.

What impressed the squad most about the whole meal was that every dish of their gargantuan order arrived at the same time at the perfect temperature and with impeccable presentation. Ayrouth commented that you could tell that TLC was put into every item, showing the incredible detail and service you’re gonna get at one of the Strip’s most luxurious hotels.

Plant-Based Restaurants Video

Vegan Restaurant Draws In Curious Carnivores With Dishes Like Smoked Carrot ‘Lox’

To me, the most exciting plant-based restaurants are those that go beyond the kale and black bean burgers and let the creative juices flow. Big names like Tal Ronnen know how to create indulgent and delicious meat-free eats that often mimic some of our favorite carnivorous creations.


Such is the case at Jewel, a Los Angeles restaurant that offers up a fresh take on the plant-based food scene. Foodbeast’s own Marc Kharrat and Elie Ayrouth went with YouTube star and actress Anna Akana to Jewel to check out their entire menu, and were impressed at the restaurant’s signature dishes.

One of Jewel’s most famous items is their Carrot Lox Toast, where the “rabbit food” is transformed into luxurious, smoky slivers that could fool anyone into thinking it was actual salmon. Kharrat, a first-time vegan eater, was impressed by the orchestra of flavor in this toast.

There was also the Cococalamari Tacos, which utilize young coconut as a substitute for squid. To Ayrouth, the texture of them compared to calamari was similar, but “less stringy,” as he put it. They went well with the fresh flavors the accoutrements to the taco provided.

The most eye-opening of Jewel’s dishes had to be the Sol Box, their take on ribs that featured barbecued yuba. “Yuba is a byproduct of making tofu,” chef Jasmine Shimoda explained, adding on that the yuba is dehydrated to get a “crepe-like texture” similar to pulled rib meat. Akana, an experienced vegan, could not believe how close to the real deal it got, saying that “my mouth likes it but my brain is like ‘NO!'”

Jewel’s ability to transform vegetables into meat-like foods is incredible, and merits a journey to see just how close to the dishes mirror their carnivorous counterparts.

You can see the full menu and all of the enticing creations Jewel has to offer in Foodbeast’s new episode of Going In, featured in the above video.

Photos by Foodbeast // Oscar Gonzalez
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What To Eat With Man’s Best Friend While Dining At This Dog-Loving Restaurant Chain

A lot of restaurants and chains have incorporated dog and pet-friendly policies over the years, but not everyone has had one from the start. If you go to the Lazy Dog, a dog-themed and dog-friendly restaurant chain, though, you’ll find two entire menus: one dedicated to dogs, and another expansive one for their owners.

Foodbeast’s own Marc Kharrat and Elie Ayrouth teamed up with Josh Elkin, the Undisputed Champion of Breakfast and host of the Cooking Channel’s Sugar Showdown, to try out both menus from cover to cover. On the latest episode of Foodbeast’s show Going In, they went to the Lazy Dog location at the Del Amo Fashion Center to sample the chain’s entire offering.

Based on what they tried and reviewed, here are some recommendations on what to order for both you and man’s best friend on the Lazy Dog menu.

Food Bowls for Dogs 

The Lazy Dog’s dedicated dog menu is simple, but gets your pet all of the nutrients they need. It consists of plain grilled chicken or burger meat, white or brown rice, and veggies. It’s completely okay for humans to eat, too, should you want to eat dinner alongside your dog.

Three Cheese Pizza

In terms of human food, Ayrouth and Elkin were both big fans of the Three Cheese Pizza. The Lazy Dog’s take on the classic flavor combines mozzarella, Romano, and Parmesan cheese onto one pie.

Ayrouth recommends getting it with chili oil on the side. You can ask for it, drizzle it over the pizza, and get a tasty combo of spicy and cheesy that’ll leave your taste buds tingling.

Mac + Cheese

One of Elkin’s go-to favorites was the Mac + Cheese, a small plate with smoked bacon, hatch chiles, five cheese, and a green onion crumble. There’s plenty of flavor to go around on this one.

Chili Peanut Wings

The Chili Peanut Wings were also a tasty favorite for Elkin. They’re coated in a marinade featuring pineapple juice and fish sauce alongside a variety of chilies and other aromatics for a balanced, flavorsome wing.

Simms Family S’more 

Kharrat especially loved this treat because of the campfire nostalgia that it evoked. He said that it “speaks to that campfire culture that the founders seem to be pulling inspiration from and that made it stand out for me.”

Bison Burger

Ayrouth was a particularly huge fan of the bison burger because he felt that it was THE menu item that best achieved the “zen the founders of the restaurant set out to display,” as he put it. “It took me to the wilderness with every bite,” he said, “all the while remembering I was just in a shopping mall.”

As for Marc…

He was just really excited about the massive slab of watermelon served on the side.  

Created in partnership with Del Amo Fashion Center. 

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The Dishes You HAVE To Try While Gaming At Dave & Buster’s

We all know Dave & Buster’s as the grown-up arcade spot where you can relive being a little kid. But going just for that means you’re missing out on a pretty expansive menu of drinks and eats to fill up on while gaming.

The Dave & Buster’s menu isn’t necessarily new, but it went through a revamp a couple of years ago that brought a ton of items in that weren’t there before. Foodbeast’s own Elie Ayrouth and Marc Kharrat joined up with FaZe clan chef FaZe Cheo at the Del Amo Fashion Center location to go try out the entire menu for themselves.

Yes, they ate through the entire menu at Dave & Buster’s in a single setting. You can see the insane feat above in Foodbeast’s latest episode of Going In.

Based on what they consumed, here are some of the recommended items to try on the menu from Ayrouth, Kharrat, and Cheo.


One of the drinks the squad really enjoyed was the new Frose, a blended icy beverage with strawberry puree, Absolute citron, and plenty of rose wine both in the slush and poured into it via mini-bottle. Both Elie and Marc were astounded at how good it tasted.

Elie is drawn to anything that’s Instagram-appealing, so the Green Ghost Glow Kone caught his eye. Made with Crown Royal Apple, Smirnoff Green Apple, and Monin Granny Smith Apple, the glow cube inside makes the entire drink light up like a neon sign. It tastes just as good as it looks, too.

The Strawberry Mango Margarita also stood out because of its bright red color and cubes of strawberry. They keep the drink from diluting but also add a great hue and flavor to the whole beverage.


When it came to the food, the whole squad slurped up the Bang Bang Chicken and Noodles pretty quickly. The combo of spicy fried chicken and peanut noodles was a favorite for all three.

One of the craziest items on Dave & Buster’s menu is the Buffalo Wing Burger, which comes topped with a couple of chicken tenders drenched in spicy buffalo sauce. It brings the heat, but also provides a huge “flavor punch,” as Ayrouth described it.

Cheo was a fan of the Short Rib & Cheesy Mac Stack, a sandwich that brings the two together in a savory flavor bomb. It makes for a pretty comforting dish that’ll make you happy even if you’re not reeling in the tickets.

Having all of the food at Dave & Buster’s is pretty convenient, since you can grub to prep for your squad’s arcade marathon or vice versa. And no matter how you do in terms of getting tickets, at least there’s good food and good times abound.

Created in partnership with Del Amo Fashion Center

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We Used Every Flavor Of ENLIGHTENED Ice Cream To Stack This Massive 26-inch Cone

Are you really an ice cream lover if you’ve never fantasized about going to your nearest grocery store and cleaning out the shelves of your favorite brand? This question has been the topic of many discussions here at FOODBEAST for the last couple of weeks, so much so that our Publisher, Elie Ayrouth, and Head of Video, Marc Kharrat, decided to do something about it. Of course it only fueled the fire that ENLIGHTENED, our new favorite ice cream brand, just so happens to sell over 25 different flavors of ice cream. You see where this is going.

Before we knew it, it was 10am on a Tuesday, and Marc and Elie just couldn’t contain their desires any longer. They grabbed our Video Producer, Oscar, and headed to the nearest Sprouts location, which supposedly is the store that carries the most flavors of ENLIGHTENED.

Once Elie and Marc arrived at Sprouts, they realized they’d hit the jackpot. From new flavors like Movie Night and Cookies & Cream, to tried-and-true favorites like Bananas Foster, Birthday Cake, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, this spot had them all.

After gingerly grabbing one pint of every flavor, Marc and Elie realized they have no self-control, and decided to literally buy all the ENLIGHTENED ice cream at the store for a noble cause: an ice cream party.

There aren’t too many people free at noon on a Tuesday to get down and go to town on some ice cream, but we had a few in mind.

Enter some of our favorite humans: Anne Phung, personal trainer extraordinaire, Josh Elkin, the Undisputed King of Breakfast, and Seth Francois & Nick Antonyan, a Jonah Hill look-alike, from the Icon Krew. This group is also known for their social media prowess, so it’s not surprising the first thing they did with all our ENLIGHTENED ice cream was build the largest sundae we’ve seen in a while.

We’re not even sure how many scoops made it into this monstrosity, but it definitely included ENLIGHTENED heavy hitters like Red Velvet, French Toast, Mint Chocolate Chip, and more.

With this bunch, there’s never a dull moment. After devouring the massive sundae, Nick had the brilliant idea to host a competition to see who could build the tallest ice cream cone.

Because it wouldn’t be a FOODBEAST event without a spectacle, we enlisted the help of our Office Manager, Ethan, to plastic wrap the entire lobby, get enough goggles and gloves for the whole crew, and secure some liquid nitrogen so we could get down ‘n dirty.

An hour and multiple ENLIGHTENED pints later, Marc, Josh, and Anne completely decimated Elie, Seth, and Nick after creating an ice cream cone that was 26 inches tall! Not to mention their stacked cone featured at least 15 different flavors of ENLIGHTENED.

Even after this multiple-hour ice cream ordeal, Elie and Marc hadn’t had enough of the sweet stuff—they each decompressed with a pint in hand, reflecting on the truly insane feat they had just accomplished with the help of ENLIGHTENED ice cream, and their insane variety of flavors.

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with ENLIGHTENED Ice Cream