Popular Bay Area BBQ Joint Is Serving Free BBQ To Medical and Frontline Workers

horn bbq brisket

Burgeoning underground pop-up Horn Barbecue has been making a reputation around the Bay Area. It was started in 2016 by head chef and pitmaster Matt Horn through a desire to impress his wife. Her disapproval of some ribs he cooked once inspired him to never cook another piece of bad ‘cue. Horn has since honed his skills in Central Texas-style barbecue that’s dry rubbed, smoked, and hormone-free. Now, his popular ‘cue garners queues of hundreds. And as such, the last few years have quickly made Horn BBQ one of the go-to Bay Area spots for locals. 

Another contributor to Horn BBQ’s success is it’s family owned, co-ran with his wife, Nina. As a black-owned business in a city rich with black history, Horn feels a responsibility to his community and those that came before him. Those strong community ties are present in Horn BBQ’s recently launched initiative, which was created in response to the on-going corona pandemic. The Horn Initiative is a philanthropic effort that stems from a lifelong commitment to give to those in need. Being of service was a fundamental part of Horn’s upbringing and during these dire days, he wanted to give back to the community that has given so much to him. Horn recalls a recent interaction with a police officer: 

“While hosting one of our community ‘cues, I had an officer ask why I was doing the [pop-up] cooks. I explained to him that it is my responsibility to my community to step up and be a blessing to those that need it. He asked, “Why me?” and I told him that he is a vital part of our community and through love, we can get through this together.”

Committed to serving the community, with your help, The Horn Initiative will continue into the post-covid future. To donate, Horn BBQ has created a Gofundme to cover food costs. For the moment though, as we move towards overcoming this, you can stay up to date on the next pop-up here. To bolster their efforts, they’ll also be dropping off food at homeless camps and hospitals. Meals are open to anyone in need.


Photos: Matt Horn/ Horn BBQ
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Wine Brand ‘Bev’ Donates 100% of Sales to Service Workers



Each day, more efforts are being made to combat the effects of the corona pandemic. With cities at a near standstill, somehow life must persist. To lower the risk of spreading the virus further, stay-at-home orders have been passed nationwide. Probably one of the most at risk are the many service workers helping on the local front lines — delivering mail, stocking grocery stores, and providing medical assistance amongst other things. Thankfully, businesses are coming together to support their local service workers.

Venice, California-based wine brand Bev has announced that they will be donating 100% of all sales, online and in-store, to help service workers affected by the Los Angeles dine-in closure mandate. Bev will also be matching the first $3k of donations to a GoFundMe supporting the initiative. To further boost their support efforts, Bev will be distributing in-house hand sanitizer free-of-charge to the elderly and homeless in Venice. The elder and homeless are the two highest at-risk communities without access to essential services. 

With over 72,387 eating and drinking establishments in the city, it’s important to have those willing to step up to help out. Fortunately, uncertain times breeds togetherness. You can support Bev’s Service Workers Relief Fund by donating to the GoFundMe or simply by making a purchase today.

The text to delivery phone number is: 323-289-6964 to place an order.

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Man Films Police Officer Taking Money From Berkeley Hot Dog Vendor

A University of California police officer was filmed taking money from the wallet of a Berkeley hot dog vendor, as he was citing the man for illegal vending. The video, posted on Facebook Sept. 9, has generated more than 10 million views and an outpouring of support, donations, and questions about the officer’s actions.

Thanks to some quick thinking and generosity, Martin Flores, the man who filmed the incident, also set up a GoFundMe account, “OfficialJustice4Juan&StreetVendors”  which surpassed its $10,000 goal within hours.

As Flores was taking his family to grab hot dogs after a Cal Bears game, he saw the officers citing the man now known as Juan, pulled out his phone, and started filming. Flores began questioning the officer about why he took the man’s money.

“You’re going to take his hard earned money,” rebuked Flores.

“Yup,” the officer responds.

“That’s not right, man,” Flores said to the officer. “People can drink on campus, during football games with no tickets, but a hard working man selling hot dogs, earning a living  gets his money taken away — and a ticket — wow!”

“He doesn’t have a permit,”  the officer replied. “Yup, this is law and order in action.”

However, it’s unclear if actually taking a civilian’s money is a standard protocol for police officers when citing food vendors. The East Bay Times reported that UCPD is, “investigating this weekend’s citation and apparent confiscation of money earned by a hot dog vendor on the University of California campus after a Golden Bears football game.”

By law, mobile food facilities must obtain a permit from the Alameda County Environmental Health website, but it’s unclear what agency actually enforces those permits on a day-to-day basis. Still, if Juan, or any other hot dog vendor in the city wanted to operate, there’s at least a $500 fee associated, according to Alameda County’s Environmental Health website.

This is just one instance in a larger battle street vendors face, and thankfully people like Flores exist, to help people like Juan, the Berkeley hot dog vendor, rebuild their lives after tragedy strikes.

Berkeley hot dog vendor

Martin Flores/Facebook

In just one day, Flores’ GoFundMe account received more than $30,000 in donations — and has already notified Juan. It would be cool to see that money go to help a few street vendors go legit, so everyone can enjoy delicious street food without fear of prosecution.

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Internet Helps Street Vendor Rebuild After Man Destroys His Cart In Viral Video

The internet has come to the rescue of a Hollywood street vendor, who filmed a heated confrontation between himself and a man who pushed his food cart to the ground. A GoFundMe account has been set up, and already surpassed the goal of $1,000. Currently, the account, set up on July 24, has more than $3,000 in donations.

The now viral video, which has more than 4 million views, shows street vendor, Benjamin Ramirez, being berated by a man and woman walking a dog.

The argument apparently started after the assailant, identified as Carlos Hakas by the Huffington Post, told Ramirez he was taking up too much space on the sidewalk. The video shows Ramirez telling him he has enough room to walk around his cart.

It should be noted that the identity of the suspect has not been confirmed by Los Angeles County authorities.

The video, posted by Imelda Reyes on Facebook, shows the men arguing in Spanish, then shows Hakas try approaching Ramirez with a stun gun in his hand. However, in self defense, Ramirez quickly grabs a jar of chili powder and throws it in Hakas’ face, staining his black Guns N Roses t-shirt red.

The video, which was recorded on Ramirez’s cell phone, shows Hakas pushing over Ramirez’s food cart, sending food, spices and other debris into the street.

“He kept telling me that there was no room to walk on the sidewalk, and I said, ‘There’s plenty of room to walk around,'” Ramirez told ABC7 Eyewitness News. “I was afraid he was going to hit me with something because he came at me with something, so I grabbed my bottle of chili. I meant to throw it in his face but it landed on his chin.”

Due to the vitality behind this isolated incident, it’s safe to say the Internet is livid. Now, there’s even a Facebook “Review” account for Carlos A. Hakas, with more than 4,000 people leaving 1-star reviews on the page.

For now, Hollywood law enforcement officials have yet to officially name a suspect, but if it’s not the aforementioned Hakas, he has yet to come out and explain that he’s innocent.

This case is now under review at the office of the Los Angeles City Attorney, where it will be determined if the suspect in the video can be prosecuted for misdemeanor vandalism, according to ABC7 Eyewitness News.

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Social Media Movement Effectively Raises Over $1MM For Somalia Famine

When used correctly, social media can be a powerful tool to reach thousands of people at any given moment. Put a little celebrity power behind that and you can do a lot of good.

That was the idea behind the celeb-driven, “Love Army For Somalia,” which wanted to literally fill up a Turkish Airline plane with food and water, and immediately deliver it to aid people affected by the Somalian famine.

This movement actually all started with the Twitter hashtag #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia, as Vine and Snapchat star Jerome Jarre urged his following to help aid Somalia in their time of crippling famine. In his video, he passionately talked about the people of Somalia losing their means of water, food, and livestock:

From there, social media activist Chakabars Clarke got involved, along with YouTube celebrity Casey Neistat who posted a video entitled, “We have 10 days to get a Million Dollar$,” as he let his following of 6.7 million YouTubers know that there are over 6 million Somalians currently affected by the terrible drought, and need help.

The reason they wanted to team with Turkish Airlines is because it is the only airline that flies into Somalia. Fortunately, Turkish Airlines immediately showed their support for the movement, saying they were ready to go:

Then the big guns came in, as actor Ben Stiller, yes, the guy from Meet The Parents, offered his Stiller Foundation as a vessel to raise the money, as they all vowed total transparency with the money, and that the food would directly help the people of Somalia.

After it was all set up, the help began to pour in from over 68,000 people, even celebrities such as Calvin Harris, NFL player/activist Colin Kaepernick, and countless YouTube personalities, as the GoFundMe campaign reached over $1 million in less than a day.

As of this writing, the campaign is three days old, with over $1.8 million raised, and will continue until March 27, as they support continues to rain down.

As Stiller said in his video, everyone needs help. Although it’s hard to focus on everyone who needs help, this is a vast movement with legs on it, and being a part of it could directly help millions in need.

If this is something you think you want to support, you have some time. Look into it, if it’s for you, this looks like it could be something really special.

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Journalists Sent Pizza As Thanks For Their Coverage Of The Trump Administration

Reporters at the Washington Post were definitely not expecting this cheesy surprise.

The team at the internationally renowned news agency was treated to a pizza lunch by a GoFundMe campaign called “Pizza For The Newsroom,” according to the Washingtonian.

The campaign, started by former Atlanta-Journal Constitution writer Kevin Austin, is a way to say thanks to news organizations like the Post and the New York Times for their journalistic efforts and intense reporting over the course of the first few weeks of the President Trump’s administration.

“I think it would be a significant, personal gesture to reach out to them with the corny, cozy newsroom tradition of sending pizza to the newsroom. It’s a ritual we can share with others who want to salute them. My hope is that this impulsive project (an idea that came to me in the shower) will grow. PIZZA FOR EVERY NEWSROOM, because nothing says thank-you like a slice of pepperoni. They deserve our thanks.”

The campaign raised $7,800 in total, easily exceeding its goal of $2,000. Thus, they’ll be able to deliver pizza to the Post, the Times, and twenty other news organizations, including CNN, NPR, Reuters, and the Los Angeles Times’ Washington bureau. So far, pizza has only been sent to the Post and the Times, but Austin plans to roll out the rest of the pizza deliveries soon.

Austin’s efforts have led to a great showing of appreciation and recognition for the press community around the White House as they perform their exhausting and necessary job of reporting on all of the events surrounding the new President and his administration.

Their gallant efforts and important news articles definitely deserve at least a few free slices of pizza.


This Teen’s Heartbreaking Struggle Of Being Allergic to ALL FOOD


Alex Visker, 19, suffers from an extreme allergy. He’s allergic to all food.

There’s no official diagnosis for Visker’s case, but it’s an extremely rare illness that comes from severe allergies and Mast Cell Activation Disorder, People reports. This means pretty much any type of food he eats will cause an extreme reaction in his body.

A tiny nibble of food is capable of making Visker vomit, send him into convulsions and cause bone pain. It can also drastically drop his blood pressure. The only way for him to get his required Solent-based nutrition is through a feeding tube into his stomach.

Heartbreaking illness aside, the young Visker still maintains a positive attitude. According to his mother, he cooks for his friends and takes his girlfriend out for ice cream. He’s just happy not being stuck in bed.

However, when he does get cravings of the foods he remembers enjoying, he’ll have to run off to his room to distance himself from it.

A GoFundMe page was started for Visker in hopes of raising $20,000 to defray his monthly $7,000 costs for medicine and send him to online college. As of publication, he’s raised about $8,675.



This Anti-Gay Bakery Set Up A Funding Campaign To Pay Its Civil Fines And Got Shut Down


In 2013, Sweet Cakes by Melissa closed after the owners refused to make a same-sex wedding cake. The lesbian couple they turned away filed a civil complaint which stated that the bakery must also pay the couple $135,000 in emotional damages.

The bakery, now operated in the owners’ home, set up a GoFundMe page to help with the fines. Owners Melissa Kleine and her husband Aaron stated on their Facebook page that the fine will financially ruin the family as the business has no way to meet those numbers.

Sweet Cakes’ GoFundMe efforts raised a little more than $100,000, however, GoFundMe removed the campaign the next day. The crowd-sourcing site told CNNMoney that the campaign involved the defense of formal charges regarding heinous crimes, which prompted them to remove it entirely. These crimes included violent, hateful, or sexual acts.

The bakery responded to this on its Facebook page:

Evidently GoFundMe has shut down our GoFundMe page and will not let us raise any money. Satan’s really at work but I know our God has a plan and wins in the end!

GoFundMe is apparently still giving them the funds that already have been raised. Sweet Cakes has since started a new campaign on Samaritan’s Purse, a nonprofit Christian group.

The final decision of the case will be reviewed by the end of this year by the Oregon State Commissioner.

Photo: Sweet Cakes by Melissa