I’ll take my Godzilla deep-fried, please


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All Hail the King of the Nuggets


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Burger King Malaysia Does Godzilla Burgers That Probably Feel Like Eating Tiny Humans


The King of Monsters answers to no one. Still, in case you’re curious what biting into human flesh and bone might feel like, look no further than the new Godzilla-themed burgers from Burger King.

In tribute to the upcoming Godzilla film, Burger King Malaysia has unleashed a rather extensive line of “Rakasa” entrees and snacks inspired by the movie. (“Rakasa” meaning “monster,” similar to “kaiju” in Japanese, according to Brand Eating). There’s a Rakasa burger, featuring your choice of single, double, or triple stacked chicken or beef patties topped with mayo and barbecue-laden “monster” nachos. There’s a Rakasa wrap, which only offers the chicken patty, along with onions and the monster nachos. Finally, there’s the Rakasa Milo chocolate drink, a Koko Krunch cereal topped mixture of Milo chocolate powder and milk or water.


Sure the wrap and Milo might be a little too dainty for a 500-foot-tall maneater, but we imagine the layers of meat and tooth-shattering tortilla chips might be perfect fuel for your next earth-shattering romp through the city.

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Stomp Around and Breathe Blue Radioactive Lasers with Godzilla Sake


Do you like to drink? Do you sometimes break things when you drink? Despite what a few of your, ahem, smaller critics might think, you’re no monster; just misunderstood. So why not share your miseries with the only person-lizard who could possibly feel your pain, over a few shots taken from this limited edition Godzilla-shaped bottle of sake?


Designed by Japanese molding engineer Ito Shigeaki to look “beserk but good looking, yet friendly,” this commemorative 720 ml bottle is meant to help fans who grew up watching the king of monsters as children reminisce fondly about him as adults. From nubby silver toes to a broad scaly torso, the bottle comes filled with full scale wheat shochu (a Japanese distilled beverage similar to sake, though with not nearly the same search recognition, sorry ‘bout it*).

Our friends at Mighty Mega suggest you enjoy it while indulging in a kaiju movie marathon. At the very least, it’ll give you an excuse for going around making this sound all night:

Godzilla Shochu: ~$110 @ Choujugura

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*Yes we realize sake =/= shochu. No you don’t need to rant at us over it.


This Wasabi Godzilla Breathes Red Hot Sriracha

Since the holidays are coming up, we should probably be reminding you not to play with your food. But in the case of Wasabizilla, we’ll let it slide.

After all, one tiny misstep, one ill-timed eye rub, one over-confident taste test and you could be in as least as much pain as all the miniature screaming citizens of Tokyo.

Unless of course this is really Reptar. Then you probably don’t have anything to worry about.

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