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Burger Monster’s Godzilla Burger Is A Gigantic Meaty Monstrosity

If you’ve grabbed your ticket to FOODBEAST’s upcoming meat festival, MEAT STREET Presented By the Makers of SPAM Brand at Main Place Mall, then you’ll have a chance to visit Godzilla up close and personal.  Just when you thought all burgers were safe, Burger Monster had to unleash this sleeping giant.

The Godzilla Burger is Burger Monster’s new Korean Barbecue Burger and it’s ready to destroy anything in its path at MEAT STREET April 22. Loaded with Sriracha barbecue sauce — the Godzilla Burger will make you breathe FIRE! The Godzilla Burger is made with Sriracha braised pulled pork, Burger Monster’s signature bacon jam, Korean barbecue marinated spam, Colby Jack cheese, cabbage slaw, marinated cucumbers, and a Sriracha-lime sauce.

You can run, but you can’t hide from this monster. So, do yourself a favor and RUN to the nearest computer, head to and grab yourself a MarketPlace ticket and see if you can’t take down your own personal Godzilla April 22.