Food Truck Derby: The Sickest, Most ‘Go-Kart’-Esque Food Trucks Around

Decked out food trucks are like the little kids’ go-karts of the culinary world, and we can only imagine how much people would pay to see a few of them face off. But we’re not talking Great Food Truck Race, here. No, these “coolest looking food trucks” the guys at Thrillist rounded up deserve the full Little Rascals-treatment. You know, oversized aviator goggles, shameless sabotage, Reba as a celebrity guest judge – the works. I mean, they already look like a every twelve year old’s pipe dream. It’s only right we use them like it.


Gastro Bomber – Dallas, Texas


Aviation theme? Check. Shark mouth? Check. Potty humor name? Check plus. Their “green chile mashed potato-aided fried shepherd’s pie croquettes” are sure to turn you into a major gastro bomber.


Grillennium Falcon – Fayetteville, Arkansas


If these guys were to race, you just know the Grillennium Falcon would be the last to roll out. Probably will lasers, an epic soundtrack and way too much CGI.


Roving Mammoth – Mammoth Mountain, California


The Roving Mammoth apparently rolls up and down the slopes of Mammoth mountain, meaning it’ll be a virtual tank down here in suburbia. Monster food truck rally anyone? Now serving burritos.


Jalopy Rotisserie and Press – Austin, Texas


I’ll admit, I really only wanted to include this because I thought the teal menu board was a slide, but I guess the fact that this sandwich truck was painted by an “army of artists” is pretty cool too.


Maximus Minimus – Seattle, Washington


It’s a giant metal pig serving pork sandwiches, guys. Your argument is invalid.


Check out the rest over at Thrillist.