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Go Go Bird Is Putting ‘LA-Style’ Fried Chicken On The Map

When you think of fried chicken, Los Angeles doesn’t immediately jump out as a hub for it. But for Chef Brandon Kida of Go Go Bird, his goal is to put the fried chicken he serves up on the map as one that’s uniquely ‘LA-style’.

With just how impeccable this fried chicken is, I’d say Go Go Bird is definitely on to something special. What makes up LA-Style fried chicken according to Chef Kida is an amalgamation of the city’s different influences on his palate growing up in Los Angeles.

It all starts with capturing, then magnifying, the Japanese flavors of Little Tokyo, while ensuring the batter results in a crunch and consistency that mimics Pioneer Chicken, and finishes off with an aggressively spiced Szechuan seasoning that tips its hat to Chinatown. The result is an earth-shattering first bite that is all at once an umami revelation electrified by the numbing Szechuan peppercorns. Truly, no other fried chicken is like this.

Currently Go Go Bird operates out of Lucky Corner via a take-out pick-up window and delivery, so make sure to make your way to the Arts District to get your fix of the undeniable LA-style fried chicken experience.