Parrot's Guide To Getting by in the Middle East

Gio and Elie are Lebanese and both speak Arabic. I don’t. I know somethings, but realistically I need to man up, buy that Rosettastone shit and get on their level. Until then this is all I need. If you don’t know about The Arab Parrot (, and feel like reading an amazing blog, get with it. The dude rules that’s all I need to tell you. Anyway he had a post awhile back about the only things you needed to know to get you through traveling in the Middle East, so here it is.

  • Ayeree fee wij imaak = ‘My Dick In Your Mom’s Face’
  • Kis em ick = ‘Fuck Your Mother’
  • Manyak = ‘Faggot’
  • Mos zibby! = ‘Suck My Dick’
  • Neek Hallak = ‘Go Fuck Yourself’
  • Sharmuta = ‘Whore’
  • Kiefel Hareem? = ‘How’s The Birds?’
  • Bit tifi wela bit ribla’ee? = ‘Spit or Swallow?’