This Revolutionary New Pill FINALLY Lets Gluten-Free Folks Eat Pizza And Beer


Those suffering from celiac disease know how it feels to miss out on gluten-heavy foods like bread, pizzas, or even beer. CBC News reports that a new pill will allow those with a gluten-free diet to enjoy gluten.

Hoon Sunwoo, an associate professor of pharmaceutical studies at the University of Alberta, has developed a pill that may change the way someone with celiac disease can experience foods.

Sunwoo has been working on the pill for nearly a decade. Essentially, it uses egg yolk antibodies to cover up gluten and lets it pass through the body without causes any damage or discomfort. One simply has to take the pill five minutes before eating or drinking. The pill should give them one to two hours of gluten protection.

The pill, however, is defintely not a cure for celiac disease. In fact, a gluten-free diet is still strictly enforced. The pill is only a temporary aid to help gluten-free people enjoy foods that would usually make them sick.

Safety clinical trials began two months ago and efficacy clinical trials are expected to start next year.


See How This Artist Flips Iconic Images To Make Them ‘Gluten-Free’

If you know anyone who’s on a gluten-free diet, you know damn well it takes the fun out of every food.

Same goes for these art concepts as a Tumblr called Gluten Free Museum has taken some iconic pop culture, and art culture moments and made them all gluten-free. For the most part, it means he just took out the bready foods out of the pictures.

From the famous Lady and the Tramp scene where the doggies share a romantic dinner, to Andy Warhol inexplicably eating Burger King, they are all transformed and changed to gluten-free, just like everything else in life is right now.

Check out some of the recreated pictures below and peep the creative Tumblr itself:

Andy Warhol Eating A Burger, Or Not


Andy Warhol ate a Burger King Whopper very artistically. If he had a gluten-free diet, he would have never tried a Whopper, which probably would have been OK.

Lady And The Tramp


If the dogs were on a gluten-free diet, this classic Disney scene might have just had the two awkwardly staring at a table. I wonder if those bread sticks have gluten?



In the movie Gladiator, Russell Crowe dreamed about walking through his old wheat fields. In a gluten-free world, he’s just walking with his hand out for no reason.



This is what a glass of gluten-free Guinness looks like. Yum.

Bread Run


French photographer Willy Ronis wanted a creative way to photograph a Parisian loaf. He did, and just like that, he didn’t.



An artist named Razzia created this delicious looking poster of some pasta wrapped around a fork. Doesn’t look quite as appealing without the gluteney grub.

Say ‘What’ Again


Samuel L. Jackson’s going to be pissed when he finds out someone took his burger.



The Simpsons‘ Chief Wiggum has been known to eat a donut or two in his lifetime. If he were gluten-free, all he’d have is coffee, which isn’t the same without a donut.

Don’t Let Them Eat Cake


If you can’t enjoy cake, might as well not eat anything.

h/t distractify

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Pizza Hut Coddles New Gluten-Free Pizza, Domino’s Gluten-y Hands Still Molesting Ingredients


Pizza Hut announced a new gluten-free pizza today (National Gluten-Free Day), two whole years after Domino’s entered the gluten-free market. Unlike Domino’s, Pizza Hut is actually doing everything within their power to keep these specialty pizzas away from gluten.

Apparently, Domino’s does not care that much about the 18 million Americans with gluten sensitivities. Their compassion starts and ends with a gluten-free crust which is not effectively protected from gluten exposure in the kitchen, particularly as toppings are added.

Following in the footsteps of pizza brands like California Pizza Kitchen, Pizza Hut is outfitting about 38 percent of their US stores with “Gluten-Free Kits” complete with special gloves, utensils, and dedicated ingredients (marinara sauce, cheese, and pepperoni). They also place the pies on parchment paper in the oven for additional protection. Depending on your gluten sensitivity, you can simply use the crust as a base for a more complex pizza.

Both companies do not advise patrons suffering from celiac disease to try their gluten-free options, but at least Pizza Hut is trying to rise to the occasion. It’s like Domino’s realized they would never be able to make a 100 percent gluten-free pizza, so they just threw in the towel after they made the crust.


You can order a 10-inch gluten-free pizza from Pizza Hut beginning January 26.


A Pretty, Tongue-In-Cheek Look at How Hipster Diets Work


Do you know what gluten is? Three months ago, Jimmy Kimmel showed the world that most people in Los Angeles — self-proclaimed capital of the world for self-proclaimed sufferers of celiac disease — don’t. Rather, they’ve eschewed everything from pasta to cupcakes from their lives simply because, for some odd reason, it’s become trendy to do so.

This isn’t news. But every once in a while, ridiculous hipster food diets like these are still good for a laugh. Over at The Bold Italic, designer Michelle Rial drew up a small collection of infographics illustrating “Dietary Restrictions, In Chart Form.” Gluten-free, for example, when drawn up as a slice of toast, breaks down into white part being people who just think it’s “healthier,” the crust being people who get diarrhea, the butter being people “on a cleanse,” the shiny part of the butter being people listening to Gwyneth Paltrow, and the leftover crumbs being people who actually have celiac’s disease.

Check out the rest of the lovely, hand drawn charts below, which Rial was also kind enough to warn were manufactured “on shared equipment in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, and milk products.”



H/T Bold Italic


16 Unconventional Ice Cream Toppings You Didn’t Know Were Gluten-Free

With all the flurry surrounding gluten-free diets, it’s hard to figure out what you can and can’t eat if you do decide to go down that breadless road. So, we recruited Breyers — to help us figure it out.

So what can you eat on a gluten-free diet? Well, that’s the tricky part. While ordinary breads and pastas are avoided as a general rule of thumb, a lot of our favorite desserts have gluten. Luckily, there are a few brands out there that offer gluten-free options, like Breyers Natural Vanilla with real vanilla bean flecks. Yet, no ice cream is complete without an ample amount of toppings for that extra oomph. Naturally, Foodbeast found 16 ice cream toppings that you would have never guessed to be gluten-free to go with your gluten-free ice cream. Of course, always ensure you check for a GF label before digging in. You’re welcome:


Plain M&Ms




Pop Rocks












Fruit by the Foot




Marshmallow Fluff




Coffee Grounds




Jiffy Pop Popcorn




Ore Ida French Fries




Welch’s Fruit Snacks

IMG_9638RS IMG_9644RS






York Peppermint Patties




Haribo Gummy Bears




Jif Peanut Butter




Martinelli’s Apple Cider




Fruity Pebbles



Photography by Dominique Zamora


Turns Out a Lot of Gluten-Free People Don’t Actually Know What Gluten Is [Watch]


In last year’s This is The End, Seth Rogen’s character Seth Rogen describes gluten as a blanket term for things that are bad for you, from calories to fat. While this isn’t entirely accurate (it’s actually a  composite wheat protein), the definition seems to work well enough for plenty of people as a solid reason to go gluten-free.

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy decided to venture into gluten-free capital of the world Los Angeles to interview self-proclaimed GF-ers and ask if they, in fact, know what gluten is. The results are probably as you’d expect, but hey, nothing beats laughing at hipsters and people who don’t eat pizza by choice.

Also, just because:


Snyder’s Offers New Buffalo Wing Pretzel Sticks and Cheesy, Jalapeño Snacks


In pretzel-related news, Snyder’s of Hanover is stepping up their snack game with a snack truck full of new products. While my eyes usually go directly to the Honey Mustard bags on the shelves, it’s great to know there are other choices out there to satiate the munchies.

Snyder’s new line of pretzel snacks are appropriately named Korn Krunchers. Below (and above), the baked and seasoned corn snacks come in three flavors: Nacho Grande, Hot Chili Lime and Barbeque.  Nacho Grande packs sharp cheddar cheese, sweet tomatos and spicy jalapeño peppers. Hot Chili Lime features a combination of hot chili peppers balanced with a cool lime seasoning, while Barbeque  mixes smokey seasonings with sweet tomatoes and savory onions.


Each 10-oz bag of Korn Krunchers is available in stores at a retail price of $3.69.



Snyder’s also rolled out a few dessert-worthy treats:  Salted Caramel and Cinnamon Sugar. While these particular flavors were at times overbearingly sweet, they were pretty tasty in doses.




Snyder’s also has new Gluten-Free pretzels available with Honey Mustard and Onion and Buffalo Wing pretzel sticks. The Buffalo Wings were hands down the best of the bunch. Just keep in mind, your hands will be covered with flavor.


Girl Scouts Go Gluten-Free with New Cookie Flavor


With Girl Scout Cookie season on the horizon comes word of a new cookie being tested in select cities: the gluten-free Chocolate Chip Shortbread.

Yes, that is perhaps the most mediocre flavor when compared to the classic Thin Mint or caramel-coated Samoa, but it’s a great start for those who previously weren’t able to indulge in the seasonal cookie madness.

“Millions of Americans have problems eating food with gluten — so we’ve created a delicious cookie just for them!” touts the Girl Scouts website. The new treat packs chocolate chips folded into a shortbread cookie dough made from rice and tapioca flour, as well as butter, cane syrup and cocoa powder.

Four of the cookies will run you at 130 calories, but [spoiler alert] they’re described as “bite-size,” meaning they’re quite petite. Also [more spoilers!], the ladies are only offering the gluten-free confections in just a few test markets — which excludes major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, DC and New York.

To hunt down Girl Scout cookies come February 7, you can use their tech-savvy mobile app.

H/T LA Times