This Cool Mitten Flask is Perfect for Winter Thumb Sucking, Your Thumb Being Alcohol


We’re not saying this is the reason Santa’s face is so red all the time, but we definitely wouldn’t be surprised.

Available starting in October is this bright red set of knitted mittens that also have the benefit of holding up to three ounces of your favorite booze. Like most hidden flask attire, these things come with a spill-proof drinking valve that lets you discreetly knock back the good stuff in line on Black Friday or while racing down the ski slopes.

The sucky part is only one of the mitts comes complete with hidden beer bladder while the other’s just a  regular glove. We suggest buying two pairs and giving the normal halves away to granny. God knows what good three ounces would do anyone otherwise.

Mitten Flask: $18 @ Perpetual Kid


Unpopular California Glove Law for Chefs Will Probably Be Repealed [Hallelujah!]


Sushi and cocktail lovers rejoice: that pesky California health code law which required chefs and bartenders to wear gloves while handling all ready-to-eat foods will probably be repealed “this week.”

According to the OC Weekly, an emergency bill has been proposed in the California state assembly to reverse the glove law to its pre-2014 state, which required gloves only for certain segments of the food service industry instead of across the board. In its current iteration, the bill bans any bare-hand contact with foods that will be directly eaten by customers, including sushi, baked goods, and lemon garnishes. It did allow a six month grace period, though, so it’s likely many restaurants and workers never started obeying the law in the first place.

According to assemblyman Richard Pan, who proposed the bill, “It’s not about whether there are gloves or not, it should be about whether the local business and the health inspector have worked together to create a safe environment for the customer.”

TL;DR: false alarm guys. Phew.

Picthx Andrew Magill