This Is What The World Would Look Like If Nobody Ate Meat

Would the world really be any different if every human being suddenly became a vegetarian? The folks at ASAPscience took a look at the global outcome of a world-wide vegetarian conversation and shared their analysis through video.

They explain what would happen to the animals, the land and plant life if no one ate meat anymore. Told in adorable doodles, all the possible implications of the meat-less change are explored. This includes what happens to the pastures used to raise cattle and the land used to grow crops for pastures.

Would we be better off if everyone was vegetarian?

Check out the informative video.

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The Ultimate Guide To Every Hot Dog Style From Around The World


Sometimes, nothing beats a simple hot dog. Throw a little mustard, ketchup, or relish on that bad boy and that’s all you need to satiate those cravings. However, if you like to jazz up your hot dog a bit, there’s now a style guide to how folks eat their hot dogs from all around the world.

Food Republic created a comprehensive guide to every hot dog style imaginable. Here’s 40 of the most popular toppings around. Enjoy.


Image Courtesy of Food Republic


50 Of The World’s Most Breathtaking Restaurant Views

Even the most amazing food in the world wouldn’t have quite the same clout if you were forced to eat it while staring at a brick wall.  A restaurant with a view can take a dining experience from mediocre to magnificent: giving it that lift that makes it a life-long memorable meal. Whether you’re looking out over a city’s silhouette, the glittering coastline or acres of rolling countryside, check out some of the world’s best restaurants with views, for memories that last long after your plate is cleared.

Asiate – New York, USA


Photo by Asiate


Dasheene – St. Lucia, West Indies


Photo by Ladera Resort

Ristorante Grotta Palazzese – Puglia, Italy


Photo by Grotta Palazzese

Skyline Restaurant – Queenstown, New Zealand

skyline-restaurant-queenstown-new-zealand (1)

Photo by Skyline

Caldera – Santorini, Greece

caldera-volcano-view-restaurant (1)

Photo by Volcano View

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Rangali Island, Maldives

ithaa-undersea-restaurant (1)

Photo by Conrad Resorts

Elements – Scotsdale, USA


Photo by Sanctuary Resort

Le Panoramic – Chamonix, France


Photo by Chamonix

La View – Ubud, Bali


Photo by Kupu Kupu Barong


Sierra Mar – California, USA


Photo by Post Ranch Inn

Torre d’Alta Mar – Barcelona, Spain


Photo by Torre d’Alta Mar


Le Grand Canyon du Verdon – Aiguines, France

le-grand-canyon-du-verdon (1)

Photo by Logis

Eagles Eye – Golden, Canada

eagles-eye-restaurant (1)

Photo by Kicking Horse Mountain Resort


Piz Gloria – Mürren, Switzerland

piz-gloria-restaurant (1)

Photo by Swiss Skyline

El Farallón – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

el-farallon-beach-restaurant-cabo-san-lucas (1)

Photo by Capella Hotels

Tosca – Kowloon, Hong Kong

tosca-restaurant (1)

Photo by The Ritz Carlton

Different Pointe of View – Phoenix, USA

different-pointe-of-view-phoenix (1)

Photo by Pointe Hilton

Le Jules Verne – Paris, France

le-jules-verne (1)

Photo by Le Jules Verne

Soho House – West Hollywood, USA


Photo by Soho House

The Grotto – Krabi, Thailand


Photo by Rayavadee

Sirocco – Bangkok, Thailand


Photo by Lebua

Crater Lodge – Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania


Photo by Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Adronis – Santorini, Greece


Photo by Adronis

360: The Restaurant at the CN Tower – Ontario, Canada


Photo by CN Tower

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant – Diani Beach, Kenya


Photo by Ali Barbour’s

Canlis – Seattle, USA

canlis-seattle (1)

Photo by Canlis

Le Café du Jardin – Eze, France


Photo by La Chevre d’Or

Sydney Tower Buffet – Sydney, Australia


Photo by Trippas White Group

Fangweng – Yichang, China


Photo by China Tour Online

WP24 by Wolfgang Puck – Los Angeles, USA


Photo by Wolfgang Puck Group

Panorama Alm – Mauterndorf, Austria

panorama-alm-restaurant-austria (1)

Photo by Peter Schlitter

Labassin Waterfalls Restaurant – San Pablo City, Philippines


Photo by Villa Escudero

The View – San Francisco, USA


Photo by Marriott

Pierchic – Dubai, UAE


Photo by Jumeirah

Hutong – London, England


Photo by Paul Winch-Furness

Topaz – Istanbul, Turkey

topaz (1)

Photo by Topaz

Hotel Edelweiss – Mürren, Switzerland


Photo via Mind_Virus, Reddit

Sky Restaurant 634 – Tokyo, Japan


Photo by Sky Restaurant 634

Al Mahara – Dubai, UAE

al-mahara-restaurant (1)

Photo by Jumeirah

Robert – New York, USA

robert-nyc (1)

Photo by Robert NYC

Baan Rim Pa – Phuket, Thailand

baan-rim-pa (1)

Photo by Baan Rim Pa

Felix – Kowloon, Hong Kong


Photo by The Peninsula

La Pergola – Rome, Italy


Photo by Rome Cavalieri

Maiden’s Tower – Istanbul, Turkey


Photo by Wikipedia Commons

Kuklos – Leipzig, Switzerland

Photo by My Switzerland

Ristorante La Sponda – Positano, Italy


Photo by Le Sirenuse

The Signature Room at the 95th – Chicago, USA

the-signature-room-at-the-95th (1)

Photo by Scott Thompson

Two Oceans – Cape Point, South Africa

two-oceans-restaurant-cape-point (1)

Photo by Two Oceans

Duck & Waffle – London, England

duck-and-waffle-london (1)

Photo by Duck & Waffle

The Rock – Zanzibar, Tanzania

the-rock-zanzibar (1)

Photo by The Rock Zanzibar

Altitude at Shangri-La – Sydney, Australia

altitude-restaurant-shangri-la-sydney (1)

Photo by Shangri-La

Nautika – Dubrovnik, Croatia

atlas-club-nautika-dubrovnik-croatia (1)

Photo by Nautika

at.mosphere – Dubai, UAE

atmosphere-dubai-worlds-highest-restaurant (1)

Photo by at.mosphere

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The Average Cost of Beer Around the World [Infographic]


If you’re ever traveling across the world, you’re gonna want to make every penny count. You’re not going to want to spend up to $5 on a beer you can purchase for half that back home. So what’s a boozy world traveler to do?

A study conducted by GoEuro found the average costs of a 330ml (11.2oz) per country. Wall Street Journal reports that the data gathered was based on the average price of a 330ml bottle purchased at a discount store. This includes several world-wide brands and a major local brand.

In the lead is Oslo, Norway with a price of £2.87 per pint of beer per average store. That’s $4.77 for a beer in the US, and let’s not forget that its also from a discount store. The cheapest beer, however, comes from Warsaw with a measly sum of £0.64 ($1.06 US). Dollar menu beer, anyone?

Check out the infographic below the next time you’re primed to jet-set across the world. You might save yourself a few bucks in booze.

Beer-Chart-01 Beer-Chart-02

Picthx Go Euro


Global Tipping Calculator Helps You Not Be a Douchebag Around the World


It’s hard enough keeping track of tipping etiquette in the U.S. (is 20% still good, or is it 25% now? if service was absolutely horrible, is it too mean to leave 0%?). We can only imagine how complicated it gets overseas. is a nifty tip calculator that lists the customary tip in over 50 different countries (and, for Doctor Who fans, one entire planet). The free app also lets you plug in specific bill amounts and offers split totals should you decide to divvy the payment among friends.

The idea was inspired by twitter user @jessicahische, who requested someone build a site like weather forecaster “Do I Need An Umbrella?”, but for international tips. The result is cute and significantly more convenient than asking the locals (and less social — just the way we like it).


20 Different Desserts from 20 Different Countries [Infographic]


Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you’re probably familiar with some crazy desserts as of late, like the Cronut and the White Truffle Doughnut. Well, turns out this is child’s play when you take a gander at the confections found in Scotland (they’ve been on their deep-fried candy bar game  for ages) to China. From cookies and pastries to deep-fried and frozen treats, this infographic from Lemonly illustrates how dessert-lovers from around the world indulge.

The French, for example, love a good chocolate soufflé, while Australians satisfy their sweet tooths with pavlova — a meringue crust topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Drooling yet? Enjoy even more global dessert education below:


H/T Urban Spoon + Picthx Lemonly