Glass Potato Chips Exist And Here’s How To Make Them

Are clear foods becoming a thing? Last year, we wrote about a restaurant that created an exclusive see-through pumpkin pie, and it looks like the trend is continuing in the form of a glass potato chip.

YouTuber My Virgin Kitchen shows us this interesting recipe to create the peculiar snack. No, it’s not actual glass, so put away your pitchforks.

Through some simple food science, he created a stock out of roasted potatoes and combined it with potato starch to create a clear gel. He accomplished this by combining the two ingredients over heat, turning the stock and starch mixture translucent. The starch’s reaction with water causes the solution to thicken for a jelly-like consistency.

Once it cools for a bit, he adds the gel to a squeeze bottle and forms small potato chip shapes over a baking tray. He then bakes them for about 8 hours at 135 °F. Once they’re out of the oven, he flash fries them for a few seconds.

Even though the process is extremely time-consuming, the final result looks pretty damn cool.

If you’re inclined to impress your dinner guests, give this recipe a shot. Just be careful, these chips look like they’re easy to misplace.

Beer Products

This Machine Will Turn Any Bottle Into A Reusable Glass

If you have a hard time letting go of your favorite beer bottles, there’s a machine that’ll let you hang on to them forever. It just takes a quick slice.

Since most beer bottles only allow for one use before having to be disposed of or recycled, there really isn’t much value in keeping the alcohol container around the house once your’e done with its contents.

However, the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter, by Bottle Cutting, will slice through your bottle and turn it into a reusable glass. You then just sand down the edges until safe enough for use. As you can see from the video, the process looks pretty painless.

You can buy the machine for about $49.99 here.


Corona Recalls Their Bottles After Tiny Bits Of Glass Found In Beer

Corona enthusiasts, put your beer down. Constellation Brands Beer Division has announced a voluntary recall of select packs of Corona Extra in the United States.

The Corona Extra 12-packs and 18-packs that come in glass bottles are being recalled due to small glass particles inside the beer. While this is a limited recall, consumers will want to keep an eye out for the impacted bottles.


Still, the number of bottles affect fall in the one-tenth of one perfect of the Corona Extra clear bottles. That’s about 1 in every 5,000 bottles.

So just take a second and examine your bottle of Corona before going in for another sip.

A full list can be found here. There have been no reported injuries from the glass.


These Shot Glasses Have Been Shot, And It’s Badass

A father and son duo from Wisconsin recently began creating shot glasses that really bring the name to life, thanks to the bullets lodged in each of them. These novelty items were initially created as gifts for friends and families, however the two began selling them on a much larger scale once people saw how freaking cool those things were.

The Shot Glass

Benshot, the name of the company, sells the shot glasses and tumblers with actual bullets embedded in them. While the duo has not revealed how exactly they do it, they do state that the glasses were actually shot with live bullets. The glasses come at a cost of $15 for the shot glass and $23 for the tumbler.

Presumably, they create the shot glasses out of molten glass and then shoot them shortly thereafter, allowing the bullet to push and stretch the glass without breaking the surface on the other end.

The Tumbler

Before you ask, these shot glasses are safe to use. The gunpowder and lead are cleaned out of them before being packaged and sold to interested parties. Washing the glasses could discolor the bullet over time, but if anything, it really just gives your shot glass character.

Looks like I found the perfect message-sending gift for my enemies.

Photo Credit: Benshot

Packaged Food

Sweet Leaf Recalls 1.5 Million Tea Bottles After Glass Fragments Reported


Sweet Leaf Tea is issuing a voluntary recall of 1.5 million of their bottles after a filling incident that involved glass breaking. The bottles could potentially contain broken glass that could lead to consumers cutting themselves and ingesting glass, CNN Money reports.

The six flavors of teas that were distributed between Feb. 25 through Dec. 6 of this year are all being recalled. Specifically, it’s the bottles of Sweet Leaf that are made of glass. Not plastic. The flavors are original, green tea with citrus, peach, half and half lemonade, raspberry and mint and honey.

While there have been no injuries, the company received four complaints of glass discovered in the product.

The company released the manufacture codes and dates of all the drinks being recalled. If you bought a glass bottle of Sweet Leaf that matches any of those numbers, don’t drink it. You can call Sweet Leaf for a replacement or return it to the store you bought it from for a full refund.

SLT-Recall-Codes-01 SLT-Recall-Codes-02


Bloody Broken-Glass Cupcakes


Recipe Kitchen Mason


This Heat-Resistant Teapot is Made of Science Glass


There are few food experiences more beautiful than watching tea blossom and color a glass teapot. However, things can get a little tricky in between the boiling liquid, metal strainers, and bare skin. Luckily, this heat-resistant teapot made from borosilicate glass is looking to make things a bit easier. Thanks to the product’s unique material, both the strainer and the pot remain cool despite boiling temperatures. Plus, the clean design allows you to steep the tea from the glass strainer into the pot directly.


Skeptical? Well, it turns out borosilicate glass is used in laboratories due to its ability to take on incredibly high temperatures.  It’s lighter than aluminum and can withstand temperatures of up to 842 °F, making it chic and practical.

German Glass Teapot with Strainer, $54.90


This Bottle Cleverly Disassembles into a Drinking Glass, Lantern And Spoon

bottle 3

Throwing a dinner party can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. This is especially true when you incorporate products that make decor and dining a bit easier, which is why I’m a big fan of this wine bottle that transforms into a chic drinking glass, lantern and spoon set. Ungh, magic.

Created by Spanish design studio Lucirmá, Pure-Bottle is made from a recycled wine bottle cut in two places and sanded so that each section is functional and stylish.




Pure-Bottle is the perfect way to create an elegant dining ambiance next time you entertain. Plus, chances are your guests will be impressed by the swanky set, but in reality, you’re just being environmentally-friendly.

H/T Design Taxi + Picthx Lucirmá