Korean Girls Try American & Mexican Sodas For The First Time [WATCH]

Digitalsoju TV is back with another hilarious adventure with foreign girls trying local things! We’ve seen Korean girls try American barbecue and American pizza. This time, we’re going to see these lovely young ladies try American and Mexican sodas for the first time.

The girls are given a variety of drinks, from Mexico’s famed Jarritos to America’s classic Barq’s Root Beer to the oft forgotten citrusy taste of Squirt.

According to the girls, many of the flavors are flavors not often found in Korea, like root beer and guava Jarritos.

You can check out the girls eating barbecue here, or cruise here to see them trying good ol’ fashioned American pizza.


Found my new favorite shirt

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Packaged Food

These ‘Female-Friendly’ Noodles Belong in a Spa, Not Your Mouth


Japan’s Toyo Suisan has been busy developing a healthier, more nutritious version of the comfort food directed at being, “a cup of noodles for women that helps lift spirits.” Oh great, another “female-friendly” food-item to join the throngs of pink yogurt and energy drinks.

These Hanatua or “humming” instant noodles feature a colorful floral design with flavors such as Chamomile Salt Broth and Rosehip Tantanmen (Szechuan style) that sound more like they belong in a spa than in your mouth. Although, it seems that they will have some competition from Myojo Foods who will also be developing their own version of the girly noodles; lending itself to the question, “When will the hair pulling begin?”

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DRUNKBEAST: Orange Street Fair 2010 Night 2

Once again, you know I had to head back over to the Annual Orange International Street Fair, this time to really get my eat on. I picked up Victor (VictorYaniePhotography) and cruised back to the Orange circle. Parking sucked of course, considering it was Saturday and there was twice as many people. Victor was determined to get his DRUNKBEAST on, which you can definitely witness after the jump.


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