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Girl Scout Cookies Are Actually the Second Largest Cookie Company in America

In an interview on the July 17th edition of the Freakonomics podcast, the C.E.O. of Girl Scouts of America, Sylvia Acevedo, revealed a surprising fact about the organization: They’re the second largest cookie company in America.

Raking in somewhere between $700 to $800 million per year in revenue, the Girl Scouts are surpassed only by none other than OREOs.

It should be noted, however, that this is revenue, not profit. According to tax forms, Girl Scouts brought in just over $130 million in actual profits last year.

And, just in case you’re worrying about where all this money is going, Acevedo noted that all profit that each troop brings is spent on those local troops and council. So have no fear, Girl Scouts is not a part of Big Cookie, despite making such large sums of money.

So go ahead and buy that second box of Samoas. You need it, and it’s for a good cause. Plus, how could you ever say no to the adorable pitch of a Girl Scout selling cookies?

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Girl Scout And Dad Remix ‘Redbone’, Go Viral, Crush Fundraising Goal

“Now stay woke, buy these cookies.”

That’s the message behind a viral cover of Childish Gambino’s Redbone, sung by Seymore Harrison Jr. and his Girl Scout daughter, Charity Joy. The two created a video of them remixing the song to help Charity sell boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

According to FOX News, Charity wanted to sell more than 1,300 boxes so that she and her family could get a trip to Disney. Charity’s mom, Patrice Harrison, reportedly said that “She had been to Disney this past summer but I became [extremely] ill while there and was hospitalized and my husband was out of town so she wanted to reach her goal to go as a family.”

Thanks to the Girl Scout Redbone remix, Charity has easily surpassed her goal, and needs just a couple hundred more to hit 5,000 boxes sold. That milestone will help her and her troop “learn and grow,” according to Charity’s page on the Girl Scouts website. She wants to “learn to get rid of the box and change the game when it comes to cookie sales.”

Those that want to help Charity’ campaign exceed the next milestone can buy cookies off of her page. You’ll need to buy four or more boxes of cookies, which cost $4-$6 each.

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Girl Scout Causes Controversy For Selling 300 Cookie Boxes Outside Of Pot Dispensary

A Girl Scout skirted her way around some rules to sell a ton of cookies outside of a pot  dispensary, and while many are praising her, others are raising questions of concern.

The unnamed Scout and her dad sold over 300 boxes of the organization’s legendary cookies at Urbn Leaf, a recreational collective in San Diego. The Girl Scouts typically prohibit selling right outside of a business unless an appropriate booth permit is signed by the business owner to sell between February 9th and March 11th. This is meant to prevent their troops from getting cited for soliciting cookies, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

To get around that rule, the Scout and her dad simply walked up and down the dispensary’s block for a few hours each day during Super Bowl weekend. Folks coming in for their cannabis fix would then pick up a box or two from the “wandering” Girl Scout to cure their eventual munchies.

Technically, the business-savvy Scout didn’t break the rules, according to a Girl Scouts spokesperson, but she did fall in a gray area. The walking sales rule usually only applies to residential neighborhoods, while Urbn Leaf is in a commercial part of San Diego.

People have been buzzing online about whether the girl was really smart or going too far with her sales strategy.

Regardless, a pattern of Girl Scouts selling near dispensaries appears to be emerging. Whether or not the kid-centric organization wants their cookies to be associated with pot remains to be seen, however.

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Lagunitas Is Now Selling A Cannabis Terpene-Infused IPA

Lagunitas Brewing Co. has built a solid reputation in the craft brew industry thanks to its line of hoppy IPAs, which deliver a strong buzz. With that said, Lagunitas created an even bigger buzz, when it became the first craft brewer t0 test a cannabis-infused ale that includes two very popular strains of weed.

Thanks to a three-way partnership between Lagunitas, Northern California cannabis grower CannaCraft, and the extraction company AbsoluteXtracts, Californians have the chance to try the first-ever cannabis-infused ale with cannabis terpenes — the aromatic oils that contain the aroma and unique flavors found within cannabis and hops.

Lagunitias SuperCritical Ale is infused with Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies terpenes and showcases how marijuana can be used to compliment hops.

“Giving brewers access to these terpenes from cannabis is like having notes in a musical scale that you didn’t have before,” Jeremy Marshall, Lagunitas so-called ‘Brewmonster,’ said in a YouTube clip.

Due to the earthy, rich flavor of the Girl Scout Cookie strain, and the pungent, citrus-like aromas of Blue Dream, SuperCritical delivers, a “very earthy taste with hints of pine and citrus — very different from that of a typical IPA,” according to Fortune.

While SuperCritical doesn’t contain THC and won’t get you high — it definitely tastes like it could. Kial Long, Vice President of Marketing at AbsoluteXtracts added that that this one-of-a-kind batch of Lagunitas also contained six different hops that were handpicked for this project.

“These are created using a combination of dozens of terpenes that we isolate and refine during cannabis extraction, and they are what give our strains their unique flavor and sensory profiles,” Long told the SF Gate.

This cannabis-infused ale is a perfect example of brewers focusing on flavor as the driving force.

While visually similar, some people may not know that cannabis and hops have many other similarities. Both are categorized within, “the Cannabaceae family of flowering plants, and both rely on compounds called terpenes to provide their essential flavors and aromas,” according to the SF Gate.

cannabis-infused ale


Moreover, “Supercritical” is a term familiar to brewing and cannabis extraction processes, it involves converting liquid Co2 (carbon dioxide) into gas with heat and pressure, in order to extract valuable flavor molecules off the cannabis plant.

“Supercritical is the common denominator between our industry [beer] and their industry [extraction].” — Jeremy Marshall, Lagunitas Brewmonster, co-creator of SuperCritical

Here’s a video AbsoluteXtracts posted to Instagram that gives a detailed visual of the state-of-the-art processes behind cannabis terpene extraction.

Interestingly enough, the Lagunitas X AbsoluteXtracts collaboration extends further than a cannabis-infused ale. A SuperCritial vape cartridge infused with hops and terpenes, which will be the pyschoactive alternative to the ale, is in the works.

SuperCritial is only available in California on tap. You can find a list of SuperCritical stocked bars here.

Featured image credit: AbsoulteXtracts/TheRepublic_Covina
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You Can Buy Girl Scout Cookies On Amazon, But It’s Kinda Sketchy

You can find almost anything on Amazon, so it should come as no surprise that Girl Scout Cookies are on there. Can we trust these cookies though?


The Girl Scouts of the USA don’t work directly with Amazon on cookie sales, so whatever you see on there is being re-sold by someone else, according to NY Mag.

Some of the Amazon cookies are Prime eligible, and seem like they are real boxes of cookies, but according to reviewers, the cookies are often stale, melted, and clearly overpriced, as a box can go for upward of $10, when they usually sell for $4 or $5.

On top of that, you can’t even guarantee their legitimacy:

“We caution against sales of cookies bought online because you don’t really know. They can be expired. They can be from three or four years ago. We can’t guarantee they haven’t been opened or tampered with,” a spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of the USA told NY Mag.

A spokesperson told the magazine that the purpose of the cookies is for the little scouts to interact with people and learn financial skills, while these Amazon sellers are basically depriving them of that experience.

If you’re desperate for cookies during the offseason, you can take a shot, but you’re probably better off just snacking on the Girl Scout Cookie cereal, Nesquik, or Crunch Bars. At least they’re official, and don’t come in the mail tasting stale.

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Adorable Girl Scout Gives Brutally Honest Review Of Each Girl Scout Cookie

If there’s anything we’ve learned from Girl Scout Cookies, it’s that it really sharpens their entrepreneurship skills.

A scout named Charlotte recently found out that her father’s best friend is pretty well off, and makes good money. That got her wheels turning and Charlotte constructed an eloquent letter for her dad’s bestie.

Former Dirty Jobs host and now podcast personality Mike Rowe had this letter sent to him, as the little girl is actually his coworker’s daughter, and everyone was getting a good laugh out of it.

As Rowe read the letter, it was apparent that Charlotte’s main sales strategy was complete honesty. In the letter, she gave extremely honest reviews of each Girl Scout cookie, and pulled no punches. She even went as far as calling the Toffee-tastic flavor a “Bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland.”

Yup, Charlotte said that the Girl Scouts sometimes use false advertising, and if she was going to get business from her dad’s rich friend, she was going to make sure he was getting the most honest review of her product.

The letter ended with, “My name is Charlotte and I love being honest with my clients.”

If that doesn’t make you want to buy a whole pallet of cookies from her, I don’t know what will.

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Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Is Finally Gonna Be A Thing


There’s only three seasons you should care about right now: basketball season, Yeezy season, and Girl Scout cookie season.

The latter is most exciting because our favorite Girl Scout cookies will soon be found inside cereal boxes, according to CBS News.

General Mills, the company behind Cheerios and Cocoa Puffs, confirmed to CBS that they are releasing the line of cereals nationwide in January, but didn’t give out many more details.

Food blogger @candyhunting got their hands on these tantalizing photos of the cereal, saying that the limited edition item will come in Caramel Crunch and Thin Mint flavors.


The two flavors are Girl Scouts’ most popular, and are the natural choice to lead the way in their new cereal aisle endeavor.

Whether it’s Girl Scout Frappuccinos, Girl Scout candy bars, or Girl Scout marijuana strains, we can’t get enough of the classic flavors, and welcome them in any form.


Girl Scouts Will Be Tempting Us With S’mores-Flavored Cookies Now



Anytime the adorable little Girl Scout troopers reveal a new flavor, there’s reason to run to the nearest Trader Joe’s or Kroger and try the new cookies. The Rah-Rah Raisins release in 2015 was pretty fire, and we should expect that same kind of heat from their new S’mores cookies in 2017.

There will be two variations of the S’mores, the first will consist of a crunchy graham sandwich cookie with a combination of chocolate and marshmallow filling. The second will have a crispy graham cookie, dipped in crème icing and covered in chocolate.

It’s no coincidence that the announcement came early Wednesday, on National S’mores day, but it sucks that we have to wait until 2017 to get our hands on these. They should have just kept it to themselves because now we’re going to crave Girl Scout Cookies with no outlet to get our fix!