DRUNKBEAST: Orange Street Fair 2010 x In-N-Out

Last night some of the crew got their pregame on, then cruised over to the annual Orange International Street Fair for some grub and drinks. For three days the city of Orange closes off their beloved circle and turns it into a melting pot of different nationality food booths. I was too distracted from all the random people to eat, so we headed to In-N-Out after leaving, which as you may know is always a solid choice. Check the gallery after the jump.


McDonald’s: Training Employees with Nintendo DS

McDonald’s is now turning toward a more progressive source of training for their fast food employees in Japan. The new program is called “eSmart” and after much development, Nintendo has recently announced that they will be releasing a software for their hand-held DS device, which will be used to train new McDonald’s employees. McDonald’s claims that this will cut training time in half, expediting employee’s into permit positions. This leaves questions open such as will the newly trained employee’s believe that they should cook french fries with the DS stylist (touch pen)? The employees may begin to believe that if the grill breaks you simply take the burner out, blow on it, put it back in and reset the grill? This now creates a whole new market for outsourcing “out-consoling” which in the new world market you will be training to become a police officer on you Xbox 360 account. More pics after the break: (Thx Gio Milan)


Craving: Snakebite

Yesterday, Elie invited me to join him at his friends club on campus at UCI (University of California: Irvine). Apparently they were putting on an event about pursuing your goals specifically with a passion of culinary arts. Obviously right up our alley. Now what does this have to do with Snakebite? Well this is what we pre-gamed with at the pub, a regular stomping ground for Elie and our friend Gio. A mixture of one of the house wheat beers and your choice of either raspberry or pear cider. Sweet and Sharp at the same time!


Diddy Riese Cookies: Westwood


I was up in Westwood last night with Gio, at his girlfriends place at UCLA. This spot was the first thing you noticed when entering downtown Westwood, probably because of the 75+ person line out front. Diddy Riese offers cookies, shaved ice, and custom made ice cream sandwiches, where you can choose any combo of two cookies and a scoop of any flavor ice cream for $1.50. It was amazing, and sadly I didn’t have a good camera with me so I only got a shot with my phone, which is after the jump.


We'll Never Amount to Anything

Oh the woes of being young and responsible. Above is Giovanni, making some phone calls through a microphone and a voice changer. When our week gets stressful, into Giovanni’s makeshift studio we go to let off some steam and handle our conference calls. Psyche.


Parrot's Guide To Getting by in the Middle East

Gio and Elie are Lebanese and both speak Arabic. I don’t. I know somethings, but realistically I need to man up, buy that Rosettastone shit and get on their level. Until then this is all I need. If you don’t know about The Arab Parrot (, and feel like reading an amazing blog, get with it. The dude rules that’s all I need to tell you. Anyway he had a post awhile back about the only things you needed to know to get you through traveling in the Middle East, so here it is.

  • Ayeree fee wij imaak = ‘My Dick In Your Mom’s Face’
  • Kis em ick = ‘Fuck Your Mother’
  • Manyak = ‘Faggot’
  • Mos zibby! = ‘Suck My Dick’
  • Neek Hallak = ‘Go Fuck Yourself’
  • Sharmuta = ‘Whore’
  • Kiefel Hareem? = ‘How’s The Birds?’
  • Bit tifi wela bit ribla’ee? = ‘Spit or Swallow?’

Dick Hype

So after the daily hustle and flow of school, work, exercise; Elie, myself and Gio like to sit down and make intense rap songs. I’ve been on a Lonely Island fix for awhile now, but Gio and I have been making funny songs for years, so be ready when our album drops. What does any of that have to do with this drawing? This is Elie’s contribution to the hype. Get on his level.


Gio Wears Panties in the Studio

When you see him around the blog his name is Gio. Short for-