Guinness Brews Limited-Edition Gingerbread Stout For Holidays

Photo courtesy of Guinness

Guinness is releasing two new beers that are sure to brighten the mood on an expectedly bleak holiday season for anyone who lives and breathes stouts. 

The new Imperial Gingerbread Spiced Stout takes the warm flavors of gingerbread and bakes them straight into your beer. Brewed with allspice, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg, the stout boasts an 11% ABV. Holiday pairing suggestions for the gingerbread stout include roasted pork with fig, vanilla pan cotta, or creme brûlée. 

I might just have it with some Little Ceasars this holiday if we’re being honest. 

Photo courtesy of Guinness

Also joining shelves will be Guinness’ barrel-aged Imperial Stout Aged In Bourbon Barrels, which features notes of chocolate, bourbon, coconut, and vanilla. At 10.5% ABV, the Imperial Stout boasts an oaky finish. 

You can find these two new Guinness stouts at retailers nationwide for a limited time. Not gonna lie. That gingerbread stout sounds delightful. 

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Recipe For Gingerbread Overnight Oats Is Easy and Pinterest-level Impressive

As the temperatures begin to cool, I am always looking for ways to get in the holiday spirit with balance and ease. Lately, my favorite grab-and-go breakfast has been this overnight oat recipe, made with ZICO Coconut Water. It’s provided my last couple mornings with a much-needed energy boost and kept me in the festive spirit with a zesty gingerbread kick.

The preparation for these, like most overnight oats, isn’t a complicated process. Take all the ingredients listed below and give them a thorough mixing. Then dole the mix out into as many servings as needed and let them cool for at least four hours. That’s it! After that, breakfast is as easy as reaching into the fridge.

This recipe is perfect for those cool, winter mornings where getting out of bed is hard and staying in the holiday spirit is even harder. But, a quick, nutritious breakfast with little preparation, especially one that reminds me of holidays spent as a kid eating gingerbread flavored everything, has made my mornings that much easier.

The best part of this, for me, has been switching up the toppings. From giving my breakfast some added nutrition with fresh fruit, to making it more indulgent with crumbled gingerbread cookies, the options for toppings are endless, so get creative! I like to also add some more spices, like allspice and nutmeg, to give it a more intense gingerbread flavor.

Check out the full recipe below, and a detailed recipe video above, if this sounds like your cup of eggnog. Make sure to let us know your favorite topping combos.

ZICO Gingerbread Overnight Oats 

Makes 4 Servings


3 1/2 C Rolled Oats

32 fl oz. ZICO 100% Natural Coconut Water

¼ C Brown Sugar, Optional

2 T Molasses

1 tsp Ground Cinnamon

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

½ tsp Kosher Salt

½ tsp Ground Ginger

¼ tsp Ground Cloves

Assorted Toppings (i.e. Gingerbread Cookies, Nuts, Fresh Fruit, Dried Fruit, Cinnamon, etc.)


  1. In a large bowl, combine oats, ZICO Coconut Water, brown sugar (if using), molasses, cinnamon, vanilla, salt, ginger and clove.
  2. Stir well to combine.
  3. Allow to sit in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight.
  4. Stir before serving and top with your favorite toppings like cinnamon, crumbled gingerbread cookies, granola, nuts, dried fruit or fresh fruit and enjoy.

Created in partnership with ZICO Coconut Water. 

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Gingerbread Doughnuts Are Coming To Krispy Kreme This Holiday

December has officially begun and we’re all going full throttle towards the holiday season. As we bid farewell to pumpkin-spiced items for the year, we’re ready to belt a hearty hello to new winter holiday flavors.

On that sweet note, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts just announced the debut of a new Gingerbread Glazed Doughnut.

The new doughnut features a spiced gingerbread dough that’s covered in a warm gingerbread molasses glaze. Bet that goes nicely with a hot cup of coffee.

You can officially find the new holiday doughnut only on Tuesday Dec. 12 at participating US Krispy Kreme Doughnuts locations.

Until then, you may or may not find us camping out at our nearest Krispy Kreme spot. Hopefully they don’t run out before we get our hands on some.

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10 Intricate Gingerbread Houses That Look Too Good To Eat

Once we get over the decidedly violent task of carving pumpkins and turkeys, we shift our attention to the sweet, delicate gingerbread houses we plan to construct. You might think your gingerbread house is the best thing since gummy bear gargoyles, but many pastry chefs consider the holidays to be their Olympics. Don’t be jelly; just grab some jelly beans off your house’s roof. Here are a few sculptures depicting (mostly) real locales throughout the world with screen-licking attention to detail.

The Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)


Photo: Fiona Designs

This brings a whole new meaning to eating your way through Paris. Getting everything from the fountain to the tower itself in such great detail makes for a stunning gingerbread house.


The U.S. Capitol Building (Washington D.C., U.S.)


Photo: Windows Catering

They cheated! They used a branch to build this house: the legislative branch! In all seriousness, this gingerbread version of the Capitol building is gorgeous. The only thing it’s missing is gingerbread Congress members outside.


Országház (Budapest, Hungary)


Photo: Oamaru Life

Hungary’s Parliament never made me so hungry. The castle literally looks like a postcard!


Lama Temple (Beijing, China)


Photo: Oamaru Life

I’m finding inner peace already. Oh wait, I’m finding the inner pieces of this compound to be delicious. But sure, peace is there, too.


The White House (Washington D.C., U.S.)


Photo: EJ Hersom

Ah, yes, The White House: post-scorching by the Brits (which is why it isn’t white in this version). If those nutcrackers are to scale, you’d hope they helped put out the fire.


The Smithsonian Castle (Washington D.C., U.S.)


Photo: Smithsonian Magazine

You better not shout, and you better not cry. Oh, and you better not eat any national treasures (we’re all looking at you, Nic Cage)!


The Guggenheim Museum (New York City)


Photo: Two Happy Stampers

This creation is stunning, but also completely unbelievable: those taxis aren’t cutting anyone off at all!


Melbourne Cricket Ground (Melbourne, Australia)


Photo: Melbourne Cricket Ground

Sometimes, you create a gingerbread cricket stadium, but stage an Aussie rules football match. Because you play by your own rules.


The Benson Hotel’s “Castle Dubendorf” (Portland, Oregon, U.S.)



Photo: The Benson Hotel

Over the moat and through the courtyard, to grandmother’s ethically-built crib we go! What an amazing masterpiece put up by The Benson Hotel to promote a Make-A-Wish toy drive.


The Empire State Building (New York City, New York, U.S.)


Photo: Le Parker Meridien 

He’s got the world on a string light, this jolly Santa Kong.

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This Bakery Has A Stunning Gingerbread Pinecone That Looks Like The Real Thing

The winter holiday season features many opportunities for creativity when it comes to baking something sweet. You can create the most extravagant gingerbread house, filled with jelly bean floors and vanilla frosted windows, or you can take a familiar symbol of the season and create something simple and elegant.

That’s exactly what master baker Dominique Ansel did by creating his Gingerbread Pinecone.

Ansel’s Tokyo, Japan location features a multi-layered gingerbread pine cone that features more than 60 miniature chocolate petals. The dessert cone is filled with Speculoos ganache, ginger mousse, and a spiced cake.

The petals on the cone are meticulously hand-placed so they look as much like the real thing as possible.

Expect to find the pine cones at Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan through the month of December.


Gingerbread Recreation Of The Shining Hotel Looks Terrifying And Delicious


Stephen King fans will remember how terrifying the classic 1980 film The Shining was. In the movie, a man takes is family up to an isolated hotel that’s pretty much as haunted as it gets. Now, fans of the film will be able to relive every bone-chilling moment with this amazing gingerbread recreation.

First seen on 9GAG, the gingerbread masterpiece details all the highlights from the film. This includes the indomitable hedge maze, the creepy ghost twins and even the iconic blood flooding from the elevator scene.



We definitely wish we could commit ourselves to something so awesome and inspired.

The hotel features multiple rooms complete with carpets, portraits and all sorts of cookie-based furniture. This is one of those rare instances where we wouldn’t dare eat something so awesome.


Photos: 9GAG

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Pop-Tarts’ New Gingerbread Flavor Gets You In The Holiday Spirit


Thanksgiving hasn’t technically arrived yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a jump on celebrating Christmas. Pop-Tarts has already released a set of new Christmas-themed toaster pastries for the upcoming holiday.

For a limited time, consumers can get their hands on Gingerbread Pop-Tarts. The pastries are made with a gingerbread-flavored crust that’s filled with a creamy frosting. The Gingerbread Pop-Tarts also feature a whimsical winter image. This includes a gingerbread kid eating snowflakes and another decked out in hockey gear.

Also available are Sugar Cookie-flavored Pop-Tarts with a sugar cookie dough filling and a vanilla crust. These also feature a winter print and are available for a limited time.


Denny’s Knows You’re Either Lonely or Lazy, Offers Christmas Dinners


The Christmas season is supposed to be about family and togetherness. So rather than listening to your mother-in-law criticize your cooking and wasting hours of precious family time slaving away in the kitchen, maybe head to Denny’s. The restaurant chain is extending an invitation to families and offering a plethora of holiday dishes.

Dining options include Denny’s Hot Turkey Dipper (turkey sandwich with stuffing) and Holiday Turkey & Dressing Dinner (turkey, gravy, stuffing and veggies). Customers can also build their own holiday Grand Slam, which features both Gingerbread French Toast and Pumpkin Pancakes.

Sure it’s not exactly home cooking, but it does relieve a bit of that holiday stress should you decide to avoid the kitchen.

Also available are a variety of Christmas-themed sweets including Pumpkin Coffee, Red Velvet Pancake Puppies and a Red Velvet Milkshake.

Denny’s served more than 1.3 million guests last year on Christmas Day.