Behold: A Simpsons-Themed Gingerbread House [Video]

Apparently, when creativity, pop culture, food and the holidays collide, only magical things can happen.

Want proof? Consider this Simpsons-themed gingerbread house, which was made just in time for the festive season and, coincidentally, the upcoming 23rd anniversary of the longest-running scripted show in television history. (The first Simpsons episode aired on December 17, 1989.)

The mastermind of this sweet suburban confection, who goes by mraakko on YouTube, reveals the tedious step-by-step process — with a full time-lapse video of how beloved characters Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie (and yes, their entire house) was created. If you’ve ever wondered how to create a masterpiece with sugar, ponder no further.

After painstakingly decorating the entire edible cast and Simpson-styled home by hand, we’re willing to bet that the creator of the confection, who also did an Angry Birds gingerbread house last year, was pretty hungry. We know we are.

Below, a fantastic video of the beloved gingerbread house, modeled after the satirical show that many of us have loved and adored for years.

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This Gingerbread Trailer Is Just Another Sign That We’re Evolving

Question: How can you tell we (Americans, Internet users, people who eat food, whatever) are evolving?

Answer: Someone built a trailer out of gingerbread. A glorious lil’ thing we stumbled upon thanks to Miss Rachel Jones of Black Eiffel.

Were you thinking I’d say something lame like ‘science’? Well, you’re wrong.

You see, times have changed. Gingerbread houses just aren’t good enough anymore. What with gingerbread construction competitions going on all over the freakin’ nation, what once seemed the star atop the proverbial Christmas tree (except the actual star/angel/PC ornament of choice) has now become banal. Your gingerbread house has to be 20 feet tall and gourmet if you want it to mean anything.

Unless, of course, you don’t build a house. Branch out! Break down the cookie-cutter walls. Be your own person! Try a gingerbread trailer! Or a gingerbread laptop! In fact, were we, Americans/Internet users/food consumers, ever meant to build houses exclusively? Gingerbread and frosting are more than the much tastier brick and mortar of the food world. The possibilities are endless! You are bound only by your own imagination!

And now that you’ve been inspired by this impassioned plea, go forth, Amer-inet foodies. Go forth and create.

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This Meatbread House is a Tiny Carnivore’s Dream Home

If Gingerbread Houses paint a painful picture for your sensitive teeth, imagine what a an entire house made of meat would do to your arteries. That’s right, the meaty version of a gingerbread house is a real thing, and it’s made with a lawn of proper sauerkraut, meat loaf, bacon, a fried egg, grilled sausages and a bush of potato puree.

Oh yeah, it must be Winter time in this snapshot because of the Mozzarella Snowman off to the side. Here are a few more shots from the process:

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Angry Birds Gingerbread Cake [VIDEO]

December is gingerbread construction month, and we’ve seen some great architects this year. While this particular creation doesn’t transform into a Gingerbread Autobot, it does contain a pretty stellar mock of an Angry Birds level made entirely of gingerbread. Perched across the scenery are birds and pigs made of marzipan.

Angry Birds Gingerbread Cake? What a great way to round out the month. Here’s a look at an awesome stop motion video of its creation:


Gingerbreadtron — If Your Gingerbread House Transforms, You’re Too Cool For Us

I just went to a local gingerbread house gallery, and to be honest, I was bored after the 4th house in. The same techniques, the same gumdrops, the same Hello Kitty silhouettes and generic floor plans. I felt like I was in a planned community for sterile, edible diabetes-inducing architecture.

Apparently gingerbread decorator and genius Brian Hall took some notes from a book I once read entitled “I wish I had thought of that” and created Gingerbreadtron. Yes, this bad boy transforms from a measly one story gingerbread house into the protector of the known gingerbread universe. Gingerbreadbots, ROLL OUT:

Adventures Cravings Hit-Or-Miss Sweets

Adventure: Modern Pastry Shop (Boston, MA)

This Gingerbread house was one of the many pastries they were whipping up at the Modern Pastry Shop in Boston! Besides this house made out of jellybeans, Hershey‘s Kisses, candy canes and frosting, they were making a bunch of other delectables that are sure to make satisfy that sweet tooth! Check it out the damage after we raided this old fashion Italian pastry shop!