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Eggo Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes Arrive This Fall

Photo courtesy of Kellogg’s

Eggo has come a long way since their plain buttermilk frozen waffles, and we’re all for it. Not too long ago, I discovered their new Belgian-style waffles in the frozen food aisle and was pretty hooked with a variation. 

Well, Kellogg’s brand is churning out a new flavor in the weeks to come in Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes. Yes, Eggo now does frozen pancakes, and this latest batch is flavored like your favorite holiday cookies. 

Eggo announced new limited-edition seasonal pancakes you can make in a toaster: Pumpkin Pie and Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes

Both Eggo Pancakes capture their namesakes’ flavors and seasonal nostalgia and only take seconds to cook up in the toaster. 

While the Pumpkin Pie Pancakes are already available in freezer aisles nationwide, you won’t find the Gingerbread Cookie Pancakes until November. 

That’s fine — anticipation’s half the excitement of taste. 


The Coffee Bean: Try New Winter Product for $1 on 11/9/10

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 9th, from 4-7pm, The Coffee Bean will showcase three of their Winter beverage offerings for $1 in the 12 oz. variety. The offer extends to 12 oz. Red Velvet Hot Cocoa, Winter Dream Tea Latte and their Gingerbread Cookie Latte. Proceeds from these beverages are being donated to The Help Group. Check your local coffee houses for any specific restrictions.