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A Burger King In Florida Will Let You Trade Crappy Gifts For Whoppers


We pretty much can all relate to the awkward situation where we’ve received a gift we weren’t too fond of. However unwanted, we still manage to put a smile on our face and say thank you to the kind gift-giver, whomever it may be. If you’re really not about that gift, though, you can trade it in for a Whopper.

This year, a Burger King in Florida is offering a sandwich exchange for any unwanted gifts.

All you have to do is head down to the BK in Miami Beach, located at 910 Arthur Godfrey Road between 10:30AM and 5pm on Dec. 26 (the day after Christmas) with your unwanted parcel. In exchange, you’ll receive a fresh flame-grilled Whopper.

Patrons who live out of state or are otherwise unable to attend the swap will be able to post a picture on Twitter or Instagram of their gift using the hashtag #WhopperExchange. The first 100 to do so will get some kind of surprise from Burger King. More than likely, it’s gonna be a free Whopper voucher.

All the gifts Burger King receives will be donated to charity.


You Can Now Make HELLO KITTY SPAM MUSUBI At Home With This Adorable Kit


A while back, we discovered that a hotel in Los Angeles served special Hello Kitty Musubi on its room service menu. While hardcore fans might’ve dropped everything to get their hands on the novelty dish, it’s no longer necessary. SPAM is now giving folks a chance to make the dish themselves.

The canned food brand is offering Hello Kitty SPAM Musubi kits for a limited time on their website. What was once only available at select events (Hello Kitty conventions), can now be purchased for $15 through SPAM’s online store.

SPAM Musubi is typically made with a slice of grilled SPAM on top of rice and wrapped in seaweed (nori). With the kit, you can add Hello Kitty’s iconic face, whiskers and bright red bow to your dish.

It kit should make for a great holiday gift, though you might want to get a jump before Christmas gets here.


How to Make Chocolate-Dipped Bacon Roses, Because ‘Murica [VIDEO]


This video comes from our friends and partner site POPSUGAR Food.

If your girlfriend is the type of person that gets a female hard-on when she hears of 7-Eleven testing deep-fried Doritos stuffed with Melted Nacho Cheese she’s probably going to be into Chocolate-dipped Bacon Roses.

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day there are a ton of food options that will dictate many things about your relationship. As for chocolate-dipped bacon roses, they fit pretty much any stage relationship… whether you just met a girl at work, or you’ve been married for years, your significant other will get a refreshing kick out of hand-made bacon roses.

So, we teamed up with Popsugar to bring you a budget-friendly, yet delicious way to impress your boo on Valentine’s. All you’ll need are a few plastic rose stems (hint: the Dollar Store), a pack of bacon, toothpicks and a generous amount of chocolate. What you do with that leftover ganache is up to you:

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Finally, His and Hers Potato Chips

Enough with this “what’s yours is mine, mi casa es su casa” nonsense. If I want to have an entire bag of potato chips to myself, that’s damn well what I’m going to do. And no amount of ass-kissing or pussy-footing from you is gonna change my mind.


Loco Cocoa: Caffeinated Hot Chocolate Mix

Still missing a Christmas present for someone special? How about getting them wired with Caffeinated Hot Cocoa Mix. On sale at Think Geek for $4.99, this hot chocolate will keep you warm and awake for the holidays. Tell someone you care by giving them 175 mg of caffeine in every 8 oz serving. This mix comes in three flavors: French Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice and Double-Dutch Chocolate.