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Applebee’s In Texas Will Take Gift Cards And Expired Coupons From ANY Business

Who: Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill + Bar

What: The restaurant chain will be accepting gift cards, gift certificates, and email or paper coupons from any business whether they’re expired or not in their Texas locations. Applebee’s will honor pretty much any coupon up to 50 percent off food purchases.

Last year, Applebee’s implemented the same deal, as a way to give back to the neighborhoods their stores are located in. Half off an entire dinner isn’t something to complain about at all — wonder if they still carry the AYCE riblets?

Where: All 65 locations of Applebee’s in Texas. This includes Austin, Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Central and East Texas.

When: The promotion will be around through the entire month of March.

Deals Restaurants

For One Month, Texas Applebee’s Will Accept Gift Cards And Expired Coupons From ANYWHERE

Applebee’s announced a new promotion that seriously makes us wonder if April Fools’ Day came way too early. The restaurant chain announced that they would be accepting any and all gift cards and coupons from competing businesses as payment from patrons at 67 of their locations in the state of Texas.

For the entire month of March, Applebee’s is taking gift cards, coupons (even expired ones), and gift certificates from pretty much any kind of business. So imagine, patrons could pay for their meal through a card from a competing restaurant chain or simply one from an arts and crafts store.

Applebee’s offer, however, is only for up to 50% off food purchases with said gift cards and coupons. Hey, they still have to make money somehow.

Essentially, Applebee’s created the promotion in hopes to be a better neighbor to the local communities. The restaurant noticed many patrons had expired coupons and gift cards to places they would never typically visit, so they offered to accept them as payment for food.

The deal will only be available for a limited time at 67 participating Applebee’s Texas locations in Dallas Forth Worth, Waco, East Texas, as well as other neighboring areas.

With any luck, states other than Texas will get the same sweet deal around this time next year. In the meantime, start saving those coupons!


Get Free Ice Cream By Downloading The Baskin-Robbins App


Your mobile addiction just came in handy if you’re an ice cream lover. Baskin-Robbins is offering anyone who downloads their new app a free four-ounce scoop. Downloading their new app also gives users access to more deals in the future.

Among other features, users can pay for their ice cream and send and reload Baskin-Robbins gift cards. You can carry around the entire menu in your pocket. The app also features nutritional information and ingredients on each of the flavors, and where the closest Baskin-Robbins location is to you.

The app can be found by searching Baskin-Robbins in the Google Play or Apple App Store.



Pizza Hut Trades Pizza for Lame Christmas Gift Pics

As companies try to figure out effective ways to use social media, once in a while you get a good deal.

Pizza Hut had one of those good deals Wednesday as it decided to hand out free $10 gift cards to the first 100 people to tweet them a picture of their “lamest” Christmas presents.

The “gift exchange” is pretty smart considering that unless you got a Michael Kors watch, or handbag, you probably spent most of Wednesday complaining about your Christmas on Twitter. A chance at redemption through free pizza!

Tweet a pic of your lamest xmas present, tag it #PHxchange & be one of first 100 to get a $10 Any pizza from @pizzahut!

So the first 100 ungrateful gift recipients who caught this deal early enough sent @pizzahut a nice little tweet with the hash-tag #PizzaHutExchange, or #PHXchange and will be notified by pizza hut that they will be receiving a $10 gift card.

Keep an eye out on New Year’s Day in case Pizza Hut decides to hand out gift cards to the first 100 hungover people to tweet them pictures of how drunk they got the night before.

Oh, and check out some of our fav entries below:

Turkey Hat for Christmas, duh.

H/T UptownGrrl


Omg I’ve always wanted a creepy troll doll to watch me in my sleep!

H/T lickhoran


And the winner goes to… nothing. Womp womp womppp.


H/T Consumerist