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Watch A Red Hot Nickel Turn A Lollipop Into A Chaotic, Melting Mess

There seems to be a correlation between the public’s fascination with spicy foods and the act of pouring scalding hot liquid metal onto food. Whether it be crushing a few coffin cases of deathly hot Carolina Reaper Pepper infused Paqui Chips, or simply dumping molten copper on top of every food item imaginable — it seems experiments are always better when the heat is turned up.

For example, check out how this red hot nickel ball quickly turns this Tootsie Pop into a hot, melty mess in less than a minute.

This video is just one of many food-based stunts performed by the crazy kids on the CarsandWater YouTube channel. But, believe it or not, this experiment finally put to rest the confounding question of, “How many red hot nickel balls does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop,” asked by dozens of Cars and Water subscribers.

Now we know the answer. One.

Most of the Cars and Water videos involve red hot nickel balls — or RHNBs — and you should definitely not try these at home. Still, Cars and Water might actually be onto something with this RHNB theme.

Here’s some GIFs of more RHNBs melting through various food based items.

A RHNB vs. Cotton candy.

A RHNB set atop some liquid nitrogen frozen honey.

A RHNB stacked on some Oreos. Oreos were not playin’!

This experiment didn’t include a RHNB, but what’s cooler than a liquid nitrogen fueled potato gun? No pun intended.

And the best experiment of all — using a RHNB to obliterate some Peeps.

Have something in mind that you’d like to see placed against a red hot nickel ball? Leave a comment on the Cars and Water YouTube channel and see what can take the heat.


Eye-Opening Picture of a Supermarket in a World Without Bees

A Whole Foods Market in Providence, RI, temporarily removed “all produce that comes from plants dependent on pollinators.” When all was said and done, 52 percent of the produce department was scarily empty.

The stunt was meant to raise awareness about the dwindling bee population…a year and a half ago.

Images from this event have recently started gaining virality due to the creation of a slider GIF. Nothing says WTFOMG, like juxtaposition. (1)

In a world without bees, you can’t enjoy apple pies or our kale overlords, so go plant some flowers and stop using insecticide.


Boredom = Hunger


PicThx The Meta Picture


Tumblr Spotlight: Beer Labels in Motion

Remember when you were a little kid and you would just stare at cereal boxes for minutes on end? Maybe solving the puzzles on the back or imagining the characters could jump out and talk to you like they did in the commercials? Yeah, it turns out that trippy label-induced imagination of yours doesn’t go away as you get older. If anything, it just gets a little classier.

For the past two months, Boston-based blogger Trevor Carmick has turned his favorite craft beer labels into cool, oddly mesmerizing gifs to share via his tumblr, “Beer Labels in Motion.” Each post is accompanied by a brief commentary about why Carmick likes the featured beer in the first place, like the 21st Amendment Brewery’s Bitter American: “This is my go-to session beer for hanging out with friends for 3 reasons: Comes in a cool looking can, light in alcohol, and great taste!”

Or Great Lake’s Edmund Fitzgerald: “One of my favorite porters of all time […] This beer taught me that beer is more than just Bud Light and Miller Lite.”

It also helps that the gifs themselves are just freaking awesome to look at, giving us all the more reason to wish “printable gifs” were a thing. Who knew loving beer could look so pretty?


60 Minute IPA


Yeti Imperial Stout


Miracle IPA


Private Rye Bière De Garde


Ruination IPA


Picthx Beer Labels


14 of the Best ‘Walking Dead’ Gifs, Because a Zombie’s Gotta Eat Too

Hands down, zombies are probably the biggest Foodbeasts ever. They’re always hungry, they’ll eat whatever’s in front of them and they sure as hell won’t let anything get in between them and their grub.

In the spirit of the season, here are 14 amazing gifs of zombies doing what they do best.

Git in thar bell-ays.

1. First, a human to get you in the finger-lickin’ mood.

2. Hope you brought your appetite.

3. It’s sure to be nom-tastic.

4. Ralph’s is having a sale on Lady Fingers?!

5. Zom-bay Buf-fet Gets Cray

6. C’mon, learn to share!

7. Lazy college student zombie may need a little help.

8. Did you say strawberry-flavored babies?!

9. Don’t bother me, I’m eating.

10. Dude, this fence is bomb.

11. Who spilled all the Sriracha?

12. Yum, says cow zombie.

13. Dedicated, decapitated zombie; still trying to chew.

14. Well, I guess deer’s better than nothing.

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