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This MOUNTAIN-SIZED Pizza Comes With Over TWO HUNDRED Pepperonis

Pepperoni, despite being one of the most popular pizza toppings in the world, is a tricky beast. The right pepperoni needs to be crunchy but not burnt, zesty but not greasy, and have a precise circumference that allows for the appropriate amount of pepperonis on the pizza. Mountain Mike’s is well aware of this pepperoni conundrum, and appears to have the equation solved with their mountain-sized pepperoni pizza.

This beast of a pie comes with over 200 mini pepperonis that, due to their natural casing, curl up, giving the edges a perfect crisp and distinct look.

And what else is mountain-sized about this pizza, exactly? 

Well, how about everything.

The other immediately apparent feature is the size of the pie. Spanning 20 inches, this pizza is big enough to feed even the largest of appetites. In comparison to other top 25 pizza brands, the next largest pizza being sold comes up a whole 2 inches shorter than Mountain Mike’s pizza. 

Since it is impressively large, so too are the slices. All 20 of them extend to the that you’re well satisfied with one. And, with such long slices comes the ever so crucial cheese pull,, which will be no problem to capture considering each pizza comes with over a pound of cheese on it. 

You can get this massive ‘za at any Mountain Mike’s on any day. But, on September 20th, in honor of National Pepperoni Pizza Day, it can be had for $5 cheaper than usual with the code 624368. They’ll also be running a special for $3 off any Large size pizza on the same day with the code 889573. 

So be sure to get a mountain-sized pizza on the 20th for you, your family, your extended family, your significant other’s extended family — whoever! It can definitely feed all of them.

Created in partnership with Mountain Mike’s Pizza. 

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Chicken Tender Stuffed ‘FAT TACO’ Is The Hangover Cure We Need To Drown In Salsa

Photo courtesy of Tito’s Burritos and Wings

When going on a taco run, I never come home with less than four of any type of taco. I may want to reconsider that rule after laying my eyes on this hard-shelled behemoth.

New Jersey is home to Tito’s Burritos and Wings, a restaurant chain that specializes in massive menu items that are hands-down not for the faint of heart. One of their newest items, the Fat Amy Taco, is one you’d have to step back to be able to take in.

Known for naming items after celebrities and fictional movie characters, Tito’s taco is also inspired by local favorites. It takes it name from the tradition of the “fat sandwich,” a New Jersey staple of stuffing sandwiches with an excess of fried foods as a means to cure the dreaded hangover. It is also influenced by the fictional character “Fat Amy” from the Pitch Perfect film series, whose personality is “loud and proud” — just how the restaurant describes this massive taco.

At 12 inches, the tortilla shell is deep fried and stuffed with fried chicken tenders, hand-cut French fries, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo salsa, cheese, and a spicy chipotle sauce.

The Fat Amy Taco can be found at all five of Tito’s New Jersey locations (Summit, Morristown, Ridgewood, Boonton, and South Orange). You can bring a friend and share, but tackling the massive taco on your own is also a true culinary feat.


Chinese Chefs Use a Crane to Create 1,893-Pound Pumpkin Pie


Forty Chinese chefs came together to collaborate on the enormous endeavor of creating a giant pumpkin pie, reports Shanghaiist. The chefs prepped and mixed ingredients for the giant 1,893-pound pie in Changsha, China, then assembled the final dessert using a crane. It was that big.

Ingredients like dates and raisins were thrown into the pumpkin mix along with a decent amount of sugar to form the filling for the pie. It topped off at nearly 14 feet in diameter. Because there was so much food to fill the crust, a crane was brought in to pour, as well as spread, the material into the giant pan.

The pie as a whole, however, only took thirty minutes to bake.

Unfortunately, the giant pie fell short of setting a Guinness World Record. The world’s largest pie came from Ohio, weighing in at 3,699 pounds. On the upside, portions of the giant pumpkin pie were donated to a local children’s center.

H/T Fox News Picthx China View



Giant Handbag Flask Lets You Smuggle More Than a Fifth of Booze


Take it from a female, most handbags are way too big for what we put in there. A small clutch is perfectly adequate for sunglasses, cell phones, and wallets, so unless you’re lugging around a bowling ball, is there really any reason to carry a bowling ball-sized bag?

Well, here’s a satchel that actually makes use of all the extra space: the Bev-Bag Secret Handbag Flask. From the folks who previously brought us the hairbrush flask is this new, monstrous purse that also holds 28 ounces (or a little larger than a fifth) of booze. $36 buys you the mildly stylish, black leather drink smuggling vehicle, plus the benefit of not having to spend $12 on craft cocktails or $8 on craft beers anywhere.

Although, as one Geekologie reader pointed out, at this size, you really might as well just bring the whole bottle.


This Fisherman Just Caught a Giant and Terrifying 18-Inch Mantis Shrimp


Steve Bargeron, a Fort Pierce Fisherman, was more than surprised with his daily catch when he literally pulled up a monster. Bargeron struggled to reel in a massive shrimp that measured 18-inches. The creature was identified as a Mantis Shrimp, a crustaceous species that is known for its independently moving eyes.

Bargeron added that the shrimp had to be held by its back like a lobster since it would not stop moving around. Mantis shrimp are known for three separate views for depth perception through each individual eye. They’re also able to detect polarized light and see the ultraviolet spectrum.

While at first, we’d be terrified of such a catch our minds immediately go towards all the awesome shrimp dishes possible from this massive creature. Think of all the shrimp tacos this guy could make.

H/T Ripley’s



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Picthx Giant Electric Penguin