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Pretzel The Size Of A Steering Wheel Is The Carb Load We Deserve

If carbicide is ever the way I go, working my way through a pretzel the size of a car steering wheel is nearing the top of my charts. Which is why a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona would make sense since local beer garden, Brat Haus, is offering such a mammoth snack.

Brat Haus is best known as downtown Scottsdale’s friendly neighborhood watering hole that happens to take pride in the size of their menu items. From cavernous 40-ounce boot-shaped beer steins filled to the brim in local craft beer to massive footlong brats that would make even the most serious of foodies blush, Brat Haus is the type of joint that makes sure you’re leaving stuffed and satisfied. Trust, the giant pretzel is merely the tip of the iceberg. Which is a weird analogy, because you know, Arizona.

And about those suds on tap, they’ve got 28, ranging from local brews to hard-to-find European imports. If you’re not a fan of beer, the “Mega Moscow Mule” with up to 10 shots of vodka should pique your interest.

Scottsdale, you’ve been put on notice: Brat Haus exists in a size matters realm that indulges the inner ‘bigger is better’ voice in all of us.


Maryland Stadium Introduces 1.5 Pound Crab and Cheese Smothered Pretzel


The Maryland Terrapins are going big this season by offering a huge — gigantic, monstrous even — 24 ounce soft pretzel smothered with back fin crab dip and melted cheese and dusted with Old Bay.  Large enough to serve two to four people, the “Chessie” pretzel will be available at Byrd Stadium throughout the 2014 football season.

Named for the lesser known lake monster of Chesapeake Bay, the Chessie will cost you $17.50, says the Washington Post — a steal, considering how big it is. There’s also the equally Maryland-inspired crab-covered nachos and french fries, designed to introduce game-goers to “warm Maryland hospitality and cuisine,” according to a release.

Whether the newly-inducted University of Maryland is ready to be a Big Ten school or not is yet to be seen, but we can safely say its concession stand is killing the game.

PicThx Dan Steinberg