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Olive Garden Adds Footlong Chicken Parm As Part Of New Giant Foods Menu

No April Fool’s Joke here: When the month of showers kicks off, Olive Garden will be going big with their new Giant Italian Classics menu that features some dinosaur-sized foods.

Photo courtesy of Olive Garden

The new lineup features four items in total, the most colossal of which is this plate-sized cut of Chicken Parmesan. Measuring in at approximately a foot long (11.5 inches, to be precise), this fried chicken cutlet absolutely dwarfs the side of Fettuccine Alfredo it comes with. You may find yourself having enough Chicken Parm to last the entire week when ordering this beast of a meal.

Photo courtesy of Olive Garden

Olive Garden is also adding an oversized version of their Spaghetti and Meatballs to the menu. The meatball clocks in at an impressive 12 ounces, and is smothered with even more meat sauce for those extra gains.

Other items on the Giant Italian Classics Menu include a pair of Giant Stuffed Shell Pastas. They’re available in Four Cheese Marinara and Four Cheese Shrimp varieties.

All of these massive takes on classical Italian-American pasta dishes will be dropping nationwide on April 1st (no joke, seriously). They’ll then hang around on the menu until May 27th.


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