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Ghost Town Oats is the First Ever Black-Owned Oat Milk

In the race to be the world’s pre-eminent milk alternative, oat milk has been gaining headway. That’s not surprising as oat milk offers more fiber and protein than any other alt-milk options and its oat base is more familiar to the average palate. A closer look reveals it has more health benefits than dairy milk as well. 

Joining the alt-milk crusade is Ghost Town Oats, the world’s first Black-owned oat milk. It was founded by Michelle Johnson along with her partners who collectively share 40 years in the barista industry. Johnson herself is the first Black woman to qualify for the US Barista Championships, where contestants are given only 15 minutes to prepare cafe classics for a panel of judges. Their hope is to bridge the gap between minority communities and plant-based milk. 

Being Black, I’m keenly aware of the health issues which impact our community. Most things are harmless in moderation, but can have negative effects depending on your lifestyle choice. For reasons too many to name, the lifestyle communities of color tend to live is often unhealthy. As a result, people of color are more likely to experience lactose intolerance, along with other health issues. Ghost Town Oats hopes to help change that by making a dairy alternative that’s accessible and approachable to marginalized communities.

Ghost Town Oats is made to pack an exceptional taste that pairs nicely with your coffee and espresso favs. Releasing this spring, you can find when and how to get your hands on some here.