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Watch This Guy Nearly DOUBLE The Guinness World Record For Ghost Chilis Eaten In Two Minutes

The ghost chili, or bhut jolokia, is one of the hottest peppers on the planet. Averaging in at over a million Scoville heat units, it can be 40 times hotter than a jalapeno. Imagine trying to just eat a bite of one of those raw.

Now imagine eating THIRTEEN of them. Sounds crazy, right?

Not for new Guinness World record holder Kevin “L.A. Beast” Strahle, who managed to down the baker’s dozen worth of ghost peppers in under two minutes. Guinness World Records, who recorded the whole thing on Facebook before uploading a video of the effort to their YouTube channel, weighed Strahle’s total ghost consumption at 121.9 grams: nearly double the previous world record of 66 grams.

This guy must have a stomach of pure iron, because I’m pretty sure that amount of heat in such a short amount of time could burn a hole in somebody’s stomach or send them to the hospital.

It’s definitely impressive to watch, but please don’t try this at home. Unless you have the entire local fire department (and a Guinness World Records adjudicator) nearby, that is.


Watch the Hilarious Reactions of 1,000 People Eating Ghost Chilies at the Same Time


Looking for a bit of schadenfreude on a rainy Friday? Look no further than this hilarious — likely sponsored by milk (we see you) — video, which features 1,000 people gathering to eat ghost chilies, one of the hottest peppers in the world. It rates about 1,000,000 heat units on the Scoville scale, which measures the amount of heat-inducing capsaicin.

And since your brain thinks your tongue is on fire when you eat spicy food, well, you can imagine how hot things got at the event, the brainchild of an organization called Chili Klaus, which sells dried versions of some of the hottest peppers in the world, including the ghost chili and the scotch bonnet.

After the thousand people consumed the peppers, the challenge was simple: just keep the pepper down. While milk was provided, those poor, red, teary-eyed faces make our tongues ache in sympathy.  Check out the video below.

Would you take the ghost chili challenge?


Watch These Guys Eat the Spiciest Chain Restaurant Burger

It’s called the 50 Alarm Burger, and for a chain restaurant (well, three-location chain), it’s one of the hottest, spiciest burgers you can order.

The burger features a signature fire beef patty, lined with ghost chilies, topped with sliced jalapeno, an ultra-spicy “three-alarm” Colby Jack cheese, beer battered habanero poppers, and a ghost chili bacon spread on a tame brioche bun. We swung by the Huntington Beach, CA location to give the sandwich a whirl.

Here’s a look at two of our boys signing the waiver, slipping on some gloves, and seeing who could make it. Rudy powers through it, even chomps into a second one, no problem. Geoff on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky: