FRENCH TOAST TAQUITOS Are The Breakfast You’ve Always Dreamed Of


From the genius food blog that brought us pizza tacos and funnel cake tacos, comes another Mexican-ish, or maybe French-ish, breakfast delight called the French Toast Taquitos.

Amy Erickson of Oh Bite It just got some bratwurst sausages, rolled them inside some crustless bread, and dipped them in some egg wash, as is usually done for French toast. She then tossed them in a pan and fried them up.

After sprinkling some cinnamon sugar overtop, Erickson poured syrup over the toast for some of the craziest taquitos we’ve ever seen.

Between the French toast, German sausage and Mexican-style roll, this thing is super confusing, but sounds amazing nonetheless.

Check out the full step-by-step directions on Oh Bite It and browse around for other crazy recipes, like grilled cheese fries and bacon-wrapped Brownie Batter Oreos.



Taiwanese Restaurant Slammed for Naming Pasta Dish ‘Long Live Nazi Spaghetti’


It looked like a simple pasta dish with German sausage, but then things got controversial. Rockmill restaurant in Taiwan thought it’d be a wonderful idea to serve up a dish called “Long Live Nazi Spaghetti.”

Manager Chao Ya-hsin told TVBS she didn’t think the dish would get so much attention. She was just trying to provide an easy way for customers to identify the dish as German. The Wall Street Journal reported that it was a popular dish over the last year and hadn’t received any complaints until a local station ran a story on it. After getting media attention, the complaints started pouring in as both Israeli and German representatives in Taiwan were outraged at the lack of sensitivity and understanding of the Holocaust.

Chao apologized and changed the name of the dish to “Long Live Purity.”

Reminds us of that one time “Holocaust Beer Pong” was unfortunately a thing.

Picthx WSJ