Gentleman’s Rant: Bars [VIDEO]

We all have our pet peeves with bars, especially the male demographic. Like, the overpriced beers, the hipster bartenders…or the “stale peanuts have been fingered by everyone at the bar.” So much to relate to, even the poor older gentleman with the glasses who feigns an attempt at getting a second drink, only to be ignored by whoever is serving the drinks. Gentlemen, we’ve all been there. Which points have rung true for you?


This Gentleman’s Rant Skewers Your Favorite Fast Food Joints [VIDEO]

Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s…none of them are safe from this sour, bitter and hilarious Gentleman’s Rant episode from director John Elerick. A cross section of different males speak on how terrible individual restaurants are, even finding something cheeky to say about places like Subway and Tim Horton’s. The best? What they think about Pizza Hut: “I actually like Pizza Hut. Did I say Pizza Hut? I meant to say soggy cardboard-like old lady asshole-tasting spongy, is-this-even-real-cheese pizza. Not Pizza Hut.”