This Pizza Has a Bacon Crust.

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Two Bowls. One Microwave.


Life hack alert.

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Cake Mix + Waffle Iron = Best Food Hack Ever.


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Oreo Snack Hack: The Mini Dipper


Oreo just posted an ingenius way to dunk Mini Oreos on their Facebook page. Dubbed “The Mini Dipper” the hack involves a french press, milk and some mini oreos. As their vine video illustrates simply fill your coffee press about halfway or more with milk, fill the press’ plunger with Mini Oreos and dunk those bad boys. Pull up the plunger and you have yourself some nicely soaked cookies without the mess! You could probably do the same thing with regular Oreos but don’t be surprised if your cookie gets stuck.

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Never Get Your Arm Stuck in a Pringles Canister Again With This Chip Dispenser

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Where the hell has this been all our lives. In my 24 years of eating Pringles I’ve been subjected to getting my arm stuck in the canister, breaking chips in an attempt to grab a stack and looking like a hot mess emptying the can down my gullet to ensure every crumb was consumed. So many wasted years. So many lost chips. So many regrets.

No more will we have to snack like animals thanks to the Chip Dispenser by EntreX. Created in Japan the silicon tool is easy to use, simply snap into shape and stick the Chip Dispenser into your favorite can of Pringles. The scoop-like design ensures every chip is grabbed as you pull back and behold the glorious sight before you. When you’re done nomming on your can of Pecan Pie Pringles the Chip Dispenser conveniently wraps around the canister awaiting its next use.

The product was on sale in Japan but doesn’t look like it’s available anymore. Hopefully someone can recreate this life changing tool to solve all our first world Pringles problems.

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Spin Chill Your Way to a Frosty Beer in Minutes

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Warm beer got you down? If only there were a more efficient way to chill your beer without having to wait …enter Spin Chill.

Ty Parker and Trevor Abbott, a pair of young mechanical engineers, were looking for a way to alleviate warm beer syndrome when they were inspired to use their knowledge of “heat transfer and love of cold beers” to develop a prototype for their invention, Spin Chill. Originally introduced as a project on Kickstarter the invention raised over double it’s original goal and still has five days left to go.

The idea behind this genius innovation was that “by spinning a beer in ice it increases the rate of heat transfer through convection”. Basically in non-sciency talk this means spinning your beer cools it down faster but by popping a beer say on a specially designed “Chill Bit” drill bit, a greater speed can be achieved resulting in an icy cold beer in mere minutes. Sorcery!

Chill Bit prototypes were developed for both bottles and cans with the same result in mind, a frosty beer without any of the waiting. But wait, it gets better. These guys also decided to make this even easier for people by creating the “Beerouette”.

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 12.31.15 PM

Made for people who have little tolerance for warm beer and even less patience to sit by the ice cooler with a drill to chill down their drink, the Beerouette is a self-contained hands free device that spins your beverage for you. Just stick on your drink of choice, hit the on switch, throw it in the cooler and leave the Beerouette to do all the work. In about 2-3 minutes you have a frosty almost slushy-like drink.

The biggest concern of using a device of this nature was the threat of your now freezing drink exploding all over the place but as the engineers explain, “spinning the container pulls all the micro-bubbles away from the walls of the container to form one large bubble at the top of the container” meaning less foam and a guarantee of no explosions.

This product is only available to purchase through a Kickstarter backing for now but there’s no doubt these things will be flying off the shelves once production is finished.

Check out the video below for more on the Spin Chill:

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