Fast Food

How To Combine McDonald’s And Chinese Takeout In The Most Beautiful Way Ever

More times than we’d like to admit, we’ve been given the choice between grabbing some McDonald’s or some Chinese takeout. When you’re hungry, sometimes picking between the two is harder than it seems. Looks like the Brothers Green Eats have also struggled with this delicious decision and decided to do something about it.

In the nearly 10-minute video, the two brothers take iconic McDonald’s menu items and combines them with popular dishes from the world of Chinese takeout cuisine. This include Beef and Broccoli Big Mac, McGeneral Tso’s Nuggets, Orange Sesame Chicken Sandwich and French Fry Egg Rolls.

Yep, that’ll satiate our cravings from both places.

Check out the video if you’re interested in making some of these at home yourselves. You may also know the brothers as the guys who figured out how to recreate Taco Bell and Wendy’s menus at home.