This Billboard Uses Gender Detection To Only Promote Beer To Women


As a way to market beer specifically towards women, a German beer brand has developed a unique billboard that responds only to females as they pass by.

Setting up a location outside of a pub in Hamburg, Astra Beer created the world’s first advertisement aimed specifically to women. Using gender-detection technology, the billboard plays a series of interactive videos featuring comedian Uke Bosse.

As the women pass by the ad, Bosse calls out to them and promotes the beer in a variety of humorous ways. More than 70 different video recordings were created for the billboard. Each video serves as a unique response for female pedestrians walking by.


Somehow Someone will Still be Offended



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MasterChef Australia Serves Sexism with a Side of Stereotypes in New Commercial


MasterChef‘s PR team served up a steaming dish of sexist failure this week with the release of the promotional trailer for the new season of MasterChef Australia: Boys vs. Girls.

MasterChef manages to pack an impressive number of gender stereotypes into the three minute commercial, which features smiling women in pink aprons baking cupcakes and claiming  that women “are better at presentation, because we’re used to grooming ourselves!” while men stand at baby-blue grills, waving spatulas and spouting gems like, “when a man puts his mind to a job, it always comes out better.”

The climax of the segment comes when “Daddy’s Little Princess,” “50s Housewife,” and “Tiger Mum”  face off against “The Cattle Rancher” and “The Dude” in a foodie showdown. The women are armed with oven mitts and the men carry baguettes, because nothing says “masculine confidence” like a man wielding a long, hard loaf of French bread as a weapon.


Nope, definitely not compensating for anything.

Penis jokes aside, MasterChef definitely missed the mark on this one. Here’s hoping that the contestants this season have more creativity and imagination in the kitchen than MasterChef‘s PR team had behind the camera, because they’re going to have to work pretty hard to overcome the bad taste this commercial left in viewers’ mouths.

The ad:

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