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Watch How Gummy Candy Is Made, From Skinning The Pig To Mixing The Colors

I can remember as a kid, one of my elementary school teachers told the class that gelatin was made out of cow and pig bone. I thought it was fascinating, and promptly removed it from my mind, as the subject never came up again in my adult life, until now.

Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens put together a video showing the entire gummy making process, but in reverse. By the end of the video, you see that the gelatin-based candies are made up of pig skin before they get their cute shape and sweet taste.

Yup, unless it’s a vegan product, your favorite gummy bear, sour watermelon rings and sour worms were once part of a cute and cuddly pig, but so are most of our favorite foods.

It might be a little shocking to watch, but the process actually looks pretty cool, probably because it’s shot so beautifully.

Check out the mesmerizing video below:


How To Make Your Own Edible Dragon Balls At Home [WATCH]

I’m a huge fan of the anime Dragon Ball and all its following sequels. Yes, even Dragon Ball GT. There’s something magical about traveling the world collecting relics to summon a dragon that grants wishes.

If you’re not a fan of the great outdoors, but you still want to get that wish, you can now make your own Dragon Balls right at home.

All you need is some dry gelatin powder and strawberry jelly powder as well as a few molds and cutters.

Check out the video by Monster Kids for the complete recipe, in detail. Seriously, we don’t even think the great dragon Shenron could tell the difference between these and the real thing.


These Adorable Peeps Jello Shots Are The Perfect Way To Turn Up This Easter

I’m a big fan of any holiday that gives you an excuse to stuff your face with candy.

So when it comes to my favorite eating events, Easter is obviously right up there with Halloween.

Seriously, if someone ever tells you you’re too old to partake in an Easter egg hunt, you should tell them to f*ck off because you’re never too old to compete with little kids when free Peeps are on the line.

If you’re looking for a way to take those colorful marshmallow confections to the next level this weekend, I have some good news for you.

Tablespoon just figured out a way to turn your beloved Peeps into an age-appropriate treat that will get you seriously lit.

Yep, that’s right. Peeps Jello Shots are now real things, and they’re simply glorious.

The best part is you can even make them yourself since Tablespoon was nice enough to reveal its sweet recipe secrets and show us step by step how the shots are done.

Seriously, the Easter Bunny’s sh*tty dyed eggs have nothing on these festive lil’ fellas.

Peep the pictures below to see these ridiculously cute gelatin shots.

Thanks to Tablespoon, you can now turn your beloved marshmallow snacks into a boozy treat that will give the Easter Bunny a serious run for his money.


To make these lil’ guys, you’ll need some cookie cutters, unflavored gelatin, water, sweetened condensed milk, marshmallow-flavored vodka and food coloring. Start out by coating four small pans with cooking spray, and then wipe them down with a paper towel.


Next, combine the water and gelatin in a small saucepan. After letting the mixture sit for a minute, stir the ingredients together over medium heat until the gelatin dissolves.


Then, stir in the sweetened condensed milk, followed by the vodka and half a cup of cold water.


After that’s done, separate the mixture into the four pans…


…add the desired food coloring to each mixture, stir thoroughly and refrigerate the pans for at least four hours.


Once the gelatin’s solidified, use your cookie cutters to shape your shots into perfect little Peeps…


…garnish them with some chocolate-chip eyes, and get ready to get lit with some festive shots that are delicious AF.



Written by Kaylin Pound, EliteDaily


Here’s How to Make Blacklight Cupcakes


Other than looking like a Lisa Frank sugar rush, these neon cupcakes are the perfect treat for raver bunnies worldwide. Made to glow under the eerie glare of a blacklight, the playful delights are an ingenious creation by Recipe Snobs (adore the name).

The key step was discovered when a particular snobbette was faced with a dilemma of having to add enough tonic water into her cupcake frosting without making it too runny or peculiar-tasting.  After finally reaching an agreeable consistency that would glow in the dark, she was dismayed to find that adding any sort of food coloring to the frosting prevented it from glowing.

The solution? She placed the frosted cupcakes in the freezer until the frosting hardened, then dipped them in liquid gelatin made with tonic water. Voila! Pseudo-radioactive cupcakes to feast on at your next post-apocalyptic rave.

See the full recipe here.

via goradio


Here’s How to Make ‘Ghost Poop’ Marshmallow Cookies

“Your ghost interrupted your shower this morning? Mine left droppings all over the house!”

Short of exorcisms (which, let’s be real, don’t actually work anyway, says every Hollywood horror movie ever made), there’s not much you can do about a haunted house. Might as well find ways to make the experience more bearable, like cooking yourself up a batch of these “ghost-poop”-inspired marshmallow cookies by instructables user scoochmaroo.

Just close your eyes and pretend the little gifts your ghost friends leave you actually look and taste like these cuties. I mean, it’s better than the alternative.

Check out the full recipe and photos here.


Balloon Animal Gelatin Mold

Add some whimsy to any occasion with a gelatin dessert shaped like a poodle balloon animal.  If you are too uncoordinated to make real balloon animals, this mold will help you make an edible one that’s just as cute, and way more delicious!  ($9.99 @ Perpetual Kid)


Sweet Basil Panna Cotta

I have another guest post for you today! Wait till you see who it is! She is one of the bestest. Truly, she is. You will see.

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers, Carolyn, author of All Day I Dream About Food. Carolyn is someone that I connected with right away when I started this journey; Carolyn is encouraging, supportive, absolutely talented, and most of all, a great friend.

And, if you are on a diet looking for something that will blow your mind, look no further, just hit PRINT.

I have always found the name of Kate’s blog intriguing. Diethood – it rather suggests that you are going to find a number of recipes suitable to promoting weight loss. But when you check it out, you find a vast array of mouthwatering, decidedly non-diet recipes. Recipes designed to blow your diet, in fact, should you be on one. And from the few pictures of Kate herself, I would say that this woman has absolutely no business being on a diet anyway!

(This is your pilot, Kate, speaking….I have a secret – I eat only one serving of whatever it is that I have made. Smile…continue, Carolyn)

I, however, am on a diet…of sorts. I am not in it for weight loss, but for my health. See, I am a recently-diagnosed diabetic and I have found that keeping a check on my carbs is the best way to also keep a check on my blood sugars. Much like Kate, though, I adore cooking and baking – particularly baking, and the more mouthwatering the dessert, the better. Lucky for me, low carb does not mean low fat or low flavor.

From the moment I discovered Kate’s blog, it was a source of infinite inspiration to me. So many of her delectable treats can be modified to a lower carb version. I’ve had my eye on that Frozen Mojito Pie since the moment I saw it. I haven’t quite gotten to it yet, but I will. Oh yes, I will!

So, in keeping with the delectability of the recipes on Diethood, I thought I ought to come up with something that was rich and delicious, but that could be made both low or high-carb. I haven’t made panna cotta before, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about tackling for a while. My first inclination was to go with chocolate, but then my eye spied the incredible abundance of basil growing in my yard. I was reminded of the basil ice cream I made last summer, and it struck me how lovely that sweet basil flavor would be in another sort of creamy, rich dessert.

Turns out, I was right. I will be honest, I wasn’t sure my panna cotta was going to set properly at first. I haven’t worked with gelatin much and I just didn’t trust that the liquidy substance I poured into my ramekins would firm up. I was also worried that I hadn’t put in enough basil for the flavor to come through. I needn’t have worried on either count because they set perfectly and the basil was just right. That distinctive herb-y, licorice-y flavor was present without being overpowering, and made for a refreshing creamy treat.

I made my version with almond milk, cream and some of my alternative sweeteners. You can make yours with whole milk and sugar. I served mine with blueberries because it’s what I had on hand, but you can serve it with whatever floats your boat. It’s all good, here on the Diethood!

Sweet Basil Panna Cotta

(serves 6)

You will need:

  • 1 ½ cups heavy cream
  • ¼ cup fresh basil, chopped
  • ¼ cup granulated erythritol* (or ½ cup sugar)
  • 1 ½ cups almond milk (or whole milk)
  • 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin (4 ½ teaspoons)
  • 16 drops stevia extract (omit if using sugar)


  • Combine cream, basil and erythritol, or sugar, in a medium saucepan over medium heat.
  • Bring to a boil, then remove from heat and let steep for 30 minutes.
  • Pour through a fine-mesh sieve into a bowl to remove solids.
  • Press on solids to release as much flavor and liquid as possible.
  • Lightly grease six ¾ cup ramekins or custard cups.
  • Pour ½ cup of the almond milk or whole milk into another medium saucepan.
  • Sprinkle gelatin over and let sit 3 minutes.
  • Add the remaining almond or whole milk and set over medium heat, stirring constantly.
  • Cook until the gelatin dissolves and steam begins to rise from the milk, but do not boil.
  • Remove from heat and gently stir in the cream and stevia, if using.
  • Divide the mixture between prepared ramekins and cover with plastic wrap.
  • Refrigerate until chilled and set, about 4 hours.
  • Serve in the cups or unmold onto plates.
  • To unmold, sit the bottom of each ramekin in hot water for 30 seconds. Run a sharp knife around the inside of each ramekin to loosen and flip out onto the plate. I found it took a little jiggling to get the panna cotta to come free.
  • Top with your favorite berries and serve.

*Erythritol is a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol found in fruits and fermented foods. It is a popular sweetener for diabetics as it has little effect on blood sugar.

For more delicious recipes, please hop on over to Diethood.


Gummi Bear Jelly Mold

If you actually take a second to think about it, gelatin is one of the most fascinating food textures known to our palette. It would be a shame to only enjoy it out of a container, or in the form of a bowl or other boring enclosure. Thanks to this Gummi Bear Mold, we can now have our favorite gelatin dessert in the shape of an oversized gummi bear!

The plastic mold measures 7″ x 5″ x 2.5″ — which will allow for a gummi bear that will comfortably fit across a large plate. Gummi Bear Jello Shots this summer, anyone? ($14 @ FredFlare)