Hogwarts Gingerbread Castle

Hogwarts Castle

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Make Your Own Lightsaber Wedding Cake Cutter


So you’ve managed to find someone as adorably geeky as yourself, congratulations. But as any geek knows, it isn’t merely enough to have Star Wars-themed wedding invitations. Disney Princess bridesmaids’ dresses are childplay. A TARDIS cake? Pah, amateur!

What you two need to really show your devotion (to each other and to your fandoms) is a cake knife with a lightsaber hilt. Obviously.


Three years ago, a Mr. Luke and Mrs. Suzanne had a fun little wedding at the Jim Henson studios in Hollywood. Along with the requisite Muppets, Luke injected some extra play into the nuptials by transforming the cake knife into Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber. Detailed instructions can be found over at Offbeat Bride.

But don’t feel limited by your utter lack of Star Wars knowledge (millennials and younger, I’m looking at you). With a little glue and pixie dust, you can probably turn your trusty shiv into Harry’s wand, a PS4 controller, a Star Trek phaser. I’m for one am very much looking forward to chopping sh*t up with a Sonic Screwdriver. Ah, love.

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Ugh, Cute: Hans Off My Cookie!


Who knew Chewie could look so dashing as a cookie?


Mario ‘Beerio’ Kart Might Be The Greatest, Nerdiest Drinking Game Ever

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.05.27 PM

Now, I’ve seen some pretty epic drinking games but I can only imagine how insane things get when you mix cheap beer with Mario Kart.

Think about it. The game is already hard to play sober. Plus, something changes in people when they play Mario Kart. Your friends are now laughing maniacally as they shoot Bullet Bills and leave a trail of banana peels for you to slip on. Not to mention you have Wario on your ass with Bowser waiting just around the corner to blast that damn spiny shell at you just as you slide into first place. But to play this seemingly innocent racing game while drunk off your ass? Nope. Kiss Rainbow Road goodbye.

The rules are simple:

1) Dust off your N64 and find your Mario Kart 64 cartridge. Yes kids, in the old days we had to play our video games on cartridges, none of that fancy CD ish.

2) Get some beer. Make sure it’s something you like because you’ll be spending some quality time with it.

3) Grab some pals and start up the game. Once you’ve all picked your characters and course, it’s time to get down to business.

Check out the run down below:

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 10.06.03 PM

Make sure you play this with some friends though, because playing Beerio Kart solo is basically geeky alcoholism.

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Canned Dragon Meat Pairs Well with Khaleesi Tears


From the makers of Unicorn Meat comes the next reasonable sacrifice in the imaginary animal food chain: Dragon Meat.

What I like to think would be a spicier version of it’s rainbow lovin’ counterpart, this Dragon Meat is sure to be a hit at your next Knights of the Round Table meeting.

No longer do you have to risk life and limb for a literal taste of victory. Put down your gauntlets, lay down Excalibur and grab a can of Dragon Meat, filled with your daily dose of “havoc, terror, inferno, destruction, magic and rage.”

Spoiler Alert: This isn’t actually edible. It’s a stuffed dragon’s head. Just an FYI. Don’t try to eat it. Seriously.

Canned Dragon Meat $12.99 @Think Geek

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OH Great, Fark Beer Exists


If you asked me what “Fark” beer would taste like, I’d say bitter hops with notes of sarcasm and broken dreams, which, to Farkers, would no doubt taste delicious.

Turns out, I’d be wrong. Stone Brewing Co-Founder Greg Koch, founder Drew Curtis and “ubergeek” Wil Wheaton have joined forces to bring geeks/beer lovers the ultimate brew: WOOtstout. This unique Imperial stout comes aged in Bourbon whiskey barrels to bring out the aroma of Kentucky Derby pie and the trio’s passion for “geek culture,” incorporating rye, wheat malt and pecans.

I’ll admit this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, something I associate with Care Bears and happiness,which is a far cry from broken dreams. Boom, learn something new every day.

The brew is available in 22 oz bottles and draft for a limited-time only. Watch the boys spill the deets on “WOOtstout” below:

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The Only Thing Better than Dragon Ball Z Creme Brulee Cake Balls is Nothing


I’m pretty sure I’ve been a nerd since birth, but I’ll be the first to admit the Dragon Ball Z fandom never really fit into my wheelhouse. I guess I was more geek than nerd back then, since my after school television generally consisted of Wishbone, Arthur, and the first thirty seconds of Are You Afraid of the Dark? (spoiler: yes). But that doesn’t mean the internet hasn’t taught me one or two things about DBZ, like something about the number 9000 and super whatever-ing.

Fortunately, I don’t have to be a fan of the show to think these cakeballs are ridiculously awesome.

Apparently, they’re similar-ish to these creme brulee cookies (the running theme here is vanilla and a crunchy sugar coating, as per the original fancy dessert), but they’re cakeballs instead. The sugar coating/glossy finish really give them that ‘dragon ball look,’ whatever that means. They look nothing like what I’d imagine dragon balls should look like, but what do I know?

According to Nerdy Nummies (win), they’re pretty simple to make. Cake + creme brulee + patience = anime-based glory. And then you collect them all and get a wish, or something? Does the wish include more cake balls? Let’s just say yes. Infinite cake balls.

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This Super Mario Bros. Cake is Bowser Approved


This Super Mario Bros. themed cake is one of the most gloriously nerdtastic cakes I’ve ever seen. Adorned with Koopas, Goombas, Cheep Cheep and Petey Piranhas, the cake’s scenes depict some of the Super Mario series’ most beloved levels. Except for the underwater worlds, I really freaking hate how hard those levels are — erm I mean were.

Crafted over a period of five days by Cakecrumbs, an Australian-based food blog, this fan-made cake takes it a step further by including those little Mario World secrets, such as the hidden block with a vine. The detail is on point, from the shadows on the clouds, to the shine on the warp pipes, it’s a superfan’s dessert dream.

The only thing missing is Mario and Peach, but I’m sure they’d make the perfect cake toppers. Perhaps with a Toad as the minister? Erm, too cute. I’d say invite Luigi to this thing but we all know he’s got a bit of a Mario complex.

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