1-Up Mushroom Pizza Rolls, Because You Can’t Save Princess Peach on An Empty Stomach

Let’s file these under: “Things I need in my life.”

These little 1-Up Mushroom Pizza Rolls are literally the perfect snack to help fuel your endless Super Mario game sessions. Sure, they take a little more time and energy to throw together than say nuking some Totino’s Pizza Rolls, but how else are you supposed to get into the Mario mindset without popping a few 1-Up Shrooms?

Made up of popular pizza toppings, some canned biscuit dough and a little imagination, these pizza puffs are sure to give you life as you try to save Princess Peach . . . AGAIN. But most likely, she’s in another castle.

These are a little messy since they’re smeared with pesto to give that 1-Up Mushroom look but hardcore gamers won’t have a problem with that, we all know that’s what pants are for.

Head on over to Kitchen Overlord for the recipe to these Mushroom Kingdom treats.

H/T + PicThx Kitchen Overlord


Pop Open A Beer With This Gingerbread Zombie

Halloween may be over, but it doesn’t mean that ALL remnants of the spooky yet cavity-inducing holiday have left us just yet. Take, for instance, the urge to zombify just about everything in sight — including the arrival of the boozy holiday season — as seen by this nifty Gingerbread Zombie Bottle Opener.

Brought to us by NeatoShop — those purveyors of geektastic goodness — this bottle opener is made of tough urethane resin, solid steel, and lots of OH MY GOD I’M BEING EATEN ALIVE attitude. Bonus? These bottle openers, designed by Odd Art Fabrications, are hand-painted and “handcrafted by local artisans” who seem to understand the importance of celebrating the undead AND drinking in duo-holiday style. No shoddy mass-produced gingerbread man trinket for you, my thirsty friend.

For just under $13, you can gift this sweet-toothed and half-eaten little dude to anyone who wants to open up a bottle of their favorite winter brew while paying homage to the tragic zombie apocalypse in Candyland. Our hearts (and brains) go out to you guys.

[$12.95 @ NeatoShop]


Thor Bottle Opener

This miniature metal replica of the hammer of Thor, also known as Mjolnir, features an inscription from the comic series that reads “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy shall possess the power of Thor.”

On the exact opposite side of the inscription is where you can harness said power to pop the top off your favorite imported brew using the power of the Norse god of thunder and lightning! …and physical leverage, but that’s far less exciting. In any event, that’s power well-spent in this FOODBEAST’s opinion.

($17 @ Entertainment Earth)


Geek Cook Book: Overclock Your Oven!

This is more than just a cook book, ladies and gentlemen. This is a DIY handbook for the culinarily inclined filled with information such as the in-depth chemistry involved in the art of cooking. The book also features some interesting life-hack techniques like overclocking your oven to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit!

There are more than a variety of recipes ranging from sweet desserts to savory entrees including chocolate chip cookies and duck confit. Perhaps most importantly, the book provides insight to invaluable chemical reactions that help explain how particular flavors in food are achieved. Any foodie with a stomach and a brain can easily find something of interest stowed away in this nerdy culinary compendium. ($21 @ Amazon)