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McDonald’s New Garlic Fries Look WAY BETTER Than Before


Four lucky McDonald’s restaurants in the South Bay part of California have started selling “Gilroy Garlic Fries.”

The latest McDonald’s foray into cheesy garlic fries is not their first, but it’s certainly better than the previous effort we reported on back in 2014.

This new flavor of McDonald’s fries utilize a purée made with garlic sourced from Gilroy, California — allegedly “the Garlic Capital of the world.” Each order of the new fries are made-to-order, with employees tossing French fries, chopped Gilroy garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese, parsley and a pinch of salt in stainless steel bowls. Nice touch making them “fresh” McDonald’s, I see you.


via YouTube/JoeysWorldTour

McDonald’s cites garlic as a “regional” flavor, which in simple-speak means they have trivialized and compartmentalized their customer’s palates into people who eat meat + potatoes, and those ethnic folk who might dare live on the bleeding edge of culture and would accept garlic on fries. God Bless us accepting ethnic folk being accepting of regional flavors.

The Golden Arches mentioned that if customer feedback is positive, the Garlic Gilroy Fries will become available at nearly 250 McDonald’s restaurants across San Francisco come August this year.

YouTuber ‘Joey’ Gives Us His First Impression:

Also, here’s a video of French people trying American versions of McDonald’s French Fries for the first time.


Science Explains Why You Have Garlic Breath For Hours


Garlic can make just about anything better, case in point fries and bread. Enjoy your garlic fries now but you’ll pay for it later when you can’t talk to anyone else the rest of the day because of your rank breath. It may be delicious and even good for you, but that indulgence comes at a pungent cost. Leave it to science to explain why can’t we just can’t shake that gnarly garlic breath.

A video from the American Chemical Society explains that there are four organic compounds that are found in garlic only after it’s cut: diallyl disulfide, allyl methyl sulfide, allyl mercaptan and allyl methyl disulfide. The main reason why you have some garlic lingering on your breath hours after you stuffed your face full of all the garlic things is because of allyl menthyl disulfide, this compound takes your body the longest to break down and gets all up in your blood stream which is why you reek of garlic when you sweat, breathe, or even pee. Gross.

Forget your toothbrush and mouthwash, nothing can save you now, garlic breath is immanent. There are a few remedies that you can try to ease your funk level such as chewing on some parsley or chugging some milk, but there’s no guarantees.

H/T Consumerist


Adventure: Red Robin (Orange, CA)

I think all of us could co-sign on the agreement that summer school is crazy. All those suits and cake eaters who thought it would be a good idea to make students suffer through summer  should try it out for a change, straight wack yo. So after a long day of hitting the books my friends and I decided to eat our sorrows away at Red Robin! Read this instead of your damn textbook!

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Hopmonk Tavern: Sebastopol, CA


A few weeks back I made a trip up to northern California to visit my uncle and cousins, for one of their high school graduations. Sebastopol is a small little hippy town full of long beards and indians, and clearly some amazing places to eat. Hopmonk is a tavern, bar, beer garden, and a dance club and after a long day it was the perfect place to eat and drink. Check the pictures after the jump:

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Ruby's: Newport Beach

Once a month there is a group bike ride in Costa Mesa called Critical Mass. This last weeks ride was from the Camp on Bristol to Balboa Pier. When you get down into Balboa there isn’t really much to eat, so a group of us decided to hit up Ruby’s on the pier, which happened to be the only thing in the area. I haven’t been to Ruby’s in a good minute so I was pumped to have a 50/50 milkshake with my sliders. Check the pics after the jump to make yourself hungry.